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Tale Teller Club Podcast with iServalan, a Career in Tattooing begins at Sarnia Cherie

iServalan Tattooist at Sarnia Cherie

 welcome to the beauty room now if you follow my podcast you'll know that normally I welcome everybody to the music room but I have just completed my course my professional training in microblading so if you don't know what microblading is stay tuned I'm going to tell you it's quite a short course that you do because really the only way to learn um it's very similar to tattooing is on real people and that's how you gain experience build up your portfolio and convince the world that you should be at them with your needle so what's the difference between microblading and tattooing well it's basically it's the depth you go to so you're actually in um pushing ink into the skin quite in a quite a shallow way so 2 2.5 I think it is on the maximum um tattooing goes quite a lot deeper well millimeters we're talking millimeters all the time but it does go deeper but the other massive difference is that microblading uses pigments and they fade over time and tattooing uses ink which I mean it does fade after about 15 years it goes a bit mushy and spreads a bit you lose Clarity but and that's why you can actually get your tattoos um re uh so get the line work redone and brighten up those colors a bit should you so desire but the thing with pigment inks um and and that sort of narrow depth that you go with the needle is that you you don't want to be stuck with a makeup a vanity tattoo forever because can you imagine if you had a certain shape of eyebrows or a certain style of eyebrow and then two years down the line you changed your mind about the shape and you changed your mind about the color and you're stuck with this you know bloody awful stripe across your forehead I mean that would just be ghastly wouldn't it you don't ever want a tattoo on your eyebrows don't go there likewise with eyeliner you may decide when your first especially when you get a bit older your color palette is completely different completely different so you know when you're younger you may you may be going for um very sort of obvious Reds and things like that on the lips when you get a bit older you you maybe want to go to a more orange or Coral so it's really important not to get a tattoo now the other thing I'm doing is tattooing hair lines or rather pigments in hairline so hairline's a little bit different um you you perhaps would risk going a little bit deeper but I don't recommend that at all because likewise with your hairline when you go gray you don't want bloody great black dots all over your or they're not big actually they're very tiny or little streaks micro nanoblading which uses a very short light streak to mimic a very fine human hair um but you don't want black ones when you've gone gray do you see it's very it's really important that eventually these do Fade now they fade within they can fade for especially with older people in about six months they can really fade but they're still there and that can be quite useful and they can still be there for about five years they're just not a stock so it's up to you if you get them up um up sort of upgraded you can go for touch-ups a little bit like your uh your fillers on your face you know um so the idea that you use pigments is really important it's a really important commitment to make if you go to a tattoo studio and you've got somebody there with a bloody great tattoo cartridge you know a pen or whatever it is they're using um and you know a big needle and gun hoe and skull tattoo things around the studio you know run a mile just run a mile because actually that's not what you want so you have to be really careful go make sure it's a beautician who's doing your um your makeup I I wouldn't go to a tattoos to get your makeup done I think it's a risky thing to do I think they're tattooists or tattooists and vanity makeup pigmentation is a completely different thing so I am special I'm just I've applied for my license my certificate of completion has arrived thankfully I'm applying for my license I've no idea how long it's going to take for me to set up shop I've found premises that are happy to have me and it's in a Botox clinic so you know I'm going completely going for that the beauty angle the beauty gentle gentle needles the other thing about beauty tattooing it's it's much less painful actually than a normal tattoo because it's not going so deep um because you're quite often using very thin delicate lines it's a bit burny but we use numbing cream if you want it I mean numbing cream can affect the tattoo but that's something I'll talk about all of these things in in my upcoming podcasts or podcast each day tell you about my journey because I'm really excited about this and should I tell you how it all started it started because I haven't had any eyebrows since the 80s I plucked them all out by probably by the end of the 70s there were none left I mean you know I was 18 in 1980 I think and really there was nothing left that was gone gone gone and I really wanted you to put to sort of tattoo them in or microblade them in and then I had this terrible terrible experience with the tattooist is completely effed up my last tattoo he went really really deep he did the black lines incredibly thickly and it's weird because now that I've finished my course I'm just wondering why he had my leg in that position because it wasn't a suitable position you know there are other positions where the Skin's already stretched but he had had it so my skin was really loose and obviously I'm 60 so he was doing so much tugging and pushing and I don't know if he was blind or something but literally the my last tattoo is a complete mess and I'm still really deeply scarred emotionally and physically because he completely penetrated layers that should not have been penetrated really really deep and it you know granted it's difficult to tattoo thighs and it's difficult the older you get as well you know your skin is so lacking in collagen that it's you know they've got to do a lot of pulling and pushing and what have you and of course the thighs when you're my age or thighs are really not as firm as they once were so I do appreciate that but the thing is when a tattoo has been a tattoos for a long time you expect a line to be you know pretty I mean the only thing I can think is is that the line he did was skew so he went over it and he must have had to have gone over it about five times because it the line is probably a quarter of a centimeter and it's only supposed to be a thin black line um so I'm really disappointed in that so I was thinking well what can I do to you know sort that out but I'm so scared now to go to another tattooist and especially a male tattooist but I'm just scared I'm because it's an assault when you have a tattoo and it's [ __ ] up and let's face it I had Tattoos by another guy a different artist and I was being filmed throughout the whole procedure I was half naked and I was being filmed and it's just such a dodgy business such a bloody dodgy business so I thought why don't I just you know start tattooing myself and then I so I thought right well I don't want to tattoo my eye blah blah blah you know the difference I've just told you but I would like to be good enough to tattoo myself I thought if I break myself in with microblading um I can probably do poke tattoos which I'm really Keen to do which are they don't use a machine they're all done by hand but I'll talk to you about that another time anyway what I'm really looking to do mostly are bald patches and hairline that's when I see my future even more than eyebrows and lips so that's why I want to set up this clinic in the botox place I'm absolutely confidential I completely want to establish myself with a you know a name in the industry specifically for you know treating people with hair loss and you know confidence so I'm so excited so anyway I'm just uh sorting out the lights license I can't tell you how long it's going to take I have no idea I've just messaged the license issuing people to find out um I think the premises is will need to be cleared for tattooing so that may take a while I have no idea so we'll see and I'll let you know it's so very exciting so my practice is in a place called alvastoke in gosport in Hampshire along the south coast and I fully expect oh Romeo is going to come and jump over the mic come on you come on I fully expect to um there we go here okay I hope that was yes I hope that wasn't too noisy Romeo and I have bonded because I've been grooming him intensely over the weekend um so I fully expect people to travel actually and there's parking um it's so sanitary very very clean looks gorgeous the people who already work there the person who does my augmentations actually uses the studio as well the clinic and the lady who owns it is absolutely wonderful but I won't tell you addresses this instance just in case my I can't get a license for there you you never know um you know I'm not going to count my chickens so today hopefully I signed up for Amazon Prime which I never thought I'd do but I thought well if I'm in the industry you know I I might need things at short notice so Amazon Prime deliver next day and they've they've got you know all my requirements sold on Amazon most people now have some sort of Amazon selling um profile you've got to be so careful though don't go for it if an inks oh there we go he's off again if an Ink's really cheap don't buy it because it it probably won't work I spent the entire weekend reading reviews um on Amazon eBay I mean there are so many rip-off Merchants everywhere it's like oh God I mean I I was up till 2 30 last night before I put my order in so I've put my order in I've ordered some fake skin quite a lot of it so while I'm waiting to get my license I can practice my eyebrows and my lips I'm going to give them different names so I mean ideally you would follow the persons old eyebrow if it's still there but I mean I don't have a single hair and so sometimes they're just you know you you have to go by the measuring um systems I've got a great measuring system anyway because I've been doing my own eyebrows for so long I'm going to call the eyebrow that I give myself because I've been doing mine first I'm going to call that the server LAN and then I'll do another one which is a slightly different shape and I'll call that the Pasha or you know but they all have names and and a description about can you hear Romeo eating it's such a pain proverbial honestly so um yeah anyway very exciting isn't it so exciting now why am I doing it because I don't I can't work full time for various health reasons but I want to start something new that I've got control over that I can actually try to get out the house that I can you you know because when you're a writer or a recording artist in the way that I am in my Studio's in my house I never leave I never leave and I just thought next year I absolutely do not want to be incarcerated for another three years because so really since my cancer I haven't been out very much at all you know I have no social life I have no friends other than sort of online acquaintances um I have I don't get a chance to go and see my family very often and all these things were compounded by obviously recovering from having cancer and recovering from cancer um which you know you never really do I still have to have these annual checks I still have very bad um stomach complaints Etc where I still have worry issues because you know you don't with my type of cancer which is they call it's Jelly Belly you can look that up um that's a sort of colloquial term for it it's one that doesn't go away it's kind of always threatening to pop up again and it starts in your appendix and the the purpose of monitoring me is to check that the next time there's an overload of this substance is it's actually a sort of mobile tumor that's liquid and it kind of goes all around your abdomen and it sticks to all your organs so it's a bit nasty um and consequently I I'm never going to get it all clear all I'm ever going to have are you'll we can't see any at this particular moment and that you know that takes its toll I think on on anxiety levels I mean I'm not petrified but every time I and I was sick this week with my stomach very very sick again I was sick last week with my stomach and every time that happens you do sort of think well does what does that you know does is that it again the big Jelly Belly um but I'm I'm not sort of paranoid at all because I'm in Peak Health but it is a reason to look after my health watch my diet make sure I get enough exercise um try and keep happy and that that's so important try to keep happy because if you're down down and you know if you've got a Malay when I get those I can't help it that's going to aggravate things and I'm absolutely convinced actually that if I do get a cancer if I get a different cancer for example I'm pretty sure I just don't want to know I don't want to know where it's at what it's doing what it's doing I just want to get on with my life and I might actually say to the doctors look just tell me when I need to have the treatment because with the with my cancer they um if it arises if they can see the liquid tumor I have to go to a special place I think it's in Bournemouth or somewhere I'm not sure I can't remember and they cut you open I think it's a cut or it might just be a hole and they fill you up with the chemo in a liquid and then they rotate the bed for 45 minutes can you believe that they actually swing it I'll be asleep I won't know about it and that gets it all around your various organs now if it sticks to my liver they can cut a bit out if it sticks to my stomach they can cut bits out if this if it sticks to my spleen they can just remove that um but obviously you know you you prefer to have all your things I mean I've already lost half my innards um you know with the first tumor so it's I don't have much left to take out but anyway I'm as well that's for another show really but I this idea that you know doing something to try and take your mind off things uh and possibly a completely new career that enables me to meet people and be creative because remember I'm an artist I draw yes darling what's the matter I draw every day on my iPad now listen for my practice I've got a fantastic AI I've got several actually which I'm using on my iPad so my clients can have a consultation full consultation about color um you know which colors suit them which eyebrows are going to look the best on them all of these things it's absolutely thrilling to have all that so yes you'll get the iPad treatment if you if you've come to my clinic which it doesn't exist yet what are you doing um so that's the update so I'll keep you informed and what I'll do actually is when I do my drawings on my fake skin because I bought a uh I bought all the hand tools but I've also bought an electric one when I do all of those I'll pop them up on my Instagram and you can see which one's a witch and how I'm doing and I fully expect to be an absolute genius at this because my ability to draw on my iPad has reached um such a high level it really has when I first got my iPad and I was using the pen I I prefer to use it as a pencil you know pressing and not pressing slow and fast that sort of thing but it is different to paper responds the pen responds differently to the to the screen then a pencil would on paper completely differently and I when I first started I thought I'm never going to get the hang of this I can't I can't draw with this thing but I have I've absolutely got the hang of it um and actually if you're using procreate a tip here the best thing for me is I use the airbrush brushes or the unnamed brush and I use any anywhere from 20 percent uh intensity strength up to 100 percent and and that's basically all you need because some of these textures they're so uniform they're just not as good as as the pencil what I did yesterday actually I did a bald head dot by Dot dot by dot because that's how I'll be doing it in my clinic dot by Dot so anyway if you're balding and you live in the UK it's stay tuned because you can make an appointment with me and I'm doing free um models so if you you know if you want me to have a bash at your brain I suppose I can't be flippant anymore can I people take these things very seriously and I don't blame them of course they do but if you want to try because I've already got a client who's coming and their um they're going to have some faux hair strands and a crop tattoo well semi-permanent makeup I should say so I'll be photographing that telling you all about it doing a tick tock thing I don't know I hate Tick Tock really um well I'll see maybe I'll have to go on Tick Tock again how Bloody Grim is that anyway there we go thank you for listening I will also actually talking about zombies the only recording artist primarily so I'll be doing um I'm working on a track that I can specifically use funnily enough that I can specifically use for my shorts um so I'm going to get that done today it says something about being pretty or beautiful or you know it's but with if you're making a tick tock um record you you want that straight away so that anyone who listens can hear that straight off you don't want an introduction you want an immediate verbalization so that they think oh yeah that works so that's what I'm doing today and I'll also in the music show I'll pop up uh free ringtone shortly so welcome to the beauty the beauty bar what should I call it well Sonia Cherie is my beauty name but I should call the the podcast something shouldn't I anyway hashtag Beauty if you look those up when you're when you're searching through my podcast um catalog you'll come up with all my beauty stuff all my news okay guys have a wonderful day and it was really good to chat

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