Welcome to the Tale Teller Club Cinema

Here you will see all the videos and movies that the Tale Teller Club has made as well as archival TV footage by Goddamn Media. Plus you will get to see all the video art that features in our interactive online virtual stories called 'Immersion' and 'IF'

This is a very exciting time for the Tale Teller Club as we embrace new digital technologies and encourage reading and learning through fantasy literature presented in an exciting and modern way.

Our films feature characters from all our stories like Vapor Punk and the Preceptor as well Maybeline the rat of course.

And you can never tell what will happen next as you have to keep guessing as you progress through the book.

We even have our own narrator, Vapor Punk, who guides you, the reader on your way through the dangerous journey of discovery.

This is our little slice of contemporary culture, creativity and cinematic fun! Our truly unique immersive cinema experience offers the opportunity to watch movies on your own, with friends, or with the entire family from the comfort of your own sofa (or blanket).

But our cinema comes with a difference and that difference is a book. The words and the moving images work together for IF and Immersion creating a new way of engaging with stories.

All the new Tale Teller Club videos accompany the story of Renyke in the New World as he searches for Redact and tries to find out who he is.

These films are like moving illustrations that take you into the live arena of a role-play book. Pop on some headphones and watch on a big screen for maximum immersion.

We also have lots of creative gifs and animations that will be able to download and share and of course some superb music and music videos composed and performed by the Tale Teller Club and the Robot Orchestra.

And if you prefer a different genre, stay tuned because we are full of ideas and plans.

Tale Teller Club and Vapor Punk are super excited about the chance to showcase all the amazing work and would appreciate your feedback. Contact me with questions or if you’d like to give any suggestions about making the platform more user-friendly.

We are directing new videos every single day so you will not be disappointed and you can sign up for free if you would like to get first dibs on news of episodes and fresh uploads.

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