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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Free Ringtone with iServalan from Tale Teller Club and using Apple Loops for Composers

 hey guys so this is the second free ringtone today and it's it's got a sort of um sing a songwriter vibe so when you think about singer-songwriter if you go into logic pro and you you add a singer-songwriter drum track for example or you go to some of the loops they're usually very guitar acoustic strumming that sort of thing they've got that kind of feel about it and the drum kit is usually rather like a real person you know like a garage band and you know you're having a band practice or maybe a little bit more polished than that but certainly quite sort of mainstream nothing too techy or techno or processed so the sort of cleanest I suppose of electronic music that's how I've felt it to be and it's quite standard keys were quite the progressions are always pretty standard etc etc so you know if you're a guitarist who does a lot of music composing yourself or if you like that sing a songwriter film uh feel sorry the the ringtone that I'm playing for you today is up your street do you see what I mean but you can also take this Into Your Logic Pro and you could do something else with it if you were less of that ilk so the thing with the loops that we upload The Telltale Club makes every day is they are really really adaptable really adaptable and of course when you when you take something like an apple Loop for example and you put it into your logic pro software or your GarageBand software you can really start to do things if you start to process stuff so you can change the pitch you can if you click on the file take it open up the editor you can do a what they call a sort of pitch reference they analyze it the transients so you can easily analyze the time so you could you know move the timings about a bit you could do something a little bit weird you know you could make certain notes last longer than others and that sort of thing but the when you have the transients analyzed it also means that you can retune it all so you can select all the notes and you can put them in a completely different key now what I've found is when you really start to throw the keys around you know uh rather than a sort of sideways key like perhaps you know from C major to C sharp major for example or um possibly either the fifth the perfect fifth but when you start to do sort of really random things it in my experience weird stuff starts to occur so the the notes every time we go through that sort of process something happens to the notes and and you're actually best at that point just to start again with the

 original file because all of these processes they not only do they use up an awful lot of you know is it GPU I think they call it you know it's it's really using your computer resources because on logic pro if you've got you know the last 10 steps saved or whatever whatever there's a lot of information that's being saved but logic pro can get quite overworked quite easy and actually I've got a really good tip for you today which is really worth remembering because I do a lot of processing especially with the vocals and My Cello because I not because I do a lot of experimenting as well sometimes my I've only got a laptop you know a Mac and it can quite easily get really really overworked and when that happens it's usually because I've got the Wi-Fi on so you know my computer's struggling in the background so the thing to do is turn your Wi-Fi off and the other thing I have to do is I have to remove programs so for example if I'm doing a music video I download iMovie just for that video and then I usually have to delete it so that I can work my logic pro properly and so it's just a little bit of housekeeping you know sort of Chuck your other stuff away close things down always be plugged into the mains as well that's a really really important thing with logic pro always be plugged into the maze I mean they usually tell you anyway that you're not plugged into the mains um and the well it's just something that you need to be aware of you know because I mean the other thing is with the with the internet if you're doing things online I mean if you're experimenting with apps online for example it's quite useful to jump from logic pro to a sample that you've got online it is quite useful but what I do is I have my Logic Pro open on my laptop and my Mac and the internet on my iPad or my phone and then I can sort of do that jumping around and it's not affecting the the track I'm trying to make okay so just a few tips there I've already done one broadcast so I won't muffler on too much today um this next ringtone then is a sort of Pop Singer singer-songwriter kind of vibe I think it was two Loops banged together so the middle bit is a bit you know not great the transition if you like but it's 27 seconds long so it's quite long actually so feel free to download it and use it everything's free as you should know by now all the ringtones are copyright free royalty free and you can do whatever you want with them which is really really cool um so that's it I'm going to go and I'm I'm making an Anthem a gay anthem uh called bear trouble today um which I'm very excited about actually because I I love that sort of dancing and not caring aspect which I did feel a bit with the Techno but um I just found the Techno was a little bit less imaginative than I imagined my gay anthem is going to be but we'll see I'm you know I'm open to being um completely transfixed or completely and utterly broken by these genres so let's just see how we get on okay so here we go here's your free ringtone for today


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