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Monday, December 5, 2022

Free ringtones #happy #funk #disco and digital music tips by iServalan

 hi guys now welcome as promised I'm going to be launching the free ringtones once again because they proved so incredibly popular and with the demise of the old podcasts and the birth of the new you can no longer get access to the thousands that I'd made but I'm going to make another um batch of them they really don't take me very long I want to have a little chat really about you know how you can go about making your own so I use logic pro sometimes I plug my cello in and I do a bit of live cello the ringtones can last anything from sort of five seconds up to um well about I'd never do one longer probably than 20 seconds or maybe 30. I mean you just don't need that much material for a ringtone when you think about how quickly you answer your phone it's almost immediate isn't it but you the thing is you you put a small Loop a small Riff on repeat unless you're wanting to use a whole song um which I can't imagine that anybody would really be interested in doing that obviously if it's one of your favorite songs but of course it's very difficult to use your favorite songs on ringtones because it's illegal you're using copywritten material now this ringtone that I've made for you today is free to use and you can download it and you can do whatever you want with it absolutely whatever you want with it um I these are made by the telltina club in partnership with the Beats Ministry so we get together and we use the Beats Ministry drum track so most of my ringtones use utilize a quite a heavy drum track and quite often it's sort of hip-hop um trance sometimes I use a DubStep drum but actually this one I'm about to play you it's got a bit of a rock and blues feel to it but I've really modernized it I've used my robot on the top of it um my robot this robot is called cuddles and it's a voice that I have in my AI so when I want to sample cuddles I know exactly where to go to and Cuddles has done a few ringtones for me so I'm going to try and do at least one a day I mean I might do more if if called for oh goodness me now who's I thought somebody had scored then do you know what I've got the World Cup on um over in uh um I can't even remember where it is I've forgotten her and England and is playing Senegal and it's nil nil it's very boring but I just thought there because I've got one eye on it and I just thought somebody had scored but they haven't it was saved lucky is that possibly the most boring match really I've ever watched anyway I'll I'll take I'll lower my eyes get I'm in the music studio and um I should be really just doing music so I think you'll really enjoy this ringtone you know it's a bit of fun it's what I'll try and do is in the titles of the ringtones I'll try and write you know like hashtag upbeat or hashtag dark or hashtag deep or you know something that kind of gives you an idea so you don't have to you know search so many you can just look at our Telltale club and beats Ministry hashtags and what I'll do is I'll link these all um on my Instagram and also I'll pop them over on my website which is actually a blog site um so yeah here we go this is a ringtone it's called show me the world it's by cuddles it's on a loop it's 10 seconds long really easy to Loop so what I've done is I've specifically ended up the bar ends so that just makes it so much easier for looping actually so have some fun with it and you know what you can use this also because there's no copyright restrictions so if you want to use this and Sample it in your own compositions you can do that as well I don't mind so just think of the Telltale Club when you do your stuff and maybe mention this to your friends because we're you know it's all about sharing isn't it in the music Community it's really important um so here we go enjoy [Music]

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free ringtones by Tale Teller Club and Beats Ministry

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