Saturday, November 19, 2022

Podcasts by iServalan at the Tale teller Club HQ

hi guys welcome to Royal carrots and the penthouse and of all post to bed I've had such a busy week so I haven't been podcasting too much which is I've noticed because quite often I'll go a whole day when I'm in the recording studio where I don't speak to anybody else I'm just sort of speaking to myself in my head and then singing all day and because I'm not a very good singer in fact I'm a terrible terrible singer but I because I I've become a robot you see I server Learners uses Ai and what have you but I still have to sing to get the signals that my AI version then does all these things with and turns me into a robot but I still have to you know work through all the words and write the lyrics of the songs and everything funny enough I've after I'd recorded this week's single which is called Renaissance by the way after I'd done that um I I was in a sort of Wordsmith mode and I wrote two other songs so I've got quite a lot to do this weekend um but I wanted a day off I wanted to focus on shallow things today like fashion and Beauty very shallow indeed so I've got some absolutely glorious clothes to pop up in the 60 summer shop I'm going to go and take a bunch of photographs do a little um YouTube trailer with all the photographs on of what's what stock we have today because they're just so super in my favorite season of all is the Christmas season because everybody at Christmas wants to look sparkly sparkly and Christmas tree like so you would never go to a Christmas party would you in in sort of jeans and a scabio tea would you perhaps you would I wouldn't um so I've bought um in stock I've got new sparkly attire which is really going to put you at the edge of your shallow game shallow fashionista game and I'm all for it and you know life's about balance isn't it it's about balancing the shallow and the deep and I've had a deep couple of days looking into myself my inner being and I serve around is really about a coming of age story so she sort of only half exists to half robot half human and because that's how I feel I feel like I'm half robot half human I use so much digital and AI artificial intelligence technology all the time every day in my life that I I Manifest this robot do you see and it's very deep and it goes deep into my sort of subconscious and it draws out all these things from my you know my personal history with terribly self-indulgent of course it is it's all all I can talk about is me isn't it all you can talk about really is you and you know your experience of you is very different to what everybody else sees but really you're the most valuable viewer of yourself I I think um much more important is how you feel about yourself and how the mirror of other people's view upon you do you see but it's very taxing it gets it's so inward looking and so you know I work with quite in-depth Concepts it's bloody exhausting afterwards and after that I want wine or vodka and shallow twinkly clothes that cost a fortune and and you know these two extremes of my personality I think are evident in all of this when we've been working really really hard all week you know and whatever your job whether you're a politician or a lawyer or maybe not a politician actually I'm not sure they'd do anything um I'm sure I'm sure they do I'm sure that things keep them awake at night in fact funnily enough I'm on Twitter Telltale club by the way if you if you're not following me and I see Elon Musk was saying the other day that he struggles with the world on his shoulders great anxiety and sleepless nights because obviously you know buying Twitter which is practically bankrupt is it's terribly worrying and I guess even billionaires become you know they've got the world looking at them and it's Pride isn't it there's a lot of Pride at stake when you're very much out there and you become the sort of people's Target for um you know taking the Mickey everyone takes the Mickey out of him and I you know I wouldn't be able to sleep at night I I really don't sleep at night for some of the things that I suddenly in the middle of the night remember that I haven't remembered for 20 years and then it all comes flooding back and I just think oh where why how you know the in the human mind the brain that's what we do isn't it we worry so much about things that we have no control of and I guess that's the problem if if I could erase the memory of my misdemeanors not from myself necessarily but from everybody else I wouldn't half worry as much um so yes anyway I wanted a couple of days of totally just releasing myself the and and finally enough my new single is called Renaissance which is on YouTube but it's not available I don't think on Apple and Spotify just yet it usually takes a few days for the pub my publisher to get that out there but it's so you'll be able to see it on YouTube and I did put some footage out which wasn't very good but you can hear it with a video as well I mean I absolutely do not get time to make my videos and you know I've come to that stage in my life where the final quarter I don't want to be indulging my creative energies in things that are not going to really make any impact or generate any income so these things that I spend so long on that never made me money 10 years ago I can't be doing that now you know especially with the state of the world economy now I don't know what it's like where you are but here in the United Kingdom we're waiting for our prime minister and Chancellor to tell us that they're going to give us money they're going to give us all money because the thing is if the if the poor are not spending money the economy fails the rich don't spend money really anyway and the rich spend money with the rich but what about all the other economies you know this sort of lower middle class and working-class economies um you know cafes um clothing off of the peg clothing uh but up you know all well not I mean does your pound Shop sell clothing mine does here um when when there's a an economic crisis there's a whole section of society that that suffers because nobody's buying their stuff you know the the business demands in the small businessman so the government I think this is how it works they give us money I say us you know they give us they have to sort of give everyone money because they can't differentiate too much um and that allows these lower end economic classes to purchase on the lower end businesses so you know Primark and all of these places and High Street labels all of these places that you know they need to be circulating they need to be people need to be buying they need to be selling otherwise they'll all close down and then the economy stagnates doesn't it now this is my take on the economics of the UK I could be totally wrong I don't think I am though you know I don't think I am so they're going to give money out today they're going to turn that out and they're going to put taxes up I believe so we're sort of waiting to hear at 11 but I'm sure you don't care about that do you I'm sure you there are much more exciting things happening where you are like music and art um so that's my heads up for today I I may I'll try and get the single do you know what I've had such technical issues today in the recording studio as well so I've had to record on my iPad so that's what I'm doing here and I I can't up you don't want to know the technical details but I couldn't get my single on my iPad it's on the it's in the other room in the recording studio so um anyway what when will I see you again I don't know because tonight I've got dinner with Mama um which we always do on the Thursday and then tomorrow I'm off to the conservative Club because the oh Darlings I'm I'm not a conservative I promise you I'm not conservative but last Friday we went into the bar a very lowly bar um and the seats were disgusting and you know the sort of seats where you have to sort of dust down and there was spillages of food on the table and two staff for 200 clients you know that sort of bar absolutely horrific and there were just I don't want to be snobby but at some point one has to say where Where is My Tribe and my tribe wasn't there it is very hard to find a tribe of course it is especially when you're you know somewhere on the Spectrum as we sure we're sure I am according to my kids anyway very hard so we were walking back because I have to walk Molly back to where she lives she doesn't live very far from town so we like a walk and I take my bicycle anyway and we've passed the conservative Club of which we have been members before and we left because of the racism that I just felt was was too much at that time um oh actually I must tell you my my daughter is getting her DNA tested because she wants to prove once and for all her heritage because she just wants to know because everyone assumes that she's mixed race so she wants to find out for sure and everyone's always assumed that I am and I want to find out for sure um and I'm going to sing from the rooftops if the slave story that Papa told us was is true he told us that there was a slave ship and it Shipwrecked or a slave shipwreck I should say off the coast of Guernsey and slaves arrived on the shores of guernsey's very small island between the uh the England and France very tight little tiny place and this is where his African features came from and we just assumed you know and my grandmother used to call him the n-word and tell myself and my brother that he was the n-word it was quite upsetting at the time but I also felt quite a lot of racism from um my my junior my infant School which was interesting because I didn't know I didn't understand why this particularly one teacher didn't like me but you know my features were I've got my my mother's very white Scottish skin and she's had her DNA done and she is a Scandinavian and Brit you know English or British I should say it with a bit of Irish standard that is standard for most people living in the UK at the moment um I actually know most indigenous UK dwellers okay um because of course we're Multicultural we've got lots and lots of different nationalities here which wonderful exciting culturally diverse interesting um unexpected and you know just thrilling darling it's thrilling so anyway um I I sort of put up with all of that and then I I wanted desperately to be blonde from a very young age and I think in my childish mind I thought that I looked like a witch and I remember babysitting and I looked at the baby I was babysitting for I was very young we in back in the 60s this was in the 60s you you would be asked to do babysitting when you were you know six I think I was about nine and I was babysitting for a lady um I mean they didn't we didn't have mobile phones or anything they just go off and assume that you'd be safe with a 10 day old baby I mean literally I think that it may have been three months old but anyway I snuck into the bedroom to have a look at the baby because I love babies and it it woke up and looked at me and started screaming at the top of its voice and I had this jet black hair and it made quite a mark on me I think coupled with the with the things that my grandmother were telling me and the things that I was perceiving whether they were true or not I was convinced that it was because of the Blackness and the Darkness of my features that this baby had cried well I mean that's ridiculous isn't it babies as soon as they look at you they cry they want attention and the poor thing probably wanted its mum anyway I'd I can't remember I think I think I was instructed just to leave it if it cried so that's probably what I did but it had such a deep effect for me and then this teacher at school who picked on me constantly um and without reason and Beyond the picking on of other children in the class I was singled out regularly singled up and I'm not bleeding you know these things make us stronger so all of these things I've sort of had to deal with and then Abba were quite big um well they're very big actually in the 70s and I couldn't cope with the fact that I wasn't blonde like um Anita is it Anita I think that's her name and um I just started bleaching my hair and it's very recently that my hair's just you know I've got my braids back and I've started looking at my roots which are jet black and I'm 60 and they're jet black so my daughter spoke the other day and she said that she's having her DNA tested so we shall see if the slave story is true and I can pass that on to you guys very interesting isn't it will it make a difference to my life no and it shouldn't you know it doesn't matter where my genealogy lies but I think there is something to be said for explanations and understanding you know the evolution it's so from a personal point of view these results are going to be very very exciting for me very very exciting indeed so um where was I what was I talking about I can't even remember I got completely and utterly diverted there um so yes there we go waiting for news of the DNA um the lineage the evolution the ancestry and also making music about Renaissance a rebirth so you know it's it's all Tangy all these different things of your life they do tie in don't they they I'm going through a a personal rebirth and an understanding of where I've from where I've hailed how did I get here what am I going to do with all this knowledge that is now you know that I'm privy to and knowledge is not just about your DNA of course it's about being a certain age and looking at the past and identifying um why things happened and this is this is the great thing about history isn't it if we pay attention to it and this is why the elders are they're always worth an ask because you know they've seen lots of things and and they've started after 60 years 70 80 to make sense of the world because the world is very nonsensical Place completely and utterly utterly nonsensical when you think about it but when you look at it sort of from above a bigger picture it does you see the patterns do you see what I mean so you start to look down and you think ah okay that's interesting isn't it um and I think with particularly with racism ideas of racism and immigration when you're at ground level and things appear to be problematic but when you look at them historically and you can see how actually that wasn't a problem at all so we had the wind Rush campaign it was a political movement in this country in the I think 60s 50s and 60s where after the war we didn't have enough people to do the working class jobs particularly um nursing driving buses was a was another one um sort of public servants and so we asked people to come from Jamaica and other places and then in a few years ago we we took away their citizenship or not me personally but the government took away their citizenship and was sending them back people had been here for 50 years UH 60 years even you know I mean utterly ridiculous hopefully that all got sorted out because it was such public uproar but now Darlings we see um the the French um the people from France coming over in boats risking their their lives to get here and particularly we've got a lot of Albanian immigrants and there was a broadcast the idea so about um Albania why people are leaving Albania and you suddenly realize why they're leaving you know villages with one house left and some goats um abject poverty abject poverty and this is why people move people move because their life sucks you know because their lives are a pile of crap and they you know they leave under but great risk because poverty is a curse that's what I was talking about joining the Tory Club I've come full circle Darlings so poverty is a curse of course it is and the racism at the conservative Club was was so horrible especially in view of the fact that I'm possibly quite mixed race I don't know yet but this woman was upsetting me so much because her language towards um you know colored people of color and um uh black people and mixed race people were so obscene that I had to I just thought you know I can't possibly be in This Woman's company anyway we heard a rumor that she was no longer um I'm not sure if she's not a member anymore but she was certainly not in charge of quite so many things so we were passing the other day after brushing crumbs off the table of this understaffed sawdust spitting bar that we went to where we didn't feel our tribe were frequenting and we walked it we press you have to press a button a buzzer to um to and you know because they've got a camera and then they let you in if they want to it's one of those places um and we were we walked in and there was no one else in there but we don't care if there's no one else in there Darlings we know we're fine with that we're not going on we're not on the pull you know we're not doing the cattle market Trail mum and I we're far um over that well maybe mum isn't actually she's 80. she's caught up for things it's very much more up for things than I am anyway we said we'd like to join um you know without how do we go about that anyway it's like uh it's it's so much for the year it's not too much but it's a set amount but it's the same and it never changes so it's not a pro-rata thing so we'd have to pay the full charge now and then we'd have to pay it again in January so he said oh no don't join I'll just let you in every time you come and then you can join in January and I thought oh that's nice isn't it that's my tribe that's my tribe free entry to a private members Club I've met my tribe so I'm joined my mum and I are honorary members of the conservative club for the time being and we'll probably have to pay subs after Christmas but it's warm it's subsidized I think by the government a cheap boost darling cheap booze so you know you can get sloshed on a less than a tenor which was just the highlight of my week after this very intense um and I know it's very unfashionable at the moment and my kids have a massive problem with alcohol and I don't mean there are colleagues I mean they've got a problem with it with me drinking alcohol but you know what I don't care I don't care there are times in the week when you've worked very very hard Darlings and whatever your curse is you should embrace it embrace the vice as long as it's not hurting anyone else Darlings embrace the vice and have a bloody rest now I've got a theory about addictions and overuse of stimulants to alleviate stress very human and today's kids they may not drink and do drugs as much as we did in the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s and 2000s I'm into quite recently um but they have other addictions which are way more damaging and I truly truly believe that the addiction to social media is more damaging than any addiction I've ever had even the the you know the illegal ones um look I I you know I was a punk breaking rules was dear regarding so uh on that note I think I've told you my vices my Friday Friday afternoon Vice the vice isn't the alcohol the vice is the conservative Club I think that would be the Republicans uh in in America I think I think I'm right in saying and it's the Democrats yeah I've been watching The Good Wife and I'm sort of following the politics it's hard when you're not in the thick of it and obviously it's a media representation isn't it that's all we get to that's all we can hope for we don't live in in the thick of americanisms American Lifestyles and um American politics but I think I'm right in saying that for to all intents and purposes I'm now a member of the uh the Republican party not the Democrats but honestly I'm not it's just so I can get cheap booze there we go um updates from Paradise and the penthouse and lots of clothes coming later do pop along to my eBay shop 60 Summers um and I'm going I will try and film something but I you know I time it's time down is it's so difficult to time oh one more thing I must tell you actually I I'm doing the the planking and the press-ups I'm trying to start again to build up my strength because as you know I had this terrible injury which meant I couldn't do ballet anymore um but I can see in front of me the the lack of muscle and I'm on this very high protein diet but I still need um you know to do something to strengthen my core and strengthen my muscles and and all of that so I will be at some point during the 360 planking challenge each day or maybe three times a week where I'll be um putting up putting on the 360 camera for my 60 summer show on YouTube and planking because I'm really good at planking and I'm going to try and do press-ups although I'm really bad at press-ups planking plus press-ups negative but I'm going to do all that because I can get it done quickly nice and quickly I don't have to fart us around but you know what I was going to do one today and then I looked under the sofa and I thought well the thing is when I'm on the floor with a camera and 360 you'll be able to look under my sofa so I thought it was there was a actually a bit of um you know quite a lot of cap fur and I thought that's no good that's not good for my reputation so the Persian cat Tumbleweed needs to be hoovered up so maybe I'll do one tomorrow morning actually before I go to the conservative Club um for for cheap alcoholic Pleasures um there we go now what have I got to promote I need to tell you that I'm on eBay as 60 Summers I'm on Twitter as Telltale club I'm on Facebook as serverland I server land server and boutique and tell Telecom and I'm on spreaker as 60 Summers and I'm on another podcast as serverland there we go I think that's it I think that's it everyone's gonna be really pleased I did all that all those plugs my publicist is going to be over the moon Darlings over see you later I'll hear you I think you can see me can't you in your mind's eye much love

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