Sunday, January 1, 2023

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ringtone cover by iServalan at Tale Teller Club


oh wow I have so got my music head on finally um which is really really good because I I've got a habit of getting really distracted by wonderful exciting opportunities and things and I've been so focused on my tattooing that um I just haven't had room really to focus on the music so the best way for me to get in the groove if you like for doing a new track is to do a ringtone I love doing the ringtones they don't take me very long but I usually find something as I'm trying to make them that I really like a riff or a a little Loop of energy it's not about the music even it's about the way the energy is transferred from me to you hopefully so I was in the studio and fiddling around and I wanted to do a happy New Year thing but I didn't want to do a whole song the thing is if you do a whole song on Happy New Year you it's only going to sell once a year if if it at all it's only going to be played once a year but a ringtone which is much quicker to do especially if you're using logic pro I do all mine on logic pro occasionally I can do I've I have got away with doing a ringtone on my phone before okay especially if I'm doing a vocal so you don't have to have a really high-end software but that's just what I used for this particular one and my voice of course and I do this kind of character I imagine it's May West it's how I imagine Mae West would have been so um you know they they you it's interesting to get into a character I think when you're when you're doing any kind of vocal even if you're a professional vocal artist you are aided if you think of a character before you record I I think in my opinion so even if it's your public Persona and this is true most artists and vocal people they'll tell you they they act as if they are somebody else and that's how they produce similarity over each recording but also the best that they can be it's much easier if you project onto an ideal that you have and that's what my West ideal is so I've done quite a few I think uh ringtones but I'll do more this year because I want to on a May West ringtone role at the moment so think May West and I'm I'm going to come up with some flippant funny ringtones throughout the year um just you know what just with a hell of it but also because it helps me get in the mood for my my new track so my new track um is about to be it's about the kind of under um the this no I can't well I don't want to be classes so I need to be careful what I say but a kind of low cost of people who are half wrapped half people and they live under the um Subways and stuff so this is all part of the immersion book but um this is this first song is is about that and I needed something really edgy and but actually quite domineering but actually quite Rebel rebellious you know and I think this is just perfect so although I've got May West over the top of it I'm going to use this vibe in my next track and it's really exciting um more about that when I actually do it um I'm tattooing today I'm going to tattoo my thigh please go to my Tick Tock if you're into tattoos or even if you're not you know if you're into art because some of the art that I'm making with my AI for tattoos is also very suitable for our red bubble shop so you can buy T-shirts like that and the nice thing I think about tattoo art is that it works really really well on merchandise it's a similar thing isn't it it's uh something you know you you use your body and you move it around all the time so your arms for example you know you're always moving them around so you've got this sort of mobile artwork what if you have a t-shirt it's exactly the same idea isn't it or if you've got a mug you know it's the same idea you're drinking from it however quite fascinated by this idea of of the music moving artwork moving within the environment I mean I don't want to get too sort of punts in deep about things but um you know that's that's for me quite an exciting um application attitude to have with some of the artwork that I'm making for these tattoos so I you know I know it can sound a bit high for losing what have you and I really try not to sound like that because underneath honestly I am a rebel I promise and I've been in the gutter many times and it was good trust me it's not as bad as you think in the gutter in fact it's um it's quite nice to go there for a rest anyway guys here is the new uh Happy New Year ringtone for you to download and use and enjoy and do your thing with it all right you could also buy it on I iPhone iTunes I think but you don't have to because you can have it here and um you know you can download it and what have you so um happy New Year I probably won't broadcast tomorrow I don't think because I'm going to be so busy preparing myself we've got an event family family staff at the club the um the drinking venue of of ill repute so I'll need to spend a long time getting ready and preparing for that I'm going to prepare for New Year by drinking loads and loads of water and I'll tell you what something else about tattooing and you know I do makeup tattooing as well as poke tattooing you the more water you drink the less it will hurt before you have your tattoo so stop drinking coffee about four six hours before your tattoo and start drinking water and try and drink water as the tattoo is progressing because when you bleed or in you find yourself in stress you're sort of panting a bit more your body fluids are coming out onto the through the tattoo and you may be sweating a bit more than you would because of the anxiety and that means you need to replenish faster than you normally would and I promise you it will hurt less if you're plump with water okay and this is true if you're going actually for a blood test also very very true plump yourself up Darlings with liquid and the pain will be less and you'll just feel so much better for it and less faint and things like that okay so here is my happy New Year ringtone just in case I don't get to chat to you guys tomorrow and we're going to have a bloody great New Year I'm pretty sure of that all of us well I think we all deserve a Happy New Year [Music]

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