Monday, December 5, 2022

Awesome free ringtones and dailyy tips on creating with Logic Pro by iServalan

 hello musicians welcome to logic pro tips and composing tips with me I server learn and a free ringtone of course a free ringtone on every broadcast this week how exciting the ringtone I'm using uh I'm sharing with you today is a Hip-Hop star ringtone so I just wanted to really talk about um when you sit down to create something what you think about before you even start so one of the main things I think about is timing so what tempo am I going to use so just quickly a standard dance Tempo currently has has actually come down quite a bit it was more like about maybe 130 BPM sometimes 140 BPM sometimes obviously more for trance stuff and the average now has really come down so people contemporary listeners are preferring a slightly slower vibe so I do most of my dance tracks at 1 20 BPM and if I want a really fast Groove I'll do it at 130 BPM now the thing with hip-hop it's actually quite mellow so you can actually go a bit lower and if you think about what happens with hip-hop music what you know the the um the style and the vocal that goes over the top of a BackBeat quite often you really need to think about your timing your Tempo because somebody's going to ad-lib over the top of it or I mean it actually if it's recorded it's probably not ad-libbed but a lot of people do ad-lib especially in performances and stuff so you know think about all of those things so I would say for a general dance track with a quite a nice Groove that you you know you could dance to in a in a club but you wouldn't Rave to do you see a difference it would be about 120 BPM anyway of course nowadays you know if you're using tractor or something and and you're a DJ what you you're you know you can slow things down on the live performance so if you're sampling stuff you just slow it down to whatever Tempo you want um you know it says it's academic in a way but I think if you're doing something for radio and you want rather than for dance halls or show my age the ballet rather than dance um you know night clubs clubbing sort of uh events and stuff like that it's a different vibe isn't it if you're doing if you're doing a wedding or something and you want everybody to dance after the speeches you know you're gonna put on something that gets everybody going but isn't too intense um so he's got a mellow ringtone for you it's completely copyright free as you know so come join me for tips logic pro and composing with Electronica and digital and of course cello acoustic chair and acoustic piano and here's the ringtone um you can get all the information you need over at

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