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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Millionaire (sses) A Podcast by Sarnia for Tale Teller Club Podcast Broadcasting

Getting rich takes a lot of resolve and determination when you start with nothing, and we must never underestimate =how much harder it is for a woman than a man.

Join me on my new daily international podcasts with tips and support I have gleaned from interviews from my next book.

Here is today's broadcast with the transcript for easy translation.


hello millionaire asses welcome to the show a really solid piece of advice today but um one that's quite hard to remember quite hard to do and we're all coloured by our preferences we're all um biased towards certain um personality traits i suppose almost and characteristics and also we can almost be a bit lazy about looking at our own history and working out where we made money and it seems such an obvious thing but actually unless you sit down and study the your form and really look at the detail you won't you because things don't sound as sexy i suppose um you know if you sold if you look back at the your last

 year of trading for example and you were doing several things and uh you sold more dog food than you sold um designer dresses i mean i don't know what sort of industry had been if you were doing those two things but you hear me but actually the designer clothing one is so much more attractive and so much more um cool and it has loads more kudos and perhaps you got invited to more parties and perhaps your instagram account did better um when you were sharing that than when you were showing dog food but actually you made more money and remember it's profit we're looking at here you made more money

 more profit on the dog food but you've conveniently brushed that aside because actually you really don't want to be seen as a dog food trader now it seems really obvious but people do this people do this all the time especially in uh contemporary um situations where we're so dependent on visual media to promote ourselves so the personal branding of celebrity do you see um i mean if you're not interested in any sort of celebrity and um your instagram dog food account it shares pictures of wonderful dogs and you've got loads of followers that's not going to be a problem is it what i suggest you do is if you're making money selling dog food you and you're not making any money with your new line of um designer uh knickers um because that market is very difficult to get into designing knickers is very very hard and you're going to

 have to be um on you know your instagram account or your tick tock um and you're going to have to battle actually with the um you know the skin uh obsessed google bots who who especially on instagram you know if you've got any kind of flesh on instagram they they shadow by you they say they don't shadow ban you but they do so it's a really difficult market to um get right uh that market i've noticed actually some of my range i brought out an eco range of underwear was completely recycled fabrics and because there were bikini clad models on the um the shot or obviously in the shop you need to show the um the catalog and these were catalog models so they weren't uh overly salacious or anything like that but google sort of shadow bans it it doesn't it assumes that it's pornographic and therefore your your work

 doesn't get shown and it happens over and over again you've got to really battle with that sort of thing and if you're the model um which you know chances are you are if you've brought out especially if you've got some celebrity status i mean i would hope that if you've got celebrity status and a lot of followers and you're inverted commas an influencer you are using your own body to um to show your beautiful beautiful desires it may absolutely make sense um but let's get back to the the point in uh debate here which is i have you made any money now you can look back a week you can look back a month you can look back 10 years and what i suggest you do is every monday morning or any time but you know monday morning is quite a good place to start you just check and you look back at your accounts no you may not have

 accounts you may have been part of the grey economy that um that economy that the government absolutely abides because it can't tax you but whatever it is have a look back work out don't rely on your memory necessarily rely on uh a more um academic study of your of your history okay really think very hard try and get rid of any bias try and stop thinking about oh well i'm really loved all that though did you make any money from it this is a this is about making millions this is this podcast isn't about having fun and being creative it isn't about meeting people and um hobnobbing with uh you know um fantastic people that you really had fun with of course hobnobbing with the wealthy and hobnobbing with people who are going to advance your business is really really important i definitely agree with that statement and if

 making lingerie and being a fashionista has meant that you've met you've networked really really well that's fantastic it is fantastic but did it make you any money now in a week that would unlikely make you money but it might be that over a 10-year period you'd marketed your self so well that you know of course you've made money from it because you sold more dog food but did you did you actually do that and you're fooling yourself perhaps if you think that you you know the idea of branding yourself um by doing things that do not generate income is a bit of a myth actually it's something that we like to think we established the idea of branding yourself or branding uh a type of product through networking and hobnobbing it's very very difficult to measure anyway but i think a lot of people are misguided in

 assuming that it's been really important to do that let's get to the nitty-gritty let's look at the dog food so very unglamorous of course and not as exciting and not as nice to say when you meet people and we all have that vanity most people started business because of the prestige aspect because they want to say they want to you know express themselves as an entrepreneur that's how most people that's the motivation for most people starting in business it's not actually the money it's the prestige and prestige is a very very important part of becoming a millionaire likewise or a millionaires so there we go today's tip and

 remember you can um find all my podcasts i have lots of different podcasts over at taleteller dot club and um immersion um i'm in media and broadcasting mostly but i do have a product range um all my podcasts are over there and you can have a little peruse around but if it's money you want to make this is the one that you should be looking at and of course that's available on itunes and spotify and all the usual partner apps

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