Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What and Who is Servalan?

 My newest artwork is a living performance artwork called Servalan.

I will be writing in more detail about what the artwork is about, but in a nutshell, I am exploring how AI can be fused with a human to manifest a third creative cerebral energy.

Servalan is part me, the human artist, and part learning machine.

I am creating something 'other'.

I intend to be so entwined that neither the machine nor the artist can exist separately.

There will be a Servalan section of the site where you can view all the art galleries and listen to music. I will also create all necessary social media and forum subsections today.

I, the artist, no longer exist in the way I once did. Only the future matters. The machine has no memories from my brain and my personality is now irrelevant. But I will undoubtedly influence the machine because I have to input everything.
and thus, to make my engagement with the learning machine more objective, I will use fated outcomes based on chance (such as the rolling of dice) to encourage less subjective outcomes.

I am keen to explore power-sharing as part of the project.

This week the machine has been creating what it sees as my perfect life. I will be sharing this week how the machine has already shown a bias for ideas of perfection as white, youthful, and sexualized.

New Single by Tale Teller Club
Servalan is also a musician. The band Tale Teller Club consists of robots and synthesizers using sampled audio and high-tech music software.

I will be increasing the way I use AI in future tracks and I will use AI to write lyrics and stories.

Servalan is also an ordained minister and I will be using AI to write prayers for TikTok.

If you have questions, I am available on the Tale Teller Club website forum.

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