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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Let's Party Free Ringtones with iServalan from Tale Teller Club

 guys it's freezing today in the music room absolutely bitter cold I opened the French doors for five minutes put on a big jumper I thought I need to get some fresh air so that I can make really good music because I'm making an Anthem tonight I'm making I've got this kind of idea that the run-up to Christmas my um my sort of Advent musical Advent calendar I'm making a style or genre of music each day and it's very quick to write um you know when you've got software the wonderful Advent of logic pro and all these other you know I mean you can you can make a pop song on your phone I've done it and it does mean that we can bang them out and I thought well you know what I want to learn about the different styles of music and what makes each style stylistic what are its characteristics it's sort of unique characteristics so I made a trance um track last night which was thoroughly the most boring thing I've ever done in my life I promise you trance music I knew it was not going to be my forte as such but I didn't realize I'd hate it quite quite as much and you do find actually that you know I mean I'm really drawn to classical and jazz really drawn but I'm also drawn to percussion so it's really interesting that there was very little Jazz a little bit of swing in the trance track there was a little bit of um I looked up the characteristics and there was something about suspense so just holding back on certain things I don't know if I've actually used that successfully but you know it was my first shot at it so I've released that where it won't be available to listen to for a few weeks they're so slow and and then again they won't really start moving on YouTube for about three months the record industry the streaming industry the recording industry because we're all at it is very sorry you have to be in it Darlings for the long haul you have to you have to sit back and just think do you know what I can make music I'm going to make it and I'm not going to care about how long it's going to take to really get noticed so I've been at it for about two years now and I'm just moving the mic there and I'm not sure I mean I'm just starting really to get the royalties in but it's been a really long laborious slow um that's Romeo my cat slow progress but that's okay that's okay and and the other thing is because my music essentially I want I started writing music because I wanted to write film scores but the problem with being a composer for film it's so easy now to link up your logic pro with your movie you just slide it in there it's got a bit for it so you know you can add a movie to your your timeline your audio timeline do you see and it's so easy to do now and yes darling there are so many loops Apple loops and so and and you know to I mean you don't need to be a professional composer to do it so actually you could get if you were making a film you could probably get the work experience girl or boy to to do it in a morning for a short film not not for a long film is going to take you know of weeks of course it is and if you want trained musicians it's going to take much longer if you want to session

record sleeve tale teller club pinup girls with weird planes

 musicians Etc I'm kind of lucky because I play a multi-instrumental so um you know in in mind and body so I can I can kind of do that for myself um but the point is nobody really is going to get a really good contract anymore when filmmakers can literally get anyone to do it for them or they can do it themselves and and so my dreams I guess of becoming a composer for film have you know I've arrived at a rude awakening this morning probably not going to happen so you know you have to think about the creativity in more circumstance circumspect way I think and you really have no idea what your music is going to be used for and I think you need to be a little bit easy with that you know the thing with the Internet is you you release your baby and you never know where it's going what's going to happen you don't know which country it's going to be successful in you don't know whether it's going to be listened by children you know I when I first started and I was a teacher I recorded Vapor punk as one of my performers who who was really creating Suzuki backing tracks to help cellists and pianists practice that's where that all stemmed from so I've got a lot of work that is directed at children I say a lot maybe you know five or ten tracks I guess um but you you know you have no idea if adults are going to enjoy those you just can't tell it's really really hard so I'm sort of trying for this next month the month of December to to try and relax about it just try and relax and not not worry too much and I'm hoping that by the time I get to the end of you know working through all these genres I'll really have a good idea about what I like and of course I'm going to go straight back to classical and jazz of course I am I know it but I'll be educated and I would have discovered things on the way so I'm I feel that I discovered quite a lot yesterday because I I researched um techno and trance and I um I guess it's more techno what I've done I mean I look I couldn't stand up and give a lecture on techno and trance music and tell you the fine differences I mean I could research them and tell you in a podcast tomorrow but I don't want to I'm not interested but I I was sort of in I was kind of interested in the way that people lose themselves in a rhythm and a riff and when you close your eyes and just keep your body moving you can do that to the same bar over and over and over and over again and I I can really appreciate that I can really appreciate the hypnotic side of of that sort of music and of course when you when you're high you know if you're doing ecstasy or something that's Amplified all that sort of repetition and that lost in it is completely Amplified so there was a big drug culture that came with it and I I find that's quite interesting this idea of hypnotizing a human being and and giving them you know some uh a different um view not not a different Viewpoint a different experience a very different experience and music should be about experience I think and it's you know if you're a Storyteller like I am and you're using music to tell stories The Experience should be something that enables The Listener and the person experiencing the audio to take themselves away from reality to suspend reality do you see and and so in that way I was vaguely interested in in the Techno and trance uh characteristics that I was sort of looking at and playing around with yesterday um anyway I haven't got a trance um ringtone for you I probably should have so I tell you what I'll do a trance ringtone later on and get that up tonight or tomorrow I've actually got two ringtones for you today so well the one I'll put up now is actually a vapor Punk because I was talking about Vapor Punk and it's and I love you Loop ringtone actually you could use it in a in a trance track or you could use it in a um a techno way because of the nature of the loops that I make and the ringtones you know they're made on logic pro so you can easily take them into your software and change change them up change them down sample them and do whatever you want so this is a free um Vapor Punk ringtone for you to sample so I hope you like it oh sorry I just hit the mic there again so um yeah and come back in a minute because I'm also doing a pop singer ringtone which is a sort of double one so there's two two bits to it which you can chop up and Sample it's not perfect but you know for for our purposes as digital musicians um and people who sample things because I obviously I do a lot of that because I'm no singer because I can't sing I sample my voice a lot and play around with it and and put it into my AI all the time so we're you know we're used to that sort of thing but you have to be careful which example because not all of it's you know available to sample but these are so if you need me to give you a copyright I mean I don't use my ringtones on my tracks that I copyright so you should be okay with this it shouldn't flag up but I will say I mean I just did a release recently for music therapy which was but which was for cancer and I'm having to prove that it that I'm allowed to use the rife recording which is infuriating and what that means is somebody else has used it and they've copywritten it when actually they shouldn't have because it's part of the public domain you see but whoever does it first usually gets the copyright it's just the nature of the um the robots that look for sounds so you have to be a bit careful but if you ever need a letter from an official letter from tell Telecom to say that you can use it that's no problem but you will have to get in touch with me via the website um so yeah anyway here we go here's I Love You featuring Vapor Punk

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