Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Free Ringtone from Beats Ministry

 hello music people so today's free ringtone is actually two ringtones in one so you can split it down the middle it's a bit sort of garage Bandy uh as not in garage bands the software as in it actually sounds like your older brother is practicing in the garage did did they do that ever in your family um I was the Trailblazer I was the eldest I remember trying to play guitar and I was just awful at it much better at cello I was but this has got that kind of feel you know it's a bit of strum indie rock kind of feel about it obviously as always with Telltale Club um free ringtones I always pretty much use beats Ministry which is my um drummer the AI drummer usually you'll find that I've used my drum robot because I'm really fond of him and but he is a him so he's sort of like the older brother that I never had so um yeah I mean it's quite it's quite good see what you think and as I say there's two in one so you can just split it halfway Loop it do your thing we could even use this as a as a backing track or an intro intro outro backing track whatever Trail it's free you can resell these if you you know it's a great little business actually um ringtones and Loops you know you can set up a little website or get a free app if you can I do know what I looked at um jot form the other day and they do these sort of free apps I don't know if you can download stuff but you know there's some real Bargains going around at the moment and while we're all trying to make you know we're all we've all got these side hustles haven't we in this little things we're trying to do to to just bring up the old income because I tell you what my food bill doubled um so my music output needs to double as well of course if everything's doubling you've got a double as well Double Down Darlings so here we go enjoy do your thing download it Pour it around if you remember to mention Telltale club or beats Ministry that would be really really nice but you don't have to it's a pain in the neck isn't it usually so here we go

thank you see what I mean about the two in one thing um so if you want loads and loads and loads more ringtones if you pop over to my website you should be able to find the podcasts where you know you can just search a try and hashtag in each one you know the vibe if I can sometimes it's really hard but if you've just put in ringtone into my search you should be able to come up with you know hundreds because beats Ministry and Telegraph have made about 2000 I think and they're all free so enjoy your search enjoy your day enjoy making music

Me at the piano as usual

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