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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Loving being a YouTube musician.

I am going to be uploading cello and piano classes each day in amazing 360 video. I hope you can join me. I've started from scratch so can learn a bit more each video and grow as a musician yourself.
All you need is a phone and the YouTube app. 
See you soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Piano Lessons in 360 Video with Ms.Sarnia de la Mare FRSA, ABRSM and Suzuki School

 I started a scales project this week with the ABRSM Scales syllabus and I have become engrossed, which has really surprised me.

Today I will also be starting the ABRSA Jazz Syllabus.

All videos are really short and in 3D immersive footage so do join me here if you fancy getting 😍 obsessed 🤩.

You won’t see the 3d effect here but you can on the YouTube shows.

I am also available for ad hoc music lessons. Unfortunately I don’t have time for regular classes but I am happy to do occasion hour long sessions on Zoom.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Learning old blog shows how far I have come!

I have developed a method for doing the weekly compositions for Fanny Blomme.

Sometimes, starting a new project can be so daunting as to cause one to just ignore the job on hand and do something else, like housework or watching bad movies. So I like to adopt little formulas to kick start my work.

As I am doing my advanced cello scales and am working my way towards the bridge on my instrument, I seemed to be in a bit of a maze regarding technique. There are so many new notes and I want to use them all as the range on the cello sounds so good on a digital track when I exploit it fully through my production equipment.

So yesterday I decided to work in E minor.

Each week I use a fresh scale and I have already done the easy ones. Not that E minor is hard as such, just new to me.

I am also learning harmonics on the cello and the E is a really good mapping point for me as I near the bridge. If you know where the E on the A string is you won't get lost.

So I dreamt of E last night, woke up with E. E minor is my new bedfellow. E moved into my apartment. But E only has a week so E needs to be good.

I recorded the piano track yesterday.

However, not wishing to take the Easy route (see what I did there?), because that won't teach me much, I decided on a slow waltz rhythm. It had to be slow because I am far too reliant lately on a steady march when I improvise.

It was surprisingly hard to waltz my way around the piano but I found a groove and recorded nine minutes in E.

All the time of improvising I thought about the story and the film that I need to make. How the colours and movements would look and feel to this slow waltz. A spirit developed. It was very exciting.

Today I will lay down the cello track but not before I have spent the entire day practicing the scale of E and all the advanced exercises in my books.

This is such a great way to learn.

Also, because I recorded the piano as a midi file, I now have a music score so I can read and improvise at the same time when it comes to the recording later.

What I may do is lay down a reading track then an impro one.

Then I can turn the tracks into violins and flutes or whatever and get as creative as E and I can be.

If there is time I will tune the electric harp and record that as well. I do have to get the track done today though as I publish on Wednesdays.

Here is something that may be of interest, a scales compendium, but it is compiled by a maths dude so it is very dry....and thorough.

Download PDF • 5.71MB

I thought there were around 24 sclaes, then 48, this guy says there are 100s. He does define a scale at least before throwing us in the deep waters of consecutive notes.

I am working with western scales to begin with for Fanny Blomme soundtracks. Then I will venture out to the others. How exciting. It is a bit like going on Tinder.

lockdown music will get me through

photo by

I also researched neck pain as the piano aggravates mine.

So I am experimenting today using some of the techniques I have discovered.
The piano is different from the cello and is giving me a whole new set of difficulties in terms of posture and method.

It seems I cannot lounge over it like a vixen after all.

I will update the blog with my findings after my marathon E date.

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