Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Side Hustles and making the most of our post 60 lives with iServalan at 60 Summers

hello Darlings welcome to Royal Clarence Marina sun is shining I'm in a good mood the doors of the music practice room are wide open and I haven't opened this window in the studio just yet because quite often we'll hear a dog or a child it's very annoying I do like my peace and quiet anyway I haven't been up very long but I but you know what every morning when I get up I have three coffees before I do the broadcast or two and then I sort of treat myself after the broadcast to another coffee um it's something to look forward to not that I don't like doing the broadcasts at all it's completely the opposite I love doing the broadcasts but while I'm drinking my other coffees rather than waste time I've I've fallen into this sort of elderly lady routine of listening checking my emails listening to a news update on three different stations so the BBC Al Jazeera and Sky News because you they all report completely differently and I get they irritate me after a bit because they're over emphasizing something do you know what I mean it's like oh stop harping on about that so anyway we've got a new prime minister here in in our first Asian British prime minister here in the UK um and I've always been a socialist but really the Socialists are annoying me so much I don't like the leader still Karma starkhammer even I can't even say his name I find him so smarmy and I'm turning into my mother in that respect because my mum would say was she was she hated uh the leader of the Socialist Party before Jeremy corbyn and she hated him because of his jackets she always looks so shabby I don't like him at all I remember thinking well you can't it's about policy isn't it it's not what people wear um however it's still calmer just he he wears a suit incorrectly somehow and um he's smarmy and he's the sort of man who'd be at the bar and he'd be a bit leering and I totally dislike the everything he says everything that comes out so there we are I've turned into one of those older people who are so out of touch with modern modern political thought and um I work well activism I suppose there's a you know political thought is active isn't it in that Arena um and and you know we certain age we're not having children we're not um we've got not much to do with schools anymore unless we're a teacher or a head teacher I would hope at our age um do you see so you do you not on purpose you're not sort of ignoring what's going on in the world but just kind of start thinking in your own little box a little fluffy little box protect it do you see what I mean at least that's where I am at the moment and um it's with the thing with government and politics is you're really thinking from the subject it's a very subjective decision isn't it how does this work for me you know am I hungry am I housed do I have a job that sort of thing um and it comes to us it all in the end when we start to feel the bones aching and this is happening and not happening we start to become preservative I don't know if that's the right use of this word but we want to preserve so we start thinking about health health matters doesn't it and talking of Health I think I'm lucky enough to have a guest on the radio not today probably sometime next week um who's going to talk about skin Health with us over a certain age and um the side hustle I've really been thinking about the side hustle now if you don't know what the side Castle is it's an extra sort of job that you do over and above the the daytime activities so it's not your main thing it's like a a little thing you do on the side for a bit of pocket money or um or you know maybe you're saving up for a car or something a sports car I'm having midlife crisis I really really want uh a Porsche I desperately want to Porsche I've priced them up and they're a little out of my price bracket at the moment and but I'm going to make that change because I'm a very positive 60 year old person and you know I've launched my YouTube channel and I'm just I'm gonna get out there and I'm gonna make the most of this um a decade certainly and then if I'm too tired to carry on with the next decade I'll retire then at the moment I dream of my Porsche anyway my side hustle um I mean I suppose rather than a side hustle I suppose I do about four different things but they're all media related but each one has its own potential for generating income and at the side hustle nowadays is actually something that a lot of us do because the the advance of technology means that we we no longer have to spend hours and hours and hours you know when I think about my artwork this morning over coffee every morning in fact I have a coffee I take out my iPad and I use procreate which is just a sketching drawing tool on my iPad and I create art and I do that every morning but the wonderful thing about an iPad or electronic pen or whatever it is that you're using you know Photoshop or whatever the wonderful thing is you can make a mistake and it really doesn't matter because you can erase the mistake you can go back a step or five steps or ten steps you can't do that with pen and paper and and you know when I was at Art School we used to go through reams of paper of course we did and equipment and I could never afford oil paints ever you know all of this sort of thing has been now been done away with but the other problem and it is a problem is that if you're if you've been around for a long time you know if you're over 50 say certainly over 60 and definitely over 70. you you come from a world where things beautiful things took a long time to create and now beautiful things don't take very long to create even our faces don't take long to make beautiful anymore you know we don't have to try too hard we can go and you know get some injections in in the lunch hour or put on some beautiful creams that have been researched by biochemists there's a little clue there about my next interview um so nothing takes time now what this means of course for everybody but especially difficult I think for the the more mature person is we're not used to doing things that quickly and we end up sort of walking around twiddling thumbs thinking oh well I've done that now what do I do of course the Devil Makes work for Idle Hands um but we're far too mature and sensible to find devilment anymore and thankfully at least I am there's no development these days I've had enough development previously to even consider it as an option today but I do find myself after I've done my art on my iPad in the morning and I've had my coffee I do think what am I going to do today and this is one of the things isn't it that we we have to really think about if we want to be happy especially you know when we've retired officially or unofficially if we want to be happy we need to be occupied we need to be finding something that we really enjoy doing and I think that's quite difficult there are so many possibilities on the internet and what have you if you if you go in and look up things and um you know what can I do what hobbies what crafting there's so much isn't there there's an avalanche of possibilities and in fact too much can be just so overwhelming that you end up not doing any of it because just too much it's like everybody's trying to sell you something everybody's trying to get you to do this and I'm not the only person surely that um goes down a rabbit hole on on YouTube normally it's about cello for me cello playing and you know it's a suggested video and oh I'll have a look at that oh I have a look at that right but crafting and art that's what my mum does she's a Knitter beautiful knitting she does but she goes down rabbit holes knitting rabbit holes so I'm going to be looking around and sharing with you some joys of things that we can do that don't cost us too much that possibly could even be a side hustle because you can never underestimate the job satisfaction when you create something and you also get money for it because that's a you know that we're coming out for Christmas aren't we um how on Earth are we going to manage the grandkids and the you know the cousins and nieces and nephews and I mean I don't know how many generations you've got I've only got there's me and my daughters and I'm a grandmother so I've only got two ahead but I've got my own mom so she's got three but it won't be long Darlings before she's got four generations can you believe that can you believe the money that you'll need to consider so what we do in our families we have a we make a sort of deal where everything's under a tenor I don't I think that would be about um 16 in in USA dollar um so maybe 13. I don't know we're doing a bit better today we've got a new government so the pound did go up um thankfully because it was was looking a bit Grim for us last week only if we if we care about that sort of thing um so yeah the idea of making something is absolutely wonderful in itself but the pleasure of giving it and it being appreciated is you know unquestionably the most enjoyed part of doing that but if you can also make a bit of money out of it for your next batch of wool is what I say to mum she actually sells her her doggy coach and it's doggy coats um and you know you need your stock items don't you you need your crafting items or your art materials I mean my iPad costs me 50 gpp GBP per month that's not cheap that really isn't cheap and that was a contract you see I took that on as a contract for about three years I think I'm I'm not even a year in but I couldn't live without it do you see it and it's worth every penny to me personally um so you know I mean that's why I have the art gallery of course to sell to sell the pieces that's very it's very lovely when somebody buys them it's very rewarding and it also helps pay for my my tools the tools of my trade as it were so I'm going to be looking uh for the next from from now on really I'll find something tomorrow for the side hustles side hustles and things to keep the devil at Bay how exciting do come back tomorrow um I've got a YouTube channel 60 Summers and I've also got a lovely website with a forum and uh what else is there just find out free ringtones I don't know if that's your bag really um you know you have to give the kids ice cream free ice cream so for my site it's free ringtones so there we go um I'm off to practice some cello and uh get my third coffee Darlings I will speak to you later

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