Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Dance Music Podcast with iServalan at Tale Teller Club

 guys welcome to Royal Clarence Marina and the music studio now today I launch a little catalog of dance tracks that I've been working on but I'm going for it this week I'm really going for some trance and some I kind of like this um 130 BPM feel it really gets you going so I was you know sort of playing around with BPM and timings over the last few tracks that I've done seeing what I preferred and the the 120 BPM is quite sedentary really twice as much as a minute obviously so it's quite easy to follow Etc but it it's quite pedestrian in my opinion and I thought no I want to liven things up a little bit we're coming into Christmas things are very very Lively we've sort of got this party season everybody's theoretically moving a bit faster and I thought my music needs to reflect that so I'm going to work on some really cool dance tracks all week in the studio today I've got a lot of work already done it's just this sort of editing that needs to be sorted out and I'm really excited about it so no more I'm trying to write a pop song I'm just giving up on that for the moment and I think really what I what I need to do is forget pop songs because they're so difficult to write for me of course if you're a singer-songwriter and you know you play guitar chords it comes very very naturally but as a cellist and a Pianist and an electronic percussionist because I'm obsessed with percussion it's not coming easy and I listened to a few of my latest releases last night but I couldn't sleep I had a bit of an issue yesterday and I had a Malay and I stayed up all night watching Tokyo Vice which I absolutely love and I'm besotted with Tokyo I really want to go to Tokyo um I've no idea what I could do there I mean I don't want to move there I just want to visit but I wouldn't go you know without some sort of reason do you see what I mean or a chaperone it'd be really nice to hook up with somebody and go to Tokyo um my days of turning up places without you know a friend or a colleague or a partner or a chaperone or a bodyguard are well gone I was thinking earlier about how you know back in the day when I was a complete said Lister um I'd tried to feel my way around getting a bodyguard but

portrait of iServalan at Tale Teller Club with piano

portrait of iServalan at Tale Teller Club with her cello

 they're so expensive and also annoying because they're just sort of always there I mean that's the idea isn't it this is when I had the club because I think when you've got a club sometimes you need somebody male unfortunately just to sort of check that everything's all right but they are very expensive of course and I'm I'm no longer famous or even on a minor level and you know I don't have a club so there'd be no no reason I mean the butler um answers the door that's about it so he wouldn't let anyone in um anyway I had a bit of a Malay yesterday and it really it was just due to something that had happened that was out of my control and it's funny isn't it when things loom out of your control from the past it can really affect your mood and I had this Malay and you know what I did I just stayed in bed all day and you know wore an extra jumper to try and warm my bones because when you're not moving around you it can feel quite cold um I did do a very small workout it was very small while the kettle was on and and I just drew and I made some amazing beautiful artworks and I was alone with my thoughts pounding in my head my anxious memories pound pound Pound and I think this is why I've woken up today and I'm all about the trance because I think trance music I'm I'm quite Keen to link it with some um African drumming and I think that can really lift your spirit and Zulus know this and Shona you know all the African tribes know this I lived in Africa you know for a few good few years and the the power of the drums is is so in integrated in the way that our biorhythms and body fluids move around our body and the way the vibrations hit our sternum and you know our eardrums and our when they're working with our heartbeat you know and that's why dance is so cool because you you start moving your blood starts shooting around your body and suddenly the power of the Rhythm takes hold and I think when quite often when I play My Cello it's I love the rhythmic pieces I really like that I quite like to play My Cello as if it was a bass a bass guitar or a double bass orchestral double bass um and I quite like you know when when I do the Melodies over the top sometimes I'll start to use them as a percussion as well and I'm like you know I can't get away from that it's it's in the way I produce music um so anyway I think this Malay and making art has led to this uh burgeoning desire today to or this week for the rest of the week because I had yesterday off music for the rest of the week to create really powerful dance tracks so I'm all ready to go I'm quite I'm really excited by it actually um and I'm they're not going to be normal they're not going to be expected I'm going to work with some experiment because that's you know I like to do that I really want to do that so um actually I said I didn't do any work you said I did release uh an anxiety and stress track for the music therapy series The reigns um it takes days to come out sometimes it can take up to about two weeks but that should be on Apple quite soon and so I can't wait actually and I'll tell you what I did do yesterday morning I was so stressed about you know my Malay sounds weird that you could have a Malay based on stress because stress sounds like it would be really um speedy and overwhelming but somehow it caused me to have a Malay later in the day anyway um I was listening to this music and it really worked it really really worked so I teamed it with some cello and you when you listen to the piano and the drums actually I don't know if I use drums I don't think I did but when you listen to the piano which is and the cello which is quite rhythmic you can feel the connection but you don't necessarily hear the actual instrumentation you can hear the piano quite well because I've put that up a little bit but the drones that I've used and the cello sounds you can't really hear and that's the idea they're there to hypnotize you do you see so um it really helped I listened for half an hour and I felt much better but then I didn't listen anymore because once I'm out of the studio you know it's often it's being released and what have you so um my point is I listen to my own music therapy and I can vouch for it I absolutely vouch for it so um do go along to YouTube and and see the therapy series they're all the same covers I've used exactly the same covers so um okay I think that's it today just a note that I'm devoting this whole week to dance music and it's going to be really exciting and really throbbing I mean I can hear it already in my head actually I can hear what I'm going to do already isn't that amazing I think when you're a musician and a composer you think before you do but I'm not thinking in um exactness I'm not thinking in exact tones I haven't got a riff an exact riff but what I'm thinking about is I'm thinking about the emotion and what I what I want to pass on to the listener and I want the listeners to be very roused this week I want to instill a sense of passion in in you guys um and you know perhaps even working in in sort of one piece with a rise and a full the best music you know the best orchestral music has a fluidity about it and it has rise and fall you know it has the prelude and then perhaps you know the next section is a presto it's very fast you know it's almost chaotic I mean why don't I do that that would be really good to do this week wouldn't it I might do that I might do individual tracks and then I might do a Sonata for trance I'm gonna do that how exciting you know sometimes doing these broadcasts I become so incredibly inspired is very cool I'm going to do lots of individual tracks each day and then at the end of the week on Friday I will just Sonata for trance and it will have the prelude which is a sort of Welcome come in come and come into here and then I'll have a presto section I'll have an Adagio which is the slow section really slow and but it won't be slow because it's trance music so how am I going to do that well I'm going to do that with what goes over what goes over will be really slow okay I might I might bring it down to one 120 . actually I might put the Presto up to 140 why don't I do that and then I can come back down to 120. good music as I say has these waves these crescendos these rousing passionate sections and then this fall away and then at the end you have the clothes you have closure because the orchestra has taken you somewhere and it's you know it can be quite exhausting and then you want something to to close and quite often you know the the finale the the end will Echo well there's a theme usually when you when there's a Sonata there's a theme that goes throughout so there'll be Echoes at the finale and it says right you can calm down now guys you've had your rave you've gone mental you've gone mental in the kitchen with your with your rhythms and you and your Beats and you felt your Rising African goddess or godette and now it's time to get up to calm down and get on with your life how exciting so that's it this that's for this week um I'll chat again uh tomorrow um I don't think I've got any music for you today any ringtones but I I might get one up tonight the free ringtones I I am sort of trying to do a free ring training ringtone every day so I'll do one later I'll pop one up I promise um so more information is on my blog it's all free you don't have to sign up to anything there's no members nothing like that Telltale Club um pop along there and you can hear you know you you get the latest episode of my radio shows on there across the top and then you can see the artwork I did yesterday really cool artwork really really good I loved it I did this sort of mutated airplanes and pin up girls they're absolutely superb um I use my AI to generate these really weird futuristic Things based on the past you know I love to mix the past in the future and then I just reworked the faces I always have to rework the faces otherwise you end up with quite generic faces with AI but also it quite often gets them wrong you know there'll be one eye shut and the hands are always wrong the hands just look like weird alien tentacles which is fine if that's what I want to use but normally I don't so I have to redraw quite a bit and then I have to recolor and then I have to sort of change the legs quite often they give me three legs I had a no excuse me I had a pin up yesterday with three legs I'm sorry I had to I had to get rid of one anyway I do go along to my blog and have a look it's quite entertaining um and I'll be back later

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