Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Saving up for the lady van and thinking about Ed Sheeran

hello world wonderful big fabulous World outside I'm in such high Spirits because I've had I've made a big decision about my life and my future I am going to buy a van and I'm going to become a mobile musician and a podcaster mobile podcaster um the van will be totally and utterly Divine Darlings Divine Imagine The Ritz hotel on wheels or you know something very high class so that you know on my YouTube channel I'll be everybody will be going oh my God look at that amazing room it'll be like my bedroom is at the moment but in a van um and I'll it'll all be kitted out with everything I need and I'll be able to take my electric chill and I'll be able to become a roaming musician um a tutor and a teacher who roams about in this van with her cello um and I'll also be doing you know all the all the lessons and all the art and just stopping from in Crazy Villages all over the world I'm just so excited so it's really given me a new desire to um up you know um keep up with the work and and get this uh get this business off the ground so that I can make um but we'll make money to buy it so I just thought I'd tell you because I've just been speaking to my daughters who are also equally excited about it and now that they're on board with the excitement and all my grandkids will love it I really need to do it you know it's that thing where your kids you want to impress them don't you and you don't want to let them down and you want you want them to turn around and say yeah my mom's really cool she's 60 but she goes around in a van playing her cello you know I can also of course take my keyboard of course I can because it's not very big so the Acoustics can stay here do you see the acoustic cello can stay here with the grand piano um and obviously I would never give up my home I live very close to my mother or I have to look after and care for um in you know she's not infirm or anything like that but the invaluable Family Support people are lost without their family and and to move out of the vicinity of where your family live is absolutely heart-wrenching you know that we value that support don't we even if it is just you know one person the fact that your blood relatives makes a huge difference or an adopted family you know family who you've shared you know I remember when I was a punk you know we all lived in this big house and we shared music and time and love and that was our family you see so anything like that um but I've been very very ice I felt very isolated of course we've come out of this um covert and now we're in a recession and I want to do Recession Proof things things that I can do within budget and having a van and being a roaming musician is totally within budget so I thought I'd tell you about that so also other news I'm going to do pop songs on my YouTube channel um I think people are really interested aren't they in learning to play pop songs so I'm going to do Ed Sheeran in a minute so I just thought I'd drop by and tell you guys that if you want to learn how to play perfect we're starting with perfect I'm going to go through every pop song that's ever been written over the coming months um I just think if I get more traction for my for my YouTube um and also the podcast of course but you you can only see the films on YouTube so I'm not going to do podcasts about them um it's just you know you need to see what I'm doing basically so pop along to 60 Summers or to Telltale Club my blog and you'll be able to learn how to play on the piano but guess what I'm going to do the cello as well so let's do it all guys let's do it all um I'm feeling really excited I'm not going to do a pink one but we've got a friend who does um roams around in a pink one mine's not going to be pink even though her van is absolutely adorable and everything in it is like a pin-up you know like a pin up sort of 50s movie pin up um it's absolutely amazing and there are loads and loads guys do you know what there are loads and loads of women doing this now in in this day and age I think the internet has enabled a bigger safety aspect you know people are connected even if they're out in the forest um people can have sort of Security even if they're out of the way because they they're tied up to the Internet you know that hopefully they have good internet connections so um I'll be working all of that out and probably some sort of satellite um connection Via mobile phone I imagine that's how it goes I'm not going to go anywhere weird I'm not going to Peru um just not and I probably won't go to Brazil but I might manage Spain I may manage to Spain because you can drive there you see so anyway I'm really excited to have to share that with you guys so um let's have a day of Ed Sheeran see you over at 6C Summers TV

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