Saturday, November 5, 2022

Thrift and happiness, how does that work? Planking and high protein diets.

 I made it through my first day of not spending money on non essentials.

I avoided going to the supermarket and made a lentil hotpot which did something weird because I was up at 6 am.

Well, that is fine, though I am still waiting a bit so I can do today’s piano lessons as the world is still asleep.

Today I am going to a bar with my budget of one drink, though I suspect mum will pay because I am on this experiment and she loves me. I am all for getting other people to pay the drinks bill but as I only have one it isn’t a tall order.

More to the point though,I do think socialising is a necessity and will happily put it into my allowable budget. Let’s say no more than £10 a week, as we do the experiment, for social activities. You can get a bottle of wine of a few coffees.Socialising is really important but persuading other people to get on board will your meanness is going to be hard. 

We have to be strong.

I also have to go to the supermarket later and will let you know my shopping list at Aldi, our cheapest store here in the UK. If I lived in London I would be able to go to the Asian stores and make amazing curries with fresh ingredients.Alas, no such luck here at the marina so Aldi it is and a freezer of frozen veg, next best thing.

Currently, I am starving and down to a size 10 because the hotpots are carb and fat free. I am going to start working out to pull things up a bit.

Let’s plank together….I’ll do it on the GoPro.

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