Monday, December 5, 2022

Free Headache Healing with Cerebral Remedies and Music by Tale Teller Club Podcast

hey guys welcome to Royal Clarence Marina in the studio the music studio and I've just launched a healing recording which is called headache rains I think um basically all of the healing therapy recordings have reigns in the title and so if you if you have a problem finding them if you look up or if you put into Google Reigns or healing rains or music therapy rains and Telltale Club you will find us I'm trying to make it very very easy to find us it's so difficult isn't it with the internet but the best way I guess is to go to YouTube and I'm setting up I've got a playlist on YouTube and I'll pop the playlist in the as a link when you click onto this recording this introduction do you see what I'm see what I'm saying so hopefully this will be quite useful it's quite um complicated I think isn't it to find the right recording when you lots of people understand the healing power of recordings but it it's better if you have a favorite do you see what I'm saying so add us to your favorites and then you'll always get us so the healing Reigns for headache therapy are using piano in one recording and in the other recording drums and cello and piano so there are options now it it's really a matter of taste I've used the rife vibrations and these vibrations are said to heal on a on a chemical level a biochemical level in your body so what I've done is I've used the vibrations with my cello so I'm playing the right kilohertz if you like if you will I'm playing the right drones in the background that you can barely hear but they are there and those are the things that are resonating with your you know your biochemical Construction in your body and these are the things that are said to heal us some people may be skeptical some people swear by them but you don't have much to lose do you by listening to something and seeing if your headache improves so I've used rainfall over cello and sometimes a base and occasionally I'll use a tuber but it's so subtly and some people like the rhythm of a drum track they feel that's easier to listen to and other people don't so there are two versions of the headache therapy okay so it's up to you which one you like but both are available online now it's all free Darlings it's all absolutely free um the best way in my opinion to listen to them is on headphones and if you can get some of those big fat spongy headphones they also feel like a caress around your head which hasn't it's interesting isn't it but when something is gentle on your skull like Indian scalp massage for example it can feel it can feel very relaxing already so what you've got if you hopefully a pair of headphones which are actually vibrating do you see they're actually the sound is vibrating but also the the touch of the foam filler of the headphones is also passing vibration into your skull just going through your ears and your skull that's how I like to use them but you know there's no right way or wrong way well there is I mean you need to hear um you can use you know the little skinny ones that go inside your ear and a lot of people prefer those they find them you know just as just as good and just as comfortable or whatever um if you listen to them on a computer a laptop say you're not going to get the full impact you'll be able to hear them but you'll you'll you won't get the full impact and likewise if you listen on a TV so I do advise if possible to listen through headphones to get the maximum the maximum effect but also you can listen on your Alexa and have that near the bed so this is great isn't it and and the Alexa is quite good actually for sending out these these vibrations these healing vibrations so I'll I'm going to play you the short version the 10 minute version but there are longer versions and I'll make sure they're up and live by the end of the day for about 30 minutes but actually you know you can put these on a loop and if you put this recording on a loop you'll have me talking intermittently and hopefully I've got a soothing voice as well um so there we go here we have the headache rains music therapy podcast by the Town Center Club enjoy and I do hope your headache improves



[Music] wow that was amazing I feel so incredibly chilled now if you suffer from tension related headaches this is perfect for you honestly I can't tell you how different I feel after listening to that even here live in the studio that's made me feel incredibly mellow and healthy so I'm going to say that the best thing you can do if you want to calm down is to listen to the headache range recordings really lovely really lovely more information obviously at my blog

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