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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Sarnia Cherie, tattooist and hair extentions at Beauty by Design, Alverstoke Gosport for January 2023

 hello Internet welcome to Royal Clarence Marina I have been so incredibly busy this week um and last week actually so I've done this course in microblading and I've just tattooed in semi-permanent tattoo pigments half of my hairline so as you know when you get a bit older your hair does thin this actually it's surprising women we don't tend to hear quite so much about thinning hair on women but in actual fact it's just as common as a male pattern baldness and what usually happens is the hair overall becomes thinner and the scalp becomes more visible and certainly what's happened to my head is that because I wear braids as well it sort of pulls the hair out so it's and because I've been bleaching it for so many years but also because I'm post-menopausal Darlings I'm over that but you know the body is finding Things fall out and droop and drop and all sorts of things like that so what's happened is I've developed quite a high forehead now I remember as a child having a very low forehead and because I'm very dark and my father's of you know mixed race we were never um the thing is when you're young you really over focus on things don't you and I always felt that my hairline was ridiculously low but it was really because it was so dark my hair was jet black and and that gave the impression that I had a very narrow for it well as I got older it's gone further and further back so I thought well I need to train and and I've got models lined up but I'm still 


waiting for my license to come Darlings but I'm really good at it already I can just tell because I've done half of my hairline now I also had a a lump one of you know the doctor pimple popper those programs you get and you have people coming in with lumps and I don't know what they're called I should really look them up but I've had this for about 20 years it's a very it's not a huge lump um it's very shallow shall we say about um an inch I suppose but not you know it doesn't stick out very much at all but the older I get and the more this hairline goes back this it's a sort of more visible you can see it well I never I never shut off so you wouldn't have seen it but I thought well what I need to do is bring my hairline back down a bit with some semi-permanent makeup and see if I can disguise it because half of it will be covered so I did that today my first professional semi-permanent makeup although I'm not licensed but I think doing it on myself is I probably don't need to be licensed I hope not can you imagine if I got arrested because I tattooed myself um I'm pretty sure that doesn't imply apply and certainly I was thinking about prison tattoos for some reason um probably due to some of my ex-boyfriends um I once wanted to do an essay when I was at Art School on actually I think it was at film school I wanted to do a film and a thesis on a homemade and prison tattoos and there was no information anywhere very very little barely anything on Google it's interesting isn't it because I know that there must be some really interesting prison tattoos especially socio-political um interest tattoos and class um relative tattoos etc etc it must be a seriously filled with really exciting information and worthy of analysis so perhaps you guys somebody out there will hear this and um could perhaps do it maybe I'll write a book on it someday anyway I was as I was doing this in my mirror this morning I was thinking to myself it must be a bit like doing a prison tattoo because you know you haven't really got any training yet to speak of although I have finished my training course I've Grant granted I'm a little bit better off than them um but you know it gave me that kind of vibe because I thought well what if I really messed this up because I'll end up with a sort of a tattoo that looks like I did it with a nappy pin well I don't suppose they have those in in prison I don't know where they get their pins from actually in prison um but they they use some sort of pin and whatever ink somebody's got hanging around Etc um and they stay for you know for the rest of their lives obviously we have the dots under the eye don't you and that's that we call that a Boston spot or a prison dot here um and quite a lot on their fingers I had my I've been married lots of times Darlings and the first one I was very grateful I was quite overweight and I was just pleased he he wanted to go out with me really and um but you know he he hadn't been to prison but he had tried this homemade tattoo it was appalling um and I can't remember what it was I think it was an anarchy sign and the lies are really fat and he'd got halfway through and he said it hurt too much they had to stop well I started mine today and I thought that doesn't hurt and then then I looked I thought it's not taking that's why it's not hurting I'm not going deep enough you do have to press quite hard so I had to extend the length of the needle a bit it'd been far too short um so that's excuse me that's key anyway I've done it and I thought I'll just do half so that when it's I did I have done a comparison shot this morning it's not very clear I'll do another one but I thought I'll I'll take photos of it each day and um you know pop them on my Instagram when they're all done it's in about two weeks it'll scab and and then in about two weeks we'll see what the difference is I looked in the mirror and the difference is fan bloody tastic Darlings so you don't do like a big heavy shading that's going to look awful you do some light shading and you do some little Nano streaks they're called um but of course we've got to wait till it heals so that we can see the full effect and probably I'll have to go over it now with a semi-permanent makeup you go back after of two to six weeks um and the tattoo artist goes over it because there are always bits that don't take with with this pigment ink so they're very different to tattoo inks and then the colors are less intense and they're more suited to um you know hair lips I mean obviously we're not you know if you're having bright red tattooed lips you know we're not born with those but if you think about it it's just an extreme color that you already have in that part of your face isn't it we all have sort of pinkish lips so it's just intensified um whereas tattooing so uh are very different they're much more intense um the pigments are brighter um of garish if you like all these things you wouldn't tattoo a hairline with black tattoo ink that would be a terrible terrible mistake you you use these pigments and they're quite I mean you can use black if you're especially black and Asian people would want black um but I've gone for a really dark gray because it's um it's a cool color and that's that's what I think you know it's not ready warm and that's going to complement my complexion so I've also now you know in my music I use all the time AI for the vocals for um well just I mean AI throughout logic pro is all over it um and then I I have my AI who does all the artwork for the record covers as well um so it's an easy sideways step for me to use AI in my beauty analysis and that's what I'm doing it's really really excellent a couple of AI systems I've got so one puts eyebrows on my client so take a photo on my iPad and put um you know various eyebrows see which shape Works which color works like an intensify or decrease intensification of the color palette and then I can take my pen and I can alter I can rub bits out on procreate I mean it's absolutely really fantastic and the other AI I'm using is a balance AI and you know what I took a photograph of my face and it's completely skew with utterly utterly devastated by that analysis of my faith my mother absolutely perfect symmetry isn't that interesting isn't that interesting so I wish I hadn't told her now because she's being braggy about it cheers oh so I'm so interested I've got a perfectly balanced face just you know she's going to change the way she thinks about herself pain in the proverbial um but anyway uh I know I was joking aside uh it's great that she's got a balanced face but she had her eyebrows done uh fairly um well about six months ago or so and they're absolutely appalling so I have to do a repair job on them they're far too low the the color is wrong too warm and and the artist did a just a AN arced line you know literally an arch well they went out with Abba didn't they let's face it who has single line arch eyebrows anymore um she should have taken me with her but I think it was covered or something so I couldn't go um anyway I've done half my head there will be photographic evidence on my Instagram at some point follow my Instagram guys snob dot value and my Twitter snob underscore value I've tried to keep them similar but you can't use dots on Twitter um so you can go along and and have a look and I'll be uploading all my information now I know you'll probably live a long way away but we can have a consultation what I know what I'm going to do is have hour look free 20-minute consultations which is just about you know the basics not no AI analysis or anything like that but if you want an hour long Zoom appointment you can do that anywhere in the world and I'll pop you into my AI analysis machine you'll send it send a photo I can take a screenshot actually from the zoom probably I might be able to do that I'm pretty sure I can if you give me permission and then I can pop that into my Ai and I can uh during this consultation we can talk about eyebrow shape or lip color lip shape balancing your lips Etc all these things we can do all of that um and that'll be 50 pounds but what I'm do what I'm going to do for my clients who are in this country is they can get that 50 pounds back or rather off when they have their treatments so for treatments 200 pounds or 150 pounds they'd pay 150 or 100 pounds do you see so it's a sort of returnable deposit type thing if you like you wouldn't be able to do that if you're in America unless you're going to get on a plane Darlings and fly all this way for me to do your scalp which I'll be quite happy to do actually now the verdict on the tattooing of my scalp which I did this morning um a bit nippy I won't lie I started off being a because this is the first time I've tattooed myself remember so I started off a little bit sheepish and I thought I wiped it all off and the pigments and there's nothing there so so I thought that's why it doesn't hurt too much so I had to extend the needle and um you know I had to I could hear my skin popping actually slightly disconcerting and so I had to push a bit harder but the pain was perfectly manageable and I didn't use numbing cream so you know anyone can do it and if if I can do it I'm total wimp um anyone can suffer this slight discomfort for five years of beautiful beautiful hairline um what else do I have to say about it I mean I can feel it a bit now I think there's a bit more discomfort after the fact I did about two hours ago so I'm gonna go and take some paracetamol and I'm also going to take an antihistamine just in case because I'm I'm quite allergic to a lot of things and I could be allergic you know to the to the um after cream or anything I put a vitamin A and D after cream on it which feels lovely actually so shiny and nice so I'll be using that in my practice in my clinic I had my flyers done um I love my I absolutely love my new job I've just received my um application for my license I need to fill in today and um the lady it's it's pretty much a formality because the Clinic's already been passed for needle work uh not not sewing your Smalls darling so you're saying your face um so it's just a formality and uh the the officer who who licenses said tell me let me know where you'd like to send me to send the license and I I just oh my goodness me I could be licensed by you know Christmas so already really to start in January although I've I mean I haven't actually you know booked my clinic for January but I could bring it forward a bit I've booked it for the last week in January and February but I could actually Bring It Forward because I've got four clients already so it's all just so bloody exciting and you know it it's it's something that I want to do for a few hours a week to see if I like it and check that you know it works with my life and my health matters my um my energy levels you know all of these things check that it's not too stressful that it's not you know remembering starting a career at 60 is quite a big step isn't it especially if it involves a skill and a physicality I can do lots and lots of things with software and I can I can write music and I can play music and all of these things already I end up been doing it for years so I know that but starting something new that uses your your hands and your body and yours a new skill set you know that's embarking on something like that at the age of 60 that's quite something isn't it that takes um a lot of energy I think a lot of confidence and you know we've when we get to 60 we quite often suddenly my I mean my mother was retired at 60 or was I think she retired even earlier but now the government's talking about um going up to 70 for retirement age and that's actually why I thought right you know I don't want to be not doing anything for the next 10 years I want to be you know because my the thing with music is I just do that now it's I'm on autopilot literally I'm I released two singles last week um this week I'm I'm going to do some cello I will sit down for a morning record now and the next morning I'll edit it and then the next morning if I go off to my publisher and my distributor you know and and that's that's it that's that done so there needs to be something and I was talking to everybody about this the other day on a podcast the devil making work for Idle Hands because when you're a bit older you you're not quite as energetic as you were so the the devil's work goodness knows what she'd have in store for us but I do think a lot of it's the black dog and I think a lot of people of a certain age get very depressed and actually there are a few reasons for it you've got an empty nest quite often and I don't mean to sound trite or sexist but I really felt that I really really really did not come I've only just come to terms with it actually you know I had four kids I found them growing and leaving me incredibly difficult and and then linked that with menopause of course and with cancer and you just think wow you know for a decade it was a decade of um emotional bleakness really really Bleak um and I do think being idle when you've been so busy uh bringing up for kids or a career that keep you know keeps you very active and really intense Etc when that comes to an end for whatever reason be it health retirement um you know children growing up and leaving if husbands leaving you leaving you know all of these things in massive changes that can occur in your second half of life um leaves a real opportunity for depression to set in and we need to think about that as oldies we really need to think about it because depression kills depression makes you give up on life depression makes you stuff yourself with foods that are bad for you and um not get any exercise and you know I mean that's the most sort of obvious thing but the other thing is when we're lonely and we don't have people stimulus stimuli you know when we don't have connections social interactions all these things depression is a killer absolutely and and you know if you if you think about it it's a cycle isn't it you so you're depressed so you don't do anything and you get more depressed or you don't do anything and then you get depressed and then you do even less you know it's it's an Ever decreasing or is it it's not even decreasing is it just stagnant it's stagnant um Ripple pullers if that's even possible it's it's weird isn't it when you think about it um so I'm really really excited about the prospect of um training completing getting licensed getting good at my craft starting a new career perhaps full-time 2024 you know there's no there's no need to rush these things I've got plenty of time because I'm only 60. do you see so sort of planning ahead but I couldn't plan ahead without a SK a new skill because there really is nothing I mean the thing with being a cellist actually that I did find it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to go to Orchestra without a vehicle um and being uh you know I live in a very pretty isolated place so just physically I was talking about physicality earlier just physically picking the cello up putting putting it in a case that's fine but then lugging the case on trains on buses across a ferry you know it's uh my body was not happy with that and I would always come back from Orchestra and to have to spend the next day in bed I mean literally the pain and discomfort from all of that so you have to be realistic I think about you know your your career choice if you're thinking if you're 60 and you're thinking right you know I want to work till I'm 80 or 90 even you know I saw a report actually the other day of a lady who was 96 and she was still working she was working in an old people's home um I can't remember what her job was it but it was very Interactive um and didn't require too much uh in terms of sort of muscle strength and it's a very slight lady but very fit very able and of course there are lots and lots of things we can do there are a few things we can't do actually this what am I saying I'm lying there's loads of things we can't do you know I I tried a bit of training uh video stuff and it was really too much for me to to you know put that much emphasis on on my body um it wasn't pleasurable either and and now that I'm back to where I'm not televising you know my my journey my fitness journey I'm just fit for myself so you know I'm still doing my weight training and I'm still doing my um high protein diet and my low carbs and I'm still doing all that but it's just for me I don't I don't have to you know doing these Tick Tock videos and what have you I just think as a Young Person's game to be honest for me personally but then I've done that I've been doing you know I ran a club for a decade or more and um it was very much about uh live television live broadcasting you know we had a radio station and we had our YouTube channel what have you it was and and I I think probably the um the energy had the excitement and the Zia wore off because I've been doing it so long and that's the other thing isn't it about starting something new you know if you haven't done it before and you really like doing it you've got that further and that's going to take you that I mean this further is going to take me I'm sure through the next five years um and then I'm already thinking ahead I'm thinking about my own makeup line and of course I've got the bra which I need to launch and all of these things um so I think that's a really good idea as well actually if you're you're thinking about a second career or third career or fourth career um later in your life um have a business plan because you're not going to die tomorrow it's very unlikely you're going to die tomorrow you're um I mean margin you're more likely to die tomorrow if you're 60 than when you were 20. however um it's a you know the likelihood is actually still quite Slim So so not that many people die in their 60s so you need a business plan you know so my I've got a I've got a one-year plan which is um really about experience and understanding my client base and perfecting my craft and then a five-year plan which is being in an established business um and then a 10-year plan which is um you know actually a franchise you know the idea that Sonia Cherie that's my business name by the way will will be either a franchise or a provider of equipment for um you know all these makeup various makeup things that that are now available um and and aligning medical bras so I've I'm very you know I have foresight I have a lot of foresight I think you need that in business because if you if you have a a picture of way you'll be in 10 years you're probably going to achieve it we've certainly got a more um a more there's more likelihood that you will achieve it if you imagine that it can happen to you you know don't close doors because you you've got imposter syndrome or anything like that um anyway I've never done enough haven't I so I'm going to go off and um fill in my license application for me to become a professional tattooist and um pop along to my Instagram snob.value and friend me and we can exchange whatever tell me you've listened to the podcast and um Twitter which I quite like my Twitter my new Twitter which is snob underscore value um and from Facebook to a lesser degree I don't really like it to be honest um I find it a bore but I do have a Facebook page I think I've got four four followers that's Grim isn't it and but I just made that the other day so um I think that's my those are my various public things um so yeah you know pop over there and say hi to me and um check out check out what I do because I'll be doing over the coming weeks and years I'll be doing lots and lots of um artworks and of course I'm getting a tattoo gun to a one that uses inks as a bit more hardcore um so that I can do my body tattoos as well so there we go how exciting guys I'm beyond beyond excited today thank you for listening and um yeah do get in touch and and tell me all about yourselves

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