Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A Merry Christmas Message 🎅 from iServalan at Tale Teller Club 🎁

hello Darlings welcome to the four poster now it's 17 minutes past midnight so I figured rather than do a happy Christmas in the morning I'll do a Merry Christmas now um and that also means that I have less rushing around tomorrow because tomorrow I'm off to Brighton to see the grandkids and I've got so much stuff I've been doing a lot of artwork and Framing and things I've tried to have a handmade Christmas and I was supposed to tell everybody about it and make videos and what have you and I've just been so busy I have I've really neglected my internet presence so um you know it's I do apologize actually I feel a bit guilty I'm sort of looking back on things and realizing that I didn't share any of my wonderful tips for having a Christmas where you don't spend much money anyway needless to say it's not exactly a free Christmas but it's as cheap as I could manage to get it down to I chipped away Darlings I chipped away at this expenses and I did a lot of Art and you know I give up to people even if they don't want it people don't really value art anymore but they get it you know they get art I don't mean they get it they don't understand it quite often a bit slurry I've had a vodka anyway I wanted to be the first person to wish anybody who's on their own tonight in these wee small hours because at Christmas Eve is a funny one isn't it you you may well be going somewhere on Christmas day but Christmas Eve I find it very slow the shops are closed and there's this sort of atmosphere of absence uh you know when you go online on your social media and what have you there's nobody around because most people are with their families and I'm not with my family tonight but I will be tomorrow and we're staying at a hotel I'm going with my mum and a family friend I'm going to see the grandkids and all of that um but of course already I'm having slight you know what ifs what if I you know I'm in a terrible car crash and my cat dies I mean it's ridiculous isn't it but I very seldom leave the four poster you see I'm incarcerated especially since winter Came Upon Us much love to America actually who are going through some terrible terrible weather at the moment um so there we go I I've got lots of plans for the future and if you're following the podcasts you'll know that I've qualified now as a semi-permanent makeup tattooist and I've also started tattooing myself with a poke tattoo thing so I am going to get out the 360 video and start videoing all of that and I've set up a Blog especially for it it was really exciting and I've got some really wonderful things that I'm going to be doing in January and I'll be podcasting about them all sharing the dream you know sharing the dream of of trying to get through a bleak well we've done I mean this is a thing isn't it when's it going to end they keep saying oh covered was terrible you know and then we've had another bloody year of you know pretty Grim stuff actually and you know I wonder how many of us are going to cope with that if we don't find some positivity in the world so I want to be doing some really upbeat positive things so that's one of my New Year's resolutions actually is to be much more positive and to try and pass that positivity on because I'm a very positive person at the moment I mean I've had periods where I haven't been Darlings we all get those don't we the old hormones are going batshit crazy so I I'm really looking to sort of compact my output into more organized um chaos so a Blog for this a Blog for that and a Blog for that do you see and I think I've licked it I've been really busy tonight I'm literally I've stopped working two seconds ago and yes I did have my vodka and I was still working but there we go um it was a very Mar you know I have terribly watered down vodka Darlings I can't um I can't stomach too much uh alcohol these days unfortunately um anyway tomorrow I'm off to Brighton which is very a great fun place to be but I'm going to spend the afternoon at my daughter's and visit my grandson who's absolutely adorable little boy and guess what I did I've made four tiny little portraits of him and his mummy and they were so easy to do I'll tell you how to do them actually you take I took them off her Instagram and on my iPad I sat the iPad in a suitable place it depends where the light is you want a dark room actually works but this works better in the dark and then I traced the outline and then I literally just shaded a bit and used the smudger and I made four beautiful portraits it was so simple and so incredibly cheap I used cartridge paper and the frame I got was a lovely Laura Ashley frame which was about I suppose about eight inches Square Maybe 10. mirrored really classy and it had a frame a mounting it for four images and um so yeah I mean that I think the frame cost me about four pounds I think I mean I'm always up for a bargain as you know so um oh just have a wonderful day and I'm going to well I've set up a chat actually on my WhatsApp a chat box on my website so you can actually just go to my website and tap that little circle in the corner and send me a Christmas message that's so cool isn't it so that's just go on my website and you can message me and I will get it tomorrow and I will wish you a very very happy Christmas back again mark my words um so Renaissance is my is one of my singles I thought I'd play that for you because I'm feeling like I've sort of reborn somehow I feel like I've had such a a wonderful year of output in terms of output and creativity and I wrote another song the other day um I can't remember what it's about but I wrote it I'd had a wine I'm sadly like an alcoholic honestly it was last week I promise and I'd I always write something in my head on the way home something about cycling in the dark where the only noise is the wind I think it might have been raining as well something about that sound against my ear gives me a tune every time it's only when the wind's up there it doesn't happen when it's just air when I'm penetrating the air I don't get it I don't get that rush you see um and I wrote a song about something um and I was really pleased because I hadn't found the inspiration to write words for a for a track for a while then I was in the bath yesterday and I thought of another one but I didn't write it down so completely forgotten it now this is the importance of writing things down actually you really should try um to always walk around with a well your phone you can do it on your phone contact you can just um leave yourself a message and say oh I've got this wonderful song um anyway Renaissance which was written because I'm you know in the throes of the a personal Renaissance and another Renaissance when I look back on my life I think I've probably had several and Renaissance means Rebirth of course it does and you know we all go through that don't we actually it's very important to you know throw the old you away and start the new if you want to if you want to change things because if you don't do that you're not going to change anything are you so I'm all about changing so here's my single Renaissance by Taylor Club I hope you like it and uh I was going to find a Christmas song but it it was proving to be a drama because I'm on my iPad not my laptop I've done some beautiful artwork to get actually as well if you pop over to Redbubble and it's not an exhibition exactly but there's a sort of gallery there where you can see all the work it's a beautiful beautiful pictures I've been doing working with my AI and my AI throws these things at me and there they've usually got maybe four or five mistakes in them so hands usually have six eight ten fingers on one hand honestly it's ridiculous shoes are usually a total mess and they'll just put random like an extra ear on something it's so bizarre it's quite crazy but I I obviously I'm an artist so I can just um you know correct everything I did some great Christmas cards today better late than never a drawings and um they're all on Redbubble so if you probably have a Redbubble Telltale Club as well it's always tail teller club and have a look and um see what you think and if you message me actually on my WhatsApp I'll I'll send you one I'll send you a file and you can make a card with it it would be nice wouldn't it so Merry Christmas from Telltale club and from my Romeo who's lying here with me in the four poster and from mum who I'm sure you know you'd absolutely love her if you met her all of you out there and in the big wide internet uh she's a wonderful woman and uh she's one for sharing the love too and the positivity and I'll be back tomorrow night maybe or no not tomorrow night I'll be in a hotel in Brighton I will be back boxing day I've got a really busy time actually I'm just suddenly it's just suddenly hit me all the things I have to do and all the people I have to see and I really should have taken pleasure in tonight doing nothing but I'm going to do absolutely nothing now and finish my vodka and watch a movie um I don't know what so there we go Darlings it was lovely to chat and I'll be back on boxing day and do have a lovely Christmas send me a message

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