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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Loving being a YouTube musician.

I am going to be uploading cello and piano classes each day in amazing 360 video. I hope you can join me. I've started from scratch so can learn a bit more each video and grow as a musician yourself.
All you need is a phone and the YouTube app. 
See you soon.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Arts TV and Broadcasting at the Tale Teller Project funded by the Future's Venture Foundation

Hello Visitors!

portrait photo Ms Sarnia de la Maré FRSA
My Instagram is a great place to catch up with news and music by Tale teller Club

Welcome to the Blog for the Tale Teller Project.

Here you will find all our amazing blog articles for all of the cool projects that we have here on our totally immersive and entertaining website.

Our blog will keep you informed about live shows, recorded events, films, podcasts and our online interactive games.

Everyone can get involved here as the project is free but you can also subscribe so you will get all the news before anyone else.

Are you a writer of stories? We welcome guest writers too and you can combine all sorts of great material because our blog is literally 'all singing, all dancing.

We host music, moving images, YouTube videos and podcasts with thousands of amazing audiobooks.


Think of the Tale Teller Club as a place where you can keep updated with cutting-edge methods of storytelling.

We have fully embraced new technologies and our podcast facility is second to none.

We have thousands of podcast stories that are so easy to listen to using our bespoke apps and we update new podcast news directly to the blog. You can use the site search at the top middle of each page and our search site tool will direct you to your favourite podcasts and blog posts.

Our Blog is divided into sections so you can easily access information about our cool projects.

We feature new artworks, video, film, TV and radio, and our incredible new blog story game Immersion, which is a cross between a book and a game.

Immersion: Interactive Role-Play Novel.

Immersion is a daily blog-style book series that is totally interactive. We can suspend belief in our readers with more than mere words.

Film and audio tracks bring you updates about our sci-fi adventures presented by our resident Tale Teller Robot called Vapor Punk.

And don't think Vapor Punk is for kids because he has a huge army of grown-up fans too.


Our blog also helps musicians who are learning to play cello, piano, violin, and guitar as well as anyone working with Logic Pro and Garageband.

Look out for any posts by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA, because those are from the music school with tips on all things classical, jazz, and modern.

Cellist and Pianist Ms Sarnia de la Maré FRSAfounder of the Tale Teller Club

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Deaf Cellist is No More


I am once again a hearing cellist, which is fantastic.
This weekend I am in the movie studio making a video for the new track and will be releasing it next week officially, although I did let my podcast fans hear it.

These are the latest podcasts or some of them at least, and lots more fab stories are on the way as we launch a couple of great new featured books.

Free Sound Effects at Tale Teller Club are available on the pods at the top of the page.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Writing and Blogging, Two in One Career

Music by the Tale Teller Club fuses fear and wonder

 I have a few blogs on the go at the moment. This one reminds me of what I am supposed to be doing each day but the others are much more about my books.

The Immersion blog is a serialised version of a role-play book I write for the Tale Teller Club.

The role-play version is more fun but only available to members. Here is the link to the paid version

This is the members' version

I am updating the story this evening for a weekend episode and you can hear the tracks that go with the films below on YouTube

A new track is also being released this weekend.

Follow mine and I will follow yours!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Sarnia from Royal Clarence Podcast Diary

 For anyone interested in the life and times of a menopausal over-anxious artist and musician, I share the details each morning.

Listen to "Sarnia at Royal Clarence" on Spreaker.

portrait smoking man

The New Space for Music Creators, DJs and Fans, the Virtual Club

 Join me now... I just created a free DJ space for music and DJs to stream live sets and create a fan base. Link in bio. You are invited to ...