Thursday, December 22, 2022

Grandma becomes a tattooist and other news from iServalan at Tale Teller Club

 hello Internet welcome to the four poster bed and it's absolutely miserable weather here today and I've got a really bad foot and I'm absolutely convinced that cold weather now aggravates all my arthritic complaints that which are spread all around my body in the summer in the most unusual places weird things that you know have never hurt before why would my foot suddenly hurt you know it's the weather it's the British weather so now I have in my mind that I need to get an apartment in my Bayer or somewhere exotic and warm I'm not sure where that's a short journey by plane and I figure that Spain is probably the best way to go there um I'm not a seasoned Traveler I lived in Johannesburg and one wouldn't want to Holiday there very often for many many reasons including crime rate very high crime rate there but also Darlings the 30 well no it's 11 hours the flight to South Africa now to joburg is 11 hours I believe when I first went and I went with three children because I I was pregnant with my fourth actually when I came back but when I went there I only had three but it was a 13-hour Journey can you believe that of course if you go to Australia I think it's is it 24 hours or something absurd it's a ridiculous amount of hours um anyway it's it's not you know you you need to nip somewhere for a break when you've got arthritis because you know it would destroy me traveling a journey like that absolutely destroy me I'm very off-putting but um also Greece I think is quite close I think is it no I don't know I don't know what I'm talking about the car is probably not is it um but as far south as you can go from the United Kingdom to find lovely warm weather and I believe that to be Spain so I'm seriously looking now because you know my my thing with sort of self-hypnosis all these things that I do and this idea that if you envisage it if you imagine it's in your mind it enables you you to say to the universe your Cosmos list um I want this to happen and I see myself there and therefore I'm going to make it happen you see so this is my latest thing no rush perhaps next year my foot pain you know I can put up with it you see mum's bought me an electric blanket for Christmas and it's going to just make everything different I feel I really do feel that although because you can't sleep in them can you it's really bad to do that so I won't be doing that um but first thing in the morning you see before I've even gone to get my coffee but it's about this day off you know today he's not here today so I have to do it myself which is a you know it's difficult dollies it's very difficult because the kitchen is past the piano and the beer the music room's cold because I I want to keep the piano and the instruments nice you see we don't want a really hot Central Heating in there it's really bad for one's instruments um so good for the body bad for the instruments warm weather um anyway what have I got to show you absolutely bucket loads actually of stuff I've been doing today and um yesterday and day before as you probably know I'm a licensed tattooist my and I've been really working with SMP which is scalp micropigmentation and I'm now a specialist in Skype micropigmentation the sun's very Grand doesn't it basically I stick needles into people's heads and fake their follicles their hair follicles and it looks like they've got a full head of cropped hair and you can do lovely lines on the scalp a dead straight line you know so if you've seen some people have that style don't they and it's really squared off so I can do that or I can do a more natural fading in sort of style um I can do bold patches very exciting so I joined this dating agency in order to advertise my well not to add well to sort of advertise but also to find men with bald heads um because I you can't find them here in this in this town I mean what can I do got somebody and say excuse me I see you have a bald head would you like me to tattoo you you can't do that what but what you can do is meet people and say oh yes I'm a scalp micropigmentation specialist and they'll say what is that and I'll say oh I scalp um bald patches and suddenly you you're you're an advert do you see so that was my intent but they weren't money and I'm not paying money for that I'd rather pay money to advertise on you know Google which I am doing actually anyway um all my equipment is here and it's absolutely taking up so much room so I need one of these makeup trolleys I'm I think I'm going on today I think that's due in um I'll take photographs I'll pop it on my Instagram and um I've also started selling hair braids which is really exciting and I've re-braided my hair it looks bloody fabulous guys I'm telling you really fabulous so now it's really interesting because of course I'm doing some music today but I'm going to do some music therapy today so I'm going to um have a look around and see what which algorithm I'm going to use for which health issue and I'll pop that up there so that'll be before lunch Darlings a bit of music therapy before lunch I think we maybe something for cold you know feeling cold I'll look up there'll be a medical term for it um for warming people up and perhaps I'll do that today on my cello it'd be quite nice wouldn't it and so I'll do some of that today because I haven't uploaded any music for about a week and I'm not feeling good about that so I'll do that but I'm literally filled with the joy of the excitement of a new year and I I've never had this before never have I had this before that I recall I've always thought oh January's freezing there's nothing interesting going to occur next year um also my daughter's having a baby which is due Christmas day which I'm very excited about that as well and it just feels you know that things are a lot of Life Darlings is about one's mood isn't it it's about your mindset and your take on things and if you recall last year I was I was sort of doing this thing where I was acting as if I was 20. um and it's been quite life-changing doing that and and when I say acting as if I was 20 I don't mean you know going going clubbing and and falling in the gutter and um you know sleeping around that's what I was doing at 20. well lovely days but you know you can't do that when you've got arthritis those two things are not no longer conducive but the mindset of being 20 which was you know being open to lovely new opportunities to being excited about new careers to um spending a lot of time on my on how I look um to seeking out friendships which I've delayed until now so I've started going on you know my sort of starting to reacquaint myself with old friends which was lovely this week I did that this week and it was really nice actually to catch up you have to be a bit choosy about you know who you're catching up with there's some real Philistines in the world and it is you're best to avoid them and now I just think well did has this person been cruel to me I think that's a really a really good can you hear me me rustling I've got I'm wearing silk but it's it's a silk shirt it's quite crisp it's a bit rustly um I think it's really important to you know rather than just have acquaintances to to think well have they been horrible to me and then when you're in business of course the business the biggest business thing is is this person possibly useful to me does this person talk a lot does this person gossip so I've added some gossips to my Facebook because they'll gossip about me you see and if you gossip about me you're going to have to really say oh yeah she does tattoos um or you know she does she's designed this bra will it ever happen you know stuff like that well the bra is going to happen in January as um I dreamed last night or was it dreamed I dreamed of how the bra is going to look and how I'm going to Market it so I've I always said actually January New Year I was going to launch it and now I'm convinced of the methods that I'm going to use to Market it and I'm very very pleased with that so I'm going to buy the raw materials today and I'm going to put one together and not least because you know last the Mark 1 and Mark II Bra were not good enough um and the Mark II was it looked lovely but it was exactly the same almost bar one slight detail as a normal bra as an ordinary bra so it didn't help my heartburn at all but I've licked it I absolutely know that Mark 3 is going to be the one um so oh anyway but getting back to you know just feeling absolutely bloody marvelous and and filled with hope now the thing is as well I think when you're when you've got these ideas of grandeur which I have constantly I also I'm not scared by disappointment disappointment is no longer after 60 years a thing that fills me with Dread or fear it in fact it it's barely it's barely there at all I accept that I may be I may find certain results disappointing but that's fine as well because a lot of it's about the journey isn't it a lot of the um the gain even if the result is disappointing the getting there is is quite often rather fabulous and that's what I'm thinking about all these wonderful sort of business things that I'm you know the new career um that I'm starting as of next year and all these other things these exciting things you know becoming an inventor if you do if you invent a bra that stops heartburn you know that's um other league fabulousness isn't it so all these things but it filled me with I hope and joy and wonder this morning when I woke up you know I do this sort of thing where I wake up and I don't get out of bed for a while sort of you know it's far too cold to lie there for a little bit longer I've no idea how long it takes to sort of I call it the coming round face as if I've been bonked on the head and I I you know I'm sort of coming around it doesn't happen straight away I don't suddenly just get up so anyway um along with all of that um I went out yesterday with mum she had mum lives in this we call it sheltered housing in this country and it's um it's a sort of count local social housing establishment for the over 55s but most of them are about 80. and they have a sort of communal Lounge which is really really nice and it's covered in Christmas decorations and it's a really pretty Lounge it was recently renovated and it looks superb and it looks like somewhere that you'd want to spend the afternoon and you know there's winged armchairs that are so classic for the elderly um but really pretty colors really pretty curtain curtaining and somebody had done all the decorations and they were so full and so gorgeous and a wonderful tree and it's just so nice that this one this wonderful provision actually for a group of of people who are there's a manager so that uh there are and all the flats all the rooms have these pulleys so people can pull on them and the ambulance come although of course our ambulances are on strike today in this country for more pay quite rightly so I think our nurses are on strike too so they've actually said to people don't don't play contact Sports who would anyway and basically don't do anything risky so I perhaps I shouldn't go out today on my bike in the pouring rain it's quite risky isn't it um but they the thing is they are coming out for emergencies so if I got hit by a bus they probably would come out but they're not coming out for anything else because they're on strike um anyway the sheltered housing is all geared up for people who are slightly in firm but have not yet reached God's waiting room although there are a couple of people there who look perhaps that infirm but they've got their zimmers and they do get about and they can we did a raffle yesterday a Tombola thing and there was one lady who was very slow to collect her prize and she hadn't sat back down when she won another one um and it was I think three times it would have been the most exercise she's ever had poor woman very very bent over with her Zimmer um quite funny but anyway it was a pleasant enough afternoon and um it was very really uh very cheap food which is always unfortunate um you know the buffet but it was only two pounds we paid two pounds each so that was nothing so yeah that's what I did yesterday and and it was very pleasant but I wanted to come home because all of my deliveries the rest of my kit was here for my tattooing and I really wanted to see it and I wanted to re-braid my hair and all these other things so um yeah that that was the first Christmas event is now over it's done and dusted Darlings and I feel a little bit Christmassy although not so much and I realize it's Christmas in about four days isn't it and I really should be getting my act together with all the presents and things and I need to pack because we're going to Brighton and we're going to stay at the the hotel we're going to go to the ground we're going to have uh dinner and you know Christmas dinner and all the presents with my one of my other daughters and then my other daughter was having a baby so suddenly the 25th is going to be very very exciting although the chances of actually given birth on the day that they tell you are reasonably slim you know it's usually one or two or three other side sometimes it's two weeks later you know because the the way they um guess it is uh is is a little bit strange it's not exact ly so um yeah so there we go I'm really excited about an awful lot of things today and being excited and being filled with joy and hope and wonder um is one of the bestest feelings to wake up to in the world and I hope you've got that too I really really do hope that everybody's okay and I can share a little bit of the love and joy through this podcast so there we go bit of music later I'll see I'll see if there's one for depression shall I what is it sad seasonal adjustment disorder I see if there's one should I do that that's such a good idea guys let's do that okay I'm going to I'm going to go and do some music therapy they're all my music therapy tapes remember are free and you can go on to uh YouTube they're all on YouTube and you can just listen and the best way to do it is to um add YouTube music to your your phone and listen there but you don't have to what you can do I've put them all on a playlist and you can just go to the normal YouTube on your phone find my playlist and Shuffle play or just play whatever um and remember that I'm I can only release a single that's 10 minutes but I can release an album that's longer so I'm going to try and do a longer one today Grant I'll speak to you later


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