Monday, January 2, 2023

Tale Teller Club has a new streaming station for DJ sets and musicians, all welcome


Join me for waffle on Acast and Spreaker Great news as I am now able to provide free streaming for DJs looking to build their community and international fanbases. You can get more links and info on my site Here is the invite info I just created a free DJ space for music and DJs to stream live sets and create a fan base. Link in bio. You are invited to join and invite anyone who loves music. Fans and performers most welcome. It’s very new so I’m still working on it but it’s straightforward enough. 

I use Discord and it’s all free and a cool space which I hope will grow into a virtual club with guests from all over the world sharing the joy of music and DJing. Long live the club!

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Tale Teller Club Streaming for DJs

hi folks Welcome To The Music Room I am spending a few days oh there's Romeo over the microphone I'm spending a few days recording music I've got a new track to do so I've got my music head on which means I can't have my art head on really although I like to do a little bit of AI Arts last thing at night before you know when I'm watching a film it's just press a few buttons and see what happens but I did something today which I'm really really excited about now as part of my AI experience I can set up a channel like a social media station if you like but I work with sound and audio I don't really work with pictures so much I mean I do for my album covers but you know what I mean and we have got a merch store but I'm not looking so much at pictures as I am at sounds and the beautiful wonderful world of music so I've got my absolute head into piano and cello and this new thing that I've done let me tell you before I go off on another tangent basically this I've set up a channel and it's where it's a DJ Channel okay so you can join it's all free you just sign up I've I've got a public invitation code you just pop that into your um your search engine and it'll bring you to Discord and you can sign up and you can get my channel so Telltale Club it's called Telltale club and basically I want DJs and musicians to live stream there and chat and meet each other and share their links and share their imagery and share whatever it is that they want you can do exactly what you want there as long as it's about music that would be my only stipulation and you're allowed to share links and things but obviously if it's not music related I'm just going to delete it and ban you but you know I really want it to be somewhere where artists can promote their work so it's you know you can pretty much share anything as long as it's about you and what you've made and not other people and you know some random product like shoes and boots and things like that unless they've got music on them musical boots that'd be fine um so I'll put I'll put the invite Link in this description the description to this podcast it's also if you pop along to my Instagram just Telltale Club Instagram Telltale Club blog Telltale Club um where else am I LinkedIn I did a big LinkedIn thing today because there's quite a few music people on LinkedIn I see um and you the idea is that you sign up and then you invite all your friends and all your fans and you put the invite link on your social media platforms and then you can get lots of people who really want to engage and I'll tell you why I've done this right this morning I saw a news report about clubs closing down and the worry about music Going Underground but we all know that underground music is so much better underground events are so much more fun you know the Raves which I was never part of actually I was far too um crusty or old or something to be going to the race but I get the vibe I totally get the vibe and then I ran an Arts Club and we never had an overground event it was always very very much underground um so much more exciting so much more raw wild talent that you get in that isn't conforming to any standards and and that is where the art is isn't it I think that's where the real creativity comes um so if you're a DJ you'll be able to basically click a video button and you'll be able to click to I don't know your bedroom or your sitting room and people can watch you or you can share your screens so you know you'll be able to you'll be able to share um some sort of video anyway you can also do just audio so you don't necessarily have to look at you you could just do live audio so just link up to your computers and do a live Jam or whatever it is look guys I'm not that techy about these things I'm really playing around in the dark and because my tech lies elsewhere my tech skills do lie elsewhere so if you're interested in becoming a mod a modulator um somebody who can help me out I can add you and then you'll be able to do much more even more which would be really cool and I've put that um I think I put that up on uh linked in anyway that's that's what I'm doing today I've set that up there's nobody there except me which is a bit disappointing so it's all free it's it's going to be good I can feel it's going to be really really good I just need some really good people I need some people with a bit of vision who fancy being part of this amazing adventure that Telltale Club is on you know cerebral dance music that's what I make I just don't do it live at the moment but I was looking at this today and I thought oh do I need to get something you know to um to Vijay because I'd quite like Vijay and I think that would be that would be pretty good wouldn't it actually I'll put some VJ stuff up that I've got um I'll put some stuff like that up that much I probably can do so Telltale Club just find us seek us out and I'm on Discord so if you're already a member of Discord you can just search for Telltale club and you should be able to find me okay Roman is having a drama with fabric on the floor because his claws need um he needs to scratch them you know what I mean he's petrified of my jumper on the floor it's quite amusing anyway I'm going uh lots of tick tock piano today later on I'm gonna go do some shopping get some beautiful vegetarian food to um Aid my recovery after really a week of just crappy food and alcohol and far too much rubbish and it shows on my face you know I've aged five years so not enough liquid yesterday not enough water all that sort of thing so join me in my recovery and join me on my DJ um my wonderful DJ Telltale Club DJ platform on Discord

The New Space for Music Creators, DJs and Fans, the Virtual Club

 Join me now... I just created a free DJ space for music and DJs to stream live sets and create a fan base. Link in bio. You are invited to ...