Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Free Ringtone with iServalan at Tale Teller Club Podcast Station

 hey guys welcome to the loops Factory now listen we're in that no man's land between Christmas and New Year where we don't really know what day what day it is at all I think it's Tuesday but I could be wrong um very quiet obviously until uh New Year's Eve when there's lots of things happening I've done an angst drama Loop for you remember these are free they're made in conjunction with Beats Ministry they're all available on our various websites there are a few actually and we have a pond five as well now you can download this recording remove my vocal because that you know I'm sure you understand that's not free it's just the loop you can have the loop you can't be doing things with my vocal um but do your thing enjoy and there are no royalties to pay on this and you won't get any copyright strikes or anything like that so I wanted to do something a little bit um working more with filmic loops and ringtones something that was a little bit more dramatic and edgy in terms of you know the emotion of a film perhaps rather than a basic song So this isn't exactly tuneful but you of course you could use it for a for any type of song that you wanted to do but I think this works really really well for some kind of you know edgy TV or jingle ad or something like that but one way you needed a bit of drama so enjoy download use and abuse whatever it is that you want to do is absolutely fine with me [Music]

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