Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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hey people welcome to 60 Summers now I've got loads and loads of New Year's resolutions and I'm I'm really good with New Year's resolutions but do you know why it's because I adapt them a little so I adapt them to suit my needs so I think the best bit of advice actually for this time of year when you're thinking I need to be um I need to be a size 10 rather say I need to be smaller do you see what I mean or I we're all feeling fat today you are not alone I promise you where I ate a an entire box of fortnum and Mason's truffles yesterday the whole box I was a bit um I was a bit sad because I I do believe that you have this over excitement and this hope for Christmas and it's never as good as you dared to imagine or dared to hope the best Christmases are the ones that just happen with no planning and they were filled with surprises wonderful things that you weren't expecting the humans are like the unexpected I'm not talking about a plane crash you know I'm talking about unexpected that isn't awful so it doesn't even have to be overly fabulous to be unexpectedly good do you see what I mean just if you know you accidentally um met up with somebody on the walk and you had a really nice chat do you know what I mean personally I absolutely love Christmas walks unfortunately we didn't do one this year the weather was pretty grim and we were in a car for a lot of the the day the travel because we went um 50 or 60 miles up the road just to spend it with family and at the Grand Hotel which was in Brighton which is absolutely superb and you don't need to go anywhere when you're at the ground because the bar is so beautiful and there was somebody playing the piano impromptu an impromptu piano performance by one of the guests absolutely wonderful that's what I mean about this sort of rather superb unexpected gifts that come from the universe land on your lap anyway I've really whittling my my plans down so that they are achievable because of course I want to be incredibly successful I want the bra to be successful etc etc I want all these things to definitely happen I want to be come on then with Romeo come along don't make a noise on the mic too late yeah I want to be in full health but you know I'm not going to be in full health I'm not going to have the health that I had 10 10 years ago am I but I can be I can have good health relative to my environment and my age so I'm going to hope for things like that um also I've decided that one of my resolutions is to do more housework now don't turn off bear with me this is nothing to do with having a tidy home nothing to do with that at all this is entirely about keeping fit because I've just spent an hour and a half cleaning I washed the floors I washed all the I've got um gloss surfaces in my in my Lou everywhere gold and black and even the loot holder the it's a pedestal that the toilet grass sits on I that's it uh Gold Leaf so I just cleaned everywhere every surface I really stretched when I did it I made I made use of all my muscles as always do as I was doing it I hoovered until the Hoover charge ran out which wasn't very long um and I've washed up and I've started putting things away and you know all the stuff from Christmas packing all the Christmas stuff away etc etc and I I've only done the kitchen and the Lou so I'm thinking to myself was it an hour and a half of exercise actually when you think about it an hour and a half of exercise each day would be pretty damned good wouldn't it pretty darn good so I think that that's a definite achievable girl um you know not every single day but most days I am going to have my two coffees and then I'm going to get up and I'm going to do some housework and after an hour and a half of that every day you've sort of got a good excuse to sit and do the more sedentary things that we'd like to do when we're 60 or when we're a bit in firm like knitting embroidery sewing for me it's tattooing um designing writing my blog all of these things that necessitate me to keep still I've talked to you before actually about um having an upright office just to give your body a rest from constant sitting and being bent over a computer really really important well at the moment I'm bent over a tattoo equipment but it's only for a couple of hours and what I'm doing as of New Year is having a break in between and just having a little walk around a little stretch pop the kettle on have your poison tea coffee whatever it is hot water and lemon I might try that this year I hear it's very very good for us actually do you see what I mean um just keeping things sort of moving around but the housework such a double whammy because not only are you really fit after an hour and a half per day per day imagine I mean we don't they tell us to do three lots of 20 minutes a week now okay that's cardiovascular and housework isn't cardiovascular but there have been studies actually on this is true I've seen studies and proven um statistics that as you get older you don't have to be doing a hardcore cardio exercise to stay fit things like Tai Chi all of these things yoga they aren't you know high speed high impact cardio Sensations you know over the top breathless you know I think you you can get breathless putting the rubbish out I can because I don't use the lift Darlings I use the stairs and there are two flights and up and down quite quickly especially if it's raining and hey Presto a little bit of cardiovascular but I also I'm a cyclist so I also cycle almost every day but I predict you see this coming year I'm going to be because I'm now a tattooist I feel that I'm going to be even more sedentary than than I have been previously and I won't have so much time to jump on the bike every day so maybe three times a week I mean I go I cycle to mums twice a week and then once for coffee in town so three times a week ample for the cardiovascular and just try and do it a little bit faster maybe than than I have previously in the knowledge that my heart needs to do a bit of extra work yeah so I mean the other alternative is you could really do the housework though can you hear him purring

I believe it's the microphone says it's picking it up um so you you could zoom around really quickly the housework and and get the cardio going the other thing I've got for a really good tip when you're hoovering do your lunges so you push the Hoover forward and you do a lunge at the same time do you see what I mean so get that front leg bent and while you're doing that clench your buttocks and if you do that while you're hoovering you will the the upside is your house is beautiful and ready for your tick tock yeah perfect absolutely bloody perfect I'm very pleased about this realization that um there is reward that can be seen immediately after a little workout because you won't get that at the gym Darlings plus you'll be paying a lot of money down at the gym so um anyway blogging at Telltale Club just Google me you'll find me um I've got a couple of blogs actually but that's the big one and uh also on my Tick Tock every day which I've just said up yes all right oh here we go over the microphone again apologies

scalp tattooing and medical makeup by Sarrnia Cherie

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