Sunday, December 4, 2022

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hey musicians and creators and music fans and podcasters and whoever it is that needs a jingle or a backing track well the thing you can do with Telltale Loops I work with the Beats Ministry and the thing you can do is just Loop them together and you you can Loop them endlessly so you end up with a complete track if you want but I upload them in this the shortest sample just makes it so much easier you can import directly as an audio file into your software and now I use logic pro most of the time occasionally I use um GarageBand or GarageBand depending on where you're from and um really I mean garageband's great because it's free and you know you it usually comes with your iPad or your phone it's very it's a very simplified version actually of logic pro and it's much easier to navigate and if you're just looking for a basic backdrop to you know rapping over or singing over um what spoken word poetry anything like that GarageBand is absolutely spot on for that and they've got a great string section um several different styles of string you know classical and um modern and pop and I think there's another one I can't remember what it is um but if you want something a bit more experimental and a bit more with your soul in it rather than you know using some sort of AI or um random machine software you really should be thinking now about getting a more advanced program and this is where you can begin to experiment and really what the more advanced programs allow you to do is to be more expressive be more creative be more interesting and also much more experimental you won't get a computer experimenting for you on your behalf they don't do it they can't do it they don't understand drama or passion really I mean the classics of course they do which is classic isn't it um and sort of a danger things you know we've got the the Jaws soundtrack whatever so I personally use most of the time either an acoustic recording on my cello which is way way better than anything that a digital program can give you just because it's humanized and we we really do like humans at the end of our Productions um my my piano which is I play acoustically but I record in MIDI but when the artist engages with an instrument you again you find this human element and it's just so much nicer you can add human elements of course in more advanced software anyway today's free jingle forward slash um ringtone whatever you need it for it's yours to have and to hold and to recreate there's no copyright restrictions on this tool um and you can download it really easily um I I I'm not sure which podcast this goes out on because I do so many but if you go along to Telltale Club you'll definitely find it there because that's where I upload them all to as well so this one I used double percussion so I I really become quite a drummer since I've started creating music you need to know your drumming you need to you you know quite often I use two I've been known to use four drummers before um and a hip very hip-hop sort of steady um uh trap track and I've put some synth over the top of it which just adds a a layer of um more sort of diverse texture I think that's what's special about the loops that I do that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for texture um so it could be quite boring if you just lay it out over and over and over again but of course if you've got software you can change the key and everything so it's you know it's pretty good for that so that's what I do if you were using it as a song background I'd change the key sort of halfway through your chorus and then maybe change it back again or whatever or change up the key to sort of hire exactly higher register vocally um towards the end that's what I do but of course these are great ringtones these are very cool ringtones and also jingles and great for podcasts as well so I hope you enjoy it free to download Telltale Club is where you go for loads more loads more exciting things if you sign up for free you can write on the Forum just ask me for anything you know I didn't mind I'm I've got um thousands that I've made I've got a big big catalog so you can just ask me for something a bit Moody and I'll link you to it do you see so that's Telltale club or just Google you'll get to the website mobile tv360 is also directly there um so yeah hope you enjoy it guys [Music]

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