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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

No Machine Tattoos with iServalan Instagram TikTok News How to Hand Poke 🤚 Tattoo


unisex medical tattooing byy Sarnia Cherie of Gosport

hi guys welcome to the tattoo uh broadcast so I do a few broadcasts on Ice Overland and Telltale Club podcasting networks but I'm trying to sort of separate things out so this is a tattoo one now I've started poke hand poke tattooing and what that means is um you basically take a needle and you put ink on the end of the needle and you push it into the skin one dot at a time and I knew I'd be really good at it I just knew because I've done a lot of dot work in my artwork in my life and particularly lately where I've been using my iPad and I was practicing doing Dot work and I thought no I I can I can work this out now the thing with handbook touching you need to understand skin and the skin I've I've done my second one it's on my Instagram and it's on my website um and you it's really interesting because the skin is always different it behaves differently no two Skins are the same but no skin on the same person is the same because they may have had more to drink they may have they may be certainly did um dehydrated it's to do with diet and water intake a different part of skin on a different part of the body really interesting so I did one on my ankle and that was my first one which I did for my granddaughter who was born a few days before and it was so rewarding to be able to not have to book a tattooist I just loved that immediacy of it the the fact that I could sit down and do something to celebrate An Occurrence a really important occurrence in my life a grandchild being born it was utterly utterly Splendid to be able to do that and in a way it didn't really matter if I was going to be really bad at it because it would always be a mark of that occasion and this is what I love so much about poke tattooing it's got something much more tribal and innately humanistic about it not using a machine creates an ethereal energy which I really really love not only in the pattern that you make with poke tattooing but even in the I the the sense that you get from doing it and the emotion now I haven't done anybody else's body yet but I will be doing um and I'm I imagine that it's an intimate and loving experience no matter who it's with I imagine that the the bond that you have because you've used your hands and your heart to create an artwork and not a machine oh don't get me wrong I'm sure machine tattoos you know feel this a bit as well and suddenly I've got lots of machine tattoos and I I have felt a bond with whoever's tattooing me even if I don't like them very much by the end of it even if they've completely effed up my tattoo I've still felt at the time that there was some sort of connection you have to you have somebody who's penetrating your skin who's making you bleed who's making you hurt you have to feel something you can't completely disassociate from that sensation at all it's really interesting but hand poking is a completely different I feel sentiment so so this idea of a true artist for me it's the truth of Art and love and sharing and I just know it's going to change transform my life actually it's going to transform my life finally after of very very many years of being an artist producing things in especially in a digital climate climate which has been um it's very changing for me you know that you don't people don't want real art anymore so it's very very few people sort of come along and say well can I'm going to pay some money could you do me a picture I mean I used to do portraits a lot could you do a picture of my so-and-so but because machines have taken that act over it's um it the pleasure was completely gone it was dry of of any emotion actually and then this is the problem with digitization but digitization and Tech and AI because my tattoos now are designed by an AI but drawn by me hand poked by me and I designed through the AI of course I do I'm not I'm not putting in I mean the AI just come up with the accidents but for example my latest one my second poke tattoo is a dog in a heart and my AI came up with that and I put in animal love symbols and my AI produced this glorious picture that would was going to work really really well in dots and so I've given myself a tattoo of that on my um well I could I'm going to run out of space quite soon so I'm going to shrink them down a bit because they are a bit they're a bit big the tattoos I know I'm going to use up all of my shin in five minutes you know because I'm doing one a day now by the time I open for business um only part-time just once once or twice a month I'm going to open um really for sort of health and financial reasons at the moment but you know I don't I'm I never intend I as far as I can see now to be a full-time hand poke artist because I do apologize my cats I'm going to pause this because my cat's doing something um embarrassing uh okay he's finished to apologize how Grim honestly um at least you know where where you know authentic anyway where was I completely forgotten what I was going to say now so let's um let's talk briefly about the process of the you know how you start uh a poke tattoo so what I found find really interesting is that my body and everybody's body after at a certain point gives off or produces its own numbing and you literally stop feeling things and for a slow tattoo that isn't it's it's not ripping up the skin because mechanical tattoos actually rip up the skin over and over again and then it's the wiping the way the the tattooists wipe off the blood and everything is really ripping the skin to shreds now my first tattoo I did on my lower ankle and I noticed today it's about four days later it's really quite bruised um that's come out after the fact there wasn't much there the next day in fact it didn't look like there was anything there the next day and I was really surprised so I think what happens is there is an after effect of course you're going your body's in a bit of shock it's been poked you know but there's no pouring blood um unlike a machine tattoo you you get a bit of plasma and of course you do get some bleeding definitely get some but but not nothing like the bleeding that you get from a mechanical tattoo so these single holes as well because if you want a really straight line you have to be quite slow and you have to push quite far in so it's a bit nippy and you need to stretch the skin to get a really good line and slow is best and in the same way that you do um eyebrow tattooing you do several takes so what so how I start yes darling how I start is to do the outline in a row of dots but not really close together so there's an a margin of error um and then you wipe everything away and then you've got even if you haven't actually poked ink into the hole properly it still gives you an outline to work with because the body reacts with a little swollen um like a well just a little red dot where it's a bit swollen so I noticed that sometimes it's difficult to see and you can't put the ink in where you the last thing you want to do actually is put ink in the wrong place so I found it quite useful to go around with an empty needle not pushing any ink in but just occasionally and then you've got that slightly um not misjoined but then the dots aren't lined up exactly so there's room for error so you can't completely mess up do you see what I mean that's how I did it I'm sure touches all tattoosed it in a different way and the other thing I do is when I'm doing a sort of large-ish blackish area like I just did a dog and I I wanted a I want you to Black for his ear and black for his nose and black for his eye patch so once I'm putting Blobs of ink down there it gives me ink to pick up with a needle to do other bits of the tattoo and it saves me going to the pot to get ink out of it you know the little um tub I've got do you see what I mean and all these little sort of shortcuts now the one I did yesterday it's on my Instagram it's also on my website I really love it I'm very very pleased with it it's I feel like it's representing a style that I'm going to really work with and embrace which is it almost looks freehand but it but it isn't I used a transfer yesterday so I TR I and I used my iPad I tell you what I had a real problem with and it was infuriating me on my iPad because it's touch screen and every time I was tracing it the picture kept moving it was infuriating but you can lock your screen so you go to settings and it's guided guided something or other I can't remember what and you click on that temporarily it doesn't permanently enact it but then when you go back to your picture and you tap it that screen is now locked so you just have to work out what size you want but that screen is now locked and you can trace it so I traced the design and then I taped the trace onto my special transfer and I traced it over again and then I popped that on my leg it wasn't the most brilliantly done stencil I have to say and because I was using very small details tiny little hearts I was using the the stencil didn't really it wasn't really sharp enough for that so I would say that's the only thing you need to be a bit careful of you know I didn't follow the stencil exactly I just used it as a guide because in actual fact it wasn't quite as detailed as I hoped it would be so there we go tips on hand poking tattoos now listen follow my Instagram I server learn or Telltale Club I've got a couple just because you know um quantity and all that um is sometimes appropriate when you're when you're doing when you're working in the visual arts you know you need as many people as possible to see it so I work as I server learn and my business is Sony SRI but I work as I serve learn and Telltale Club so you can just you know if you go to the website it's the easiest thing you can find all my social media there if you're into that I don't know if you are um so I've got a tick tock as well I'm doing a tick tock thing and as stupidly I didn't really take any photos yesterday but I'll take a load more today of of this tattoo and do a little video for tick tock which will be pretty amazing and I think the other thing I might do actually is make a a song because I need songs to go along with my Tick Tock so I might write a tattoo song today um I don't know what it what it would say but probably something about tattoos tattoo me something like that and that would just work really nicely as my backdrop so yeah there we go I think that's that's enough for now isn't it so back tomorrow with more news because I'm doing one a day I think the other thing about uh when you're working in tattooing or or makeup or anything like that you need to practice every day really and just get into the Habit this one was bigger than my last one but because I knew what I was doing it was much quicker um probably less than two hours I would say so there we go well done for listening to my uh to my exciting I mean I'm very excited about it and I'm probably more excited than I should be my my new exciting career

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