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What is Cosmetic Scalp Tattooing or SMP? Let's find out with Sarnia Cherie™

Sarnia Cherie™ Micropigmentation Clinic in Alverstoke Gosport
Sarnia Cherie™ London & South SMP Clinic Address: Old Village Workshop, Coward Rd, Alverstoke, Gosport PO12 2LP
Whatsapp: 07724811956

Opening times: Appointment only, flexible bookings Private and Confidential. Parking off street.

Sarnia Cherie™ is proud to offer Scalp Micropigmentation as part of her extensive portfolio of medical and cosmetic tattooing.

SMP is life changing hair loss solution that replicates thousands of hair follicles that camouflages any bald or thinning areas of the scalp giving you the look of a full head that has been closely-shaven with a new hairline.

The treatment can be used for all forms of hair loss.

About the clinic

The clinic is based at Beauty by Design. BBD has been situated in Alverstoke for eight years and is fully licenced for tattooing and other augmentations provided by the talented practitioners who work there.


As a fully licenced medical/cosmetic tatooing and beauty clinic, you can be assured of the highest hygene and safety standards.

Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP or a hair tattoo) is a non-surgical hair loss treatment where pigments are deposited into the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. SMP gives you a new hairline and the look of a full head of hair that has been closely-shaven or to add density to thin hair by disguising balding scalps.

Sarnia Cherie™ can also camouflage scarring from previous hair transplant surgeries and boost the visual effect of a hair transplant. A gradde effect can also be used to add realism to toupees and men's wigs.

Sarnia Cherie™Scalp Micropigmentation is an experienced practitioner giving hyper-realistic results that cannot be distinguished from real hair folicles.

Sarnia Cherie™has even tattooed her own hairline to ensure the results are second to none!

Sarnia Cherie™SMP is classed as a permanent treatment. Although the results are permanent, they can fade slightly over the years to a lighter color. We recommend a short touch-up every 3-6 years.

Scalp Micropigmentation takes place over 3 sessions and a standard session lasts 1-4 hours depending on the amount of area that requires treatment.

There is one week between sessions 1 & 2. Then a 3rd session takes place 1 month later.

At Sarnia Cherie™SMP less is more. Starting light and increasing density over a few weeks means client and practitioner can be conffident about results.

The hairline design is a very personal choice. A hairline design is drawn on before each session starts, Sarnia Cherie™will guide and work closely with you to ensure you get the exact hairline you want. You can decide exactly how soft & natural or sharp & defined the hairline is and can sometimes modify it during the treatments.

Sarnia Cherie™SMP pigment is designed just for Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoos, it does not change colour like a regular tattoo. The colour will get lighter over the years, but will not change colour after any period of time. You can top up at any time.

You can expect to see visible results and your new hairline instantly. Straight after each session, there may be some redness. Redness usually lasts 24 hours after each treatement.

A full head can take 4 sessions, or two longer sessions, depending on apointments and waiting list. Emergency treatments are also available as well as out of hours treatments at a nominal surcharge.

Sarnia Cherie™requires that you arrive at the clinic ready shaved and does not offer a barber service. (For LA hair extensions and toupee appointments clients are asked to arrive with freshly washed hair with no product of any type at all.)

Sarnia Cherie SMP™can also look great on long hair to give the appearance of thicker head off hair. A thickening treatment works the same as on a shaved head by mimicking the appearance of hair follicles so that less of the scalp can be seen. Sarnia Cherie™offers a free 20 minute Zoom consultation for advice and a longer 1 hour paid consultation using the latest AI , also via Zoom, which is £50 and is deducted from you first treatment.

Sarnia Cherie™ SMP is an excellent solution for women with thin or thinning hair due to menopause, aging, anxiety or genes. Sarnia Cherie SMP™ works by camouflaging the scalp so your photographs will be so much easier and your head of hair will rejuvinate your new bespoke style.

Sarnia Cherie SMP™ works with any hair colour as the match is to the hair folicle.

After 5 years your Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo will look a lighter version of the original treatment. You may be perfectly happy with it as you age or you may prefer a fresh new you.

Sarnia Cherie™can camouflage all forms of hair transplant scarring and accident scarring.

Follow up appointments related to your first treatment are included without charge. Top ups after that are charged at the hourly Sarnia Cherie™ standard SMP rate of £300 (current price) per hour.

The shaved hair look is a style that has stood the test of time. It’s easy to maintain, looks smart, and is worn by many famous actors.

SMP, like all Sarnia Cherie™ treatments, are totally safe and non-invasive. The treatment only goes half as deep into the skin as a regular tattoo. Alllergies are not linked to either the process or the pigments used and you are able to take antihystement on doctor's advice if you are worrried.

As Scalp Micropigmentation is non-surgical just like a regular tattoo, although less painful, the procedure does not affect the real hair follicles and cannot cause hair loss. The skin will be stimulated to produce extra collagen and can lead to a younger healthier skin appearance.

For most of our clients the pain is minimal and described as a lot less painful than a regular tattoo. No pain medication is needed and any discomfort is only during the actual Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo treatment. However, Sarnia Cherie™always offers numbing and will advice clients on any pain and anxiety medications that may be useful from their doctor of pharmacist.

Following the treatment, the treated area will look slightly red for roughly 24 hours, many of our clients go back to work the next day  and are able to attend even high end soccial events.

Scalp Micropigmentation requires no downtime as it is a non-invasive treatment. We do recommend you avoid rubbing your head or sweating heavily for 4 days after each session. You will be guided through your aftercare and will have access to the Sarnia Cherie™ Whatsapp aftercare line.

Compared to a hair transplant that can take up to one year to recover and see the results, the results from Scalp Micropigmentation are instant with very little healing time.

My Sarnia Cherie™ waiting list does fluctuate so please allow a couple of weeks to book your appointments.

Scalp Micropigmention is reversible. with lazer treatments and saline removal which works well for fading and recolouring. Sarnia Cherie™ works slowly and precisely with the client to avoid bad decisions and does not carry out undesirable work that may be a fashion fad and lead to regret on both sides.

Let's make you the best version of yourself together!



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