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 hello music fans welcome to the four poster bed it's particularly chilly here in the United Kingdom today and it's raining one of my least favorite combinations so I haven't actually managed to prize myself from under the bed sheets just yet but I've got my coffee and I have eaten because the butler is here which is my favorite day is when the butler is here but sometimes it's not sometimes I have to do things myself which is pretty bloody Grim I can tell you anyway today I am feeling filled with the joys of spring despite the weather and I've decided this year that I am not going to do anything I don't want to do look of course there are things I don't want to do at the time but I know they're for the good like housework um like putting my clothes away and picking them up off the floor and putting my shoes away things like that I don't want to do it but I know it's for the greater good because I want to show the penthouse off to its you know its best um the best possible Penthouse that it could be so I'm not talking about those little things I'm more talking about you know having to go around people's houses that you don't want to do you don't want to see them you don't want to be there it's not going to do any anyone any good why should you so I'm not going to do anything like that not that I do very much of that anyway but you know there are things that I I sort of I know they're not going to work out I know that you know you can predict you have a feeling and you think why am I doing this and it's not always is it it's not always pressure from other people you sometimes you have this internal pressure is it what where's that coming from some sense of Duty or or um you know doing it for somebody else rather than your actual self or sometimes you know what I think I think sometimes no this is going to help me grow as a person I'm going to force myself to do it but I know it's going to be bloody awful and obviously that mindset doesn't help anybody but last year I achieved all my goals my goals last year were to establish my businesses um the to set them up ready for launching myself into as an entrepreneur I suppose if you like the one thing I haven't done is launch the bra design and that's because there are a few technical things that I need to sort out I don't want to make any early errors with my production but that's all set for next month so that's that's fine that I've postponed it but there are all the other things you know I set up my podcast for example this podcast I've improved My Cello and piano playing to such an extent that I can now do my tick tock videos now I'm an old lady by comparison to most of the world once you get past 40 you're probably older than everybody else if you see what I mean you're not older than everybody else but you're in the older section and I don't have the body that I once had so the idea of doing Tick Tock is so good because it literally takes a minute to do a tick tock video so I'm really really going to take advantage of that this year but I've set it all up next year rather but I set it all up it's already it's all ready to go I know exactly what to do I sit down for two minutes at the piano and I do a quick video and that is that there's no arthritic issue with doing that the arthritic issue comes with doing a gig carrying the cello somewhere getting on a train um being in a cold Auditorium for two hours all of these things you cut your body it just can't when you're over a certain age your body starts to say I'm sorry but I'm not going to let you do that anymore and this can be this can be quite disconcerting I think but there are other things we can do we live in this Society it's amazing where people want little tiny bits of information this works brilliantly for anybody over 50 or should we say over 60. this works absolutely brilliant for us because finally we don't need to have a full-time occupation which lots of us can't have you know most people in their 60s that I know would not be able to work full-time during a physical job anymore and you know pushing yourself to the limit is is really not something that most 60 year old brains have the power to do anymore as a Young Person's game push push push isn't it I think so anyway so I've set up everything ready and now I'm going to seek the res the joys of my expectations the in 2023 that's what I'm going to aim for and I I can't explain things to you because I haven't formulated the exactness of my journey but I know the end game I know the end result but I can't share that with you but what I can tell you is that I see myself in Mayfair was swanning around doing very little work and earning loads and loads of Dosh so and I don't see myself doing that at the end of the year but when I talk to you this time next year I will be much much closer to that girl so maybe I perhaps I'll only get to Mayfair once this year perhaps I'll only get to shop in Bond Street once this year but that the goal is to have a life where these things are so every day and the only way you can achieve these goals in my opinion is to dream big so 2023 for me is all about dreaming big I've got the tools I've designed my brazier I have my podcast I've I've established my tick tock Empire I haven't established it I've done one Tick Tock video but do you know what the other really interesting thing which I I read yesterday on Cora Cora is quite good if you want to ask a question or or if you ask a question of Google and it sends you to Cora it means somebody else has asked it so pop along and have a read so it somebody was talking about tick tock on Cora and you cannot load to tick tock 100 times today a day if you want so this is completely different where I've been uploading to um Facebook which you know I hate anyway and Instagram you can only do one a day otherwise they hate you for it but I've got a lot of output I really hope I can sit down at the piano for half an hour and knock out 10 films 10 Tick Tock videos and on Instagram you can only put up one otherwise they sort of Shadow ban you you they don't like it they don't share your stuff anymore it's wasted game but on Tick Tock you can upload if you want you could upload 100 films a day and there are people doing that there are entrepreneurs who are Tick Tock entrepreneurs and they have 100 accounts and they're uploading all sorts of You Know video matter so it's possible and Tick Tock love that they love you for it do you see so and I thought well I'm a I'm a a producer you know I produce a lot of podcasts and my I can upload as many podcasts in a day I want so I'm really going to start doing that but I'm only going to use the platforms I know Romeo's here is going to jump over the microphone again come on then there'll be a bit of noise for a bit there we go apologies guys yes darling um so so this is what I'm going to do I'm going to focus on what I can get done nice and quickly at least one a day I mean really the podcast I should be doing a few more from now on I'm going to be doing three or four a day so different subject matter so this is my over 60s um I'll just remove that there we go this is my over 60s can you hear him purring

that's hilarious you're making a noise darling this is my over 60s broadcast but I'll I'll also do um I'll give you about three or four a day I've decided so um I mean obviously I have to think of things to talk about but I did a tattoo yesterday so I'm going to do a separate one talking about my next tattoo which I'm very pleased with a bit of technique on the old tattoo in front hand poke tattoos um and so yes loads of podcasts each day lots of Diaries I think and lots of um Tick Tock videos as many as I can do even if they're I mean I've got I've got loads and loads of footage from from other times I used to run a club called the Brighton Arts Club I thought well I can download all those films and split them up into Tick Tock videos I have material how cool is that so I'm going to become a bit of a a bit of an entrepreneur on Tick Tock and my podcast this year those are my aims and those are these media aims are going to get me to my goal which is to be able to pop up to Bond Street whenever I want to buy buy things now talking of buying things you know I went on this sort of three-month um Journey well it's supposed to be a 12-month Journey not spending any money well I do you know what I haven't I've spent a lot of money on my on my tattoo equipment and I've become my licenses and everything I've done that but I as I'd said at the beginning I was going to buy spend money on you know sort of anything that was to do with you know future employment or you know finances or jobs or that sort of thing um but I haven't I haven't bought anything I haven't indulged in anything fancy and nice and it's been okay but to be honest buying you know I've spent all my money anyway I didn't have it didn't really have any left so I'm back on that I've been on this diet for uh about eight months maybe six or eight months High Persian diet low calorie low carb high protein and I'm down a dress size but maybe more really so none of my clothes fit none of them fit um even my beautiful um velvet trousers uh I can't remember who the designer is they're beautiful but they're too big for me now so I'm going to do this whole stitching there that was rather than you know give stuff away to sell stuff I'm going to do it like they did after the war this is after covert same thing Darlings I'm going to do I'm going to be altering things and I'm I'll video those for tick tock as well I mean I'm just going to go a little bit crazy now especially as it's winter and I can't go out and I've got this wonderful GoPro camera and I have the lighting can you still hear him purring he's you know me and my cat have really bonded lately because I I'm really I've become really touchy-feely with him and he's responding greatly to it and he also of course when I do these podcasts I'm looking at him as I speak and he thinks I'm talking to him and he's he really loves me now so we we didn't get on for about a month and I realized it's because he was fighting for my attention um so I think we've we've come a long way my Romeo and I anyway I think that's it for this broadcast but obviously there's going to be there are going to be several all day long I'm my output is going to absolutely rock it and don't forget I've got my website back which is tail Dash teller dot Club and we're big on Google with that website and it's got all of my podcasts and all of my photographs for all of my tattoos my hand poke tattoos which I've done my second one and it's way better than the first one in fact the first one's a bit of a you know your first one's always going to be but I'm not going to talk to you about that that's for my other audience my other listeners so welcome to the four poster and farewell from the four poster because 2023 is going to be my year and if you want to be part of my year all you have to do is listen in but I hope I'll be coming up with lots of tips and advice for you to achieve your goals as well and being 60 is really The Best Time Of Our Lives it's an absolutely fantastic place to be and technology is our slave not the other way around Tech is our slave and we can manipulate technology and we can make it work for us because we don't want to have to work eight hour days anymore and we're certainly not going to go up chimneys and things like that like the old days so um I mean are we old enough to remember chimney sweeps I'm sure we had a chimney sweep around I was brought up in in a very large Victorian three-story house with with you know connecting chimneys I'm sure we had a Chimney Sweep come round once um but this do these people exist anymore did children go up chimneys anymore certainly not not in England um so uh anyway I'm not praising England because it's a dump at the moment absolutely jump with lousy weather so I'm gonna go off and order more croissants from the Butler and I'll be back tomorrow

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