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Immersion is a new cutting-edge online storybook concept that involves the reader making decisions about what happens next. Sections of the story proceed and others come to a grizzly end.

The stories are continued each week with film additions, sensory art experiences, and music, as well as written words.


New material is announced on the blog which you can follow on our Wix Spaces Mobile Phone App. You can return to previous sections easily if you want to. 

Some decisions work out really well but others can lead to danger, illness, and even death.

In the virtual online book 'Immersion', you become the novelist or the director and the fate of the characters is in your hands.

Each episode also comes with videos and recordings of electronica and dance music in a futuristic and industrial style by the Tale Teller Club.

At the end of each section, you will be asked to make a choice about the character's movement or changes in the environment.

Only the following week will you know how your decision has altered and enhanced the storyline.


If you are not following in real-time, ie, you are reading archival blogs entries, you will not have to wait as Tale Teller Club keeps all previous episodes live for an indefinite time and you can read the book in one go.

The author expects book one to be completed in 52 weeks, ie End of 2022.

We have one Story live at the moment but the catalog is set to increase over time as we launch our amazing new interactive story project.

You can watch all the films and listen to the accompanying podcasts on the relevant pages here on the site too and each page of the story is updated with relevant links to new material.

If you have any questions pop over to the contact page or use the chat bot in the corner below.