Dominartist an Artwork

The Dominartist™ began as a story of a dominatrix exploring gender power through the guise of a female sex worker in contemporary society.

Dominartist™ was funded by the radical arts body the Future's Venture Foundation.

The Book of Dominartist™ is one small part of a larger project which aims to expose the violence and misogyny that is rife in sex work. The project, through fine art, film, and sculpture, shows that the idolisation of women is, by its very nature, counter productive to feminism and the goal of gender equality.

The original artwork was a two-year performance. The artist took on the identity of an underground dominatrix in order to explore the female icon and its unstable relationship between feminine confidence and the rife socio-sexual shaming of women.

The Dominartist™ was part physical, part ethereal, part artificial intelligence. The artist also explored issues of 'gender fusion' and 'gender fluidity' in the landscape of sex work by adopting male attributes of strength, dominance and the phallus.

Exhibits for the final exhibition sought to explore how guilt and reputation intertwine with the female idea of self and how those ideas are actively and consistently engaging with memories and hopes from childhood.

The artist looked at how women are plagued by echoes or ghosts of social expectations and the inevitable cycle of personal disappointment.


The artist explored, through these creative processes of film, live performance, literature, and music, how female power is enabled or disabled through the creation of myth and legend and if it can be sustained beyond the confines of the single image, especially when that image is created, preserved or shifted, within the paradigm of social media and the internet.


The culmination of the performance was an online exhibition (due to the pandemic) and a book cataloging six main artworks for public engagement.


The viewer was forced into the position of sexual voyeur.

The artworks represented the most personally relevant and intimate aspects of the research.

For two years as an undercover dominatrix, the artist infiltrated the dangerous world of sex and fetish clubs finally making a film about the exploitation of women in the underground world of dominants and slaves and exposing the crimes that occur in plain sight, under the guise of this dark power play between supposedly consenting adults.

The Book of Dominartist™  is a collection of images from the Golden Dominatrix's Instagram and Twitter accounts which were the visual calling cards of the undercover character.

Text from the book is part of an essay about the experience and how the performance developed before finally becoming a mythological graphic novel character called Domino, the central character in the role play novel IF. 

The exhibits are now archived and are available to view upon request.