Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Renaisance by performance poet iServalan at Tale Teller Club

 hello Internet welcome to the full poster now as promised the second single I did this weekend well I Renaissance was last week but if you've just heard the previous podcast I talked about how um the the vocal I wanted I was using experimental open throat singing but I also wanted some uh sort of legato smooth flowing vocal and and that really fitted with the word God only knows I was quite heavy on on the percussive aspects of the lyric God so God is quite it's quite hard isn't it in the throat and throughout the you know it was a whole piece that I'd written to you'll hear it here so I I was quite Keen to use that almost like a drum it's quite heavy on the drums these love drums adore timpani I'm completely obsessed with orchestral timpani and other you know the whole drum section actually and I think I missed my calling you know when I was a girl obviously I'm 69 when I was a young girl I did do piano but it would have been unheard of really to do drums I mean certainly my my father would never have allowed me that plus I'd have been far too noisy I mean I wouldn't have encouraged my own children to do drums unless we had a garage so um I do think now that I you know I use electronic equipment and found sounds and things like that you don't get me wrong I can't actually pick up sticks and drum but I I have got kind of I know what I what sort of drum sounds I really like now and I I know how to put them together and I know about sort of percussive elements and swing and all of these things that that you sort of you you know instinctively if you play an instrument and I've sort of learned them over the last two years um so this is very very different to Renaissance and I I like the way it was this that that that that and I wanted to do a pop song it's just so not a pop song I mean I'm I will I'm not defeated I will try and Rush another pop song this week but what I did was I took elements of Pop which were um the signature which was 4-4 and the tempo which was between 90 and 99. well these are the most popular they're not the only pops on but the most sort of downloaded I was being you know I wanted to sort of uh font nurture if you like some some Commercial Appeal I wouldn't have done that with this at all um I love it but it's it's not commercial it's very filmic um so I'll keep going I'll keep trying I don't know I guess I want to do a really simple lyric and I wanted to there were elements that I needed that concerned riffs and easy to remember catchy sections and quite often pop song won't have just one catchy phrase it'll have a few so I've got two in here and

um the God only knows which is quite catchy and I I thought oh that's you know those are that's enough now I don't want to do a a tune that sounds a little bit like a nursery rhyme because pops up that's what pop songs are really they're very Nursery rhyme-esque or um Christmas not Christmas Carol but Carol asked very simple Melody ctg very often um as it says GF you know or a you know all these um sort of very traditional um transitions that you and progressions chord progressions and chordal transitions if you like and I was trying I was really trying to do that but at some point I just got completely lost in the art of it and the creativity of it and um I just thought bollocks I'm not doing a pop song but I I will endeavor to try but I think what I'm going to try and do this week is do the music first and then fit my poppy lyrics into it I've got lots of lyrics because I'm as a poet you know I write a lot of lyrics all the time but the thing with a spoken word piece and a poem they're usually interesting because they're quite nude that a series of words without music has to really stand up to um critique you know it's got to make sense it's got to be something funny or poignant or expressive or political or you know all of these things a song the words of a song can actually really hide behind the music the catch the Rhythm the Rifts do you see so I that's why I thought wait write this song first which I'll try and do tomorrow then over the coming days write the tune first really get lost in the tune here where I could possibly fit verses in and then write some banal popesque story that's my that's my attempt anyway and the thing is when you you know I make I'm an artist and I make creative sounds I don't really well I've never made a pop song so do you see what I mean I'd like to be commercial but for the moment I'm I get far too far too excited about um where my experiments are going I really really do get very excited about those so um let me just turn them over I just I struggled a bit with the volume on the last one let me turn this up so do enjoy it this is God Only Knows by Telltale Club


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