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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion Chapter 25 Disassociation and Existentialism

Renyke and Flex take some time to get ready for the party.

There is face paint and kohl on a tray in the preparation chamber.

Flex marks Renykes body in streaks that appear neon under some of the lighting.

'Look,' Says Flex Excitedly, spinning Renyke around in front of a mirror. There are light trails!'

'It's magical.' says Renyke as he pirouettes around the room.

The lights dim and a Freak enters the chamber.

'Gentlemen, I have your pills and refreshment.'

'Pills, what do mean, pills?' asks Flex, 'you mean like nibs?'

'Yes,' answered the Freak, 'but better, naturally. Everything in the Tunnels is better. This you will see.'

Renyke asks the POS what the pill might be

......My analysis shows the substance is some sort of hallucinogenic 99% likely to be a dissociative drug.

Such drugs are used by tribes throughout the centuries for social, cultural and recreational use.
They may be used to deal with stress or to try to achieve an enlightened state of mind. They are administered and distributed through rituals or cultural morés.

Some individuals may take hallucinogenic drugs simply to escape their perceived troubles or to relieve boredom.

Some tribespeople believe that drugs such as these can lead to an existential awakening that emphasizes an individual's existence, freedoms, and choices allowing humans to define their own meaning in life. This epiphany can help make humans to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational and unstable universe.

'Thank you brother,' answers Flex, excitedly taking a small yellow nugget and a gulp of water.

The Freak puts the tray under Renyke's nose.

'What is it, exactly?' asks Renyke.

'A gift in grateful appreciation of life itself and to share the joys of tonight's festival,' answered the Freak, jabbing the tray into Renyke's chest.

Flex is smiling and humming some tune.

'Such a pleasant song,' remarks the Freak,' again jabbing the tray into Renyke's chest and glaring at him with piercing eyes.

'Just take it, brother, it's a party,' says Flex suppressing a snigger.

'To refuse this gift would cause great offense to your host, Her Most Honourable President Sheila,' said the Freak, with one final jab of the tray.

Does Renyke

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