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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Hand Poked Tattoos and other chat with iServalan at Tale Teller Club

hey guys welcome to uh Royal Clarence Marina I'm on coffee number two and the weather which I always start with is not as bad as it has been but I'm looking at BBC News and I see that the US are struggling with a winter storm and you're having a cold snap which will turn into a bomb Cyclone that's what it says on the BBC News I'm not sure if that's the whole of America is it it can't be the whole of America surely anyway I did hear because I had the volume up earlier that in some places is going to feel like minus 57 degrees goodness me I maybe we should just all hibernate I think hibernating is is the way forward actually with this terrible terribly cold weather now my mum went on a bit of a Christmas thing yesterday an evening out with some octogenarians in um the local Village but a very used to be a very plush Hotel not so precious it was this is the problem isn't it hotels are struggling since covered they're struggling with staff struggling with training but now struggling to keep the places warm and Mum said they were the group of four of them only people in there in the dining area and it was you know a lovely gorgeous building but old ceilings are tall very tall and you know there's just everything is very old it's very hard to keep these places warm and she said it was absolutely freezing and you know there are photographs it's got a fair coat on faux faux fur um and I hear also that pubs are going to a lot of pubs are going to not no longer open for seven days a week so perhaps just open for three or four days a week I've never heard such a thing when I was in Edinburgh of course they're all drunks in Edinburgh forgive me Edinburgh people but you know it's true their pubs were open 24 hours all of them um pretty much you know it was I remember when they brought in 24-hour drinking I don't know how old I was when that happened but um we were quite thrilled by it finally we can go to the public uh four in the morning as we always desired just fancy a quick drink well no of course not you would have been up all night wouldn't you um so this cold I'm thinking about how you know is my new Clinic going to be cold am I going to have to blast out some heat the thing is when you're putting pins in people needles in people the last thing you want is for them to be cold you want comfort and I had this other idea actually because some of my treatments are going to be very very long especially I'm going to offer Hair Braiding and that can take you know five six hours um I think I what I might do is get talking books I thought how exciting talking book you know it's really night like things like um Emma and you know Jane Eyre things that you've always wanted oh I've always wanted obviously I'll be biased I mean I will insist on choosing the book I think for my my clients I said would you like to uh listen to Jane Eyre and usually they're quite nervous people aren't they they just agree he says yes yes yes um but I thought it'd be a really good idea you know while I'm microblading or or you know digging into people I mean the thing is with the electric pen it is quite loud but especially for if I'm Hair Braiding you know that's very quiet so yes I thought what a great idea what a lovely thing for me to do for me to you know listen to stories that I haven't listened to for many many years but a bit of Charles Dickens perhaps something like that so yes I'm just really thinking about how to you know when the thing is when you become a practitioner in in the beauty industry there are so many people doing it and there are actually lots of people no longer doing it they've tried it and they're no longer doing it for various reasons and I was thinking this morning about well what happens you know if you you've booked your salon the day you know you're paying by the day and you don't get any bookings or there's this other terrible thing that occurs a lot in you any old beauty processes um all beauty industry should I say and salons you know they experience this all the time is the person who cancels five minutes before and this is a great problem for online booking it's very easy to online book and it's very easy not to turn up because it feels like you know you're not connected with this beautician this practitioner at all so what do you do do you ask a deposit you know I thought well I might ask a deposit but a really low one like five pounds very low deposit but people don't want to lose money so would they be prepared to lose their fiver when when the bill is going to come to perhaps a hundred pounds you know it's difficult isn't it but I need to work on that and understand what it is I'm going to do because apparently it's a massive massive problem people just not turning up um and you know if you've written the whole day off because you're going to do somebody's braids and they don't turn up and you haven't booked anyone else in that's a massive issue isn't it I mean I think I'd ask for a 20 pound deposit really for braids um so I bought this new lovely braid hair and I just adore it and I was I'm very Adept at doing the plaits so I think I could probably do a whole head in in maybe five hours um but we shall see we shall see so I'm going to do a bit of promoting for that today as well um so all in all the you know the work the main work for the new Clinic is all set up but I'll tell you what I've worked quite hard at all my marketing and the best thing for you to do I think if you're doing something like this is to set up your marketing so that it's all automated so that you really don't have to after you've done the main instigation you know for example if you're using Google ads once you've designed it all and sort of paid your money the rest is they do it's all automated you don't have to sit there every morning spending four hours advertising you you will spend time advertising if you're not paying any money but you're paying time and you've got you should remember now when you're in any sort of Industry like tattooing time is money do you see now let's talk about tattooing quickly because obviously I'm now used to sticking needles I did a removal yesterday um so I wanted to see how it worked and what it was like and it was a totally easy and what happens when you do a removal of a a pigment tattoo which of course doesn't go quite as deep into the skin there's a little pop that you hear but it doesn't go quite as deep as as normal tattooing and when you hear that little pop that means you've gone in enough but what you need to do with the set with when you're removing is you put the needle in dipped into saline and be very generous with the saline you know you can buy little vials of saline quite cheaply and so that's what I use rather than uh you know something bigger that's going to get you know contaminated or something so I just used that and there's plenty of it it wasn't painful and the result can't be seen immediately because what happens is the wound there's a shallow wound it's not you know we're not talking War wounds we're talking a very very shallow skin would more like a graze really it scabs over and it draws the pigment out do you see and it's when the scabs fall off that the um all the pigment is drawn out and he probably won't get rid of it totally and you have to keep doing treatments if you if you've got a terrible eyebrow for example you just want rid of it you're probably going to have to do anything up to eight visits to have it removed not everybody's suitable for laser so if you can't have a laser which is the quick option you can come to me and I'll do a saline removal and it's not painful it's just a little bit slow I would say that's the biggest criticism of saline removal anyway I've been looking at hand poke tattoos which are absolutely my new obsession so handbook tattoos they come they come by different names people call them different things um non-machine tattoo um various other things you if you go into Instagram that you'll you can follow all the people that do them absolutely incredible there's something very very beautiful about a hand poke tattoo in my opinion so I'm going to do my first tonight on my own body and I'll probably just do a lip print I wanted to start with something um you know it's kind of dinky and I'm not particularly concerned if it doesn't work because it'll be quite small and obviously that I'm going a bit deeper into the skin you want to hear that you really want to hear that pop more than deeper than you hear the pop I mean the thing is when you when you're working on people's faces you can hear the pop skin it's really loud but hopefully when doing somebody else lower down in their body they're not going to be hearing that popping because it can be quite disconcerting actually you can feel a bit like oh my God I'm almost like paper it's it's quite interesting anyway the Poke tattoo is a bit different to microblading it goes a bit deeper and you use proper inks the tattoo inks rather than pigment inks so these inks are much Bolder colors much stronger colors um so I'm going to do you know the the little lips I thought well if that really you know if I really mess up with it I can just cover it up with a flower or something you know whatever whatever but I saw a woman on Instagram and she'd done all these hand poke tattoos on her thighs and you if you're not a very good artist these Doodles they almost look like Doodles are going to look really shoddy but if you're really into hand art handmade art as opposed to digital art for example and they are you're good at it you're the artist is good at these these drawings you know if you look back on at Modern Art and some of the wonderful drawings that artists have done with hand and and Tool pen you can really get a feel compared to digital art can't you you know the difference you know that intrinsic difference that beautiful touching tribal difference you can feel it it speaks of generations it speaks of evolution it speaks of culture these drawings hand drawings speak of culture digital drawings don't do they it's well there's a digital culture of course there is but you know what I mean um so I saw this this woman's thighs and I think she'd done them all herself um I have no idea actually if she did or not some of them faced her and some of them faced downwards outwards so um or some faced up and some face down but she had all these different drawings on her thighs and I thought well that's a really good way to go isn't it nobody sees my thighs um I've already got a lot of tattoos on my thighs actually or some big tattoos I should say but I've got room I've got room I've got lots and lots of room now you need to be able to stretch the skin to get a good poke so doing it on my other arm for example is going to be difficult because I can't pull the skin so I thought well my legs my shins my calves I can do that and then maybe my stomach as well um although I've got a massive one on my stomach so there's not a lot of rooms but maybe my breasts under my breast you know my rib cage something like that so yeah I'm really excited my kit arrived the um what poke artists are you generally do is they they want an extended um an extension for the needle so they quite often Mount them on Chopsticks and it's quite a good idea so I'm going to play around to see what is comfortable for me um the thing I really like about Han tattoos is that you can avoid lines if you so desire you know the line is is very very different if a hand-poked line is not the same as a machine line it's much softer and you don't have to have a line at all you can grade much easier and the funny thing about tattoos is they are really like lined patterns colored in most of the time and also generally speaking the tattoo artists will have different areas of intensity it's much more akin to a digital drawing or digital piece of artwork where everything is um split up into tones and that and then they're overlapped whereas when you use a poke needle because you're using lots and lots of dots you're you're building up by the dot not by the flat area do you see and that means for me that's exciting for me because I've done a lot of you know pointillism work historically in illustrations using ink and also cross hatching now I don't know how you would cross hatch using a poke I suppose you'd have to go along with the lines but I'll see because you know there are other tools you can use there are the tools that you use for microblading which are blades you know and if you look at tattooing tribal tattooing there are different tools that they use hammer and Pig's teeth and stuff like that and I want to explore all of those things I really do want to explore all of those things because I'm completely utterly hooked on the the idea that skin can become such a expressive element in somebody's life you know in somebody's personality and I think it's incredible and I I love it I'm absolutely in love with this idea I may [ __ ] up and be it may be that my little lip kiss that I'm going to do is absolutely appalling and I hate doing it and I'm never going to do it again I don't know yet I'm going to try it I mean I did think or should I do it in pigment instead and then if it's awful it'll cover up easily but um you know I want to get the hang of it properly going deep enough so that's what I'm going to do but you do do takes in the same way that you do with eyebrows so you'd white you wipe but I did read that you should do more than three takes um I'm not sure why I can't remember what the reasoning was but I think these things will I'll learn them I'll I'll get the hang of it but it's the only way to learn isn't it actually is to make a start so hopefully over the next month I'll get you know a few a good few tattoos done all around my knees okay okay I'll do like a bumble bee and a fly I kind of like to do a blue bottle you know um a lot of the stick tattoos I've seen are black so I think the reason for that is colors don't take quite so well with with you know these pin prick lines against the skin so it's all about contrast I'm assuming that's kind of why but I love black and white um little black and white hand done tattoos absolutely love them so yeah there we go so I I really like this idea that I'm sharing my tattoo Journey with you guys on a podcast and I'm podcasting again later with some ringtones free ringtones if that's what you're into and some other stuff probably coming up over the weekend I think now that I've got a tattoo studio I need to be a bit more out there with things and I you know I hate video drawings I will do some video of course I will but it's really all about talking I like talking you can learn a lot from Talking can't you so there we go um I'll be back later if you want to see other stuff you know um that I'm up to and what have you and um yeah well that's it that's it for today I'm going to get this coffee down here before it gets too cold because it's bloody freezing here in England

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