Friday, November 4, 2022

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 hello Internet welcome to Royal Clarence Marina now I've it's pouring with rain but I'm in such massively High Spirits I'm high on life today absolutely exuberant pleasure in just breathing right my yogurt my high protein um with nuts and raisins in so even higher protein and fiber and I just thought do you know what after yesterday's experiment with not watching the news I feel almost drunk on Hope and Future so I'm going to carry on with the experiment now I've taken myself off social media as well do you know what else I did it's really cleansing I found a site where you can remove all your tweets so I wanted to take all my photographs off the internet because it was annoying me that everybody knew it felt like everybody knew who I was because they don't there's just some random people um you know who cares what I look like nobody but it it felt as if I was Overexposed do you see what I mean and even when I was sort of walking down the road I thought I wonder if people here um you know I've seen my Twitter account or my Facebook and because I had you know five Facebook pages business pages and it was all just getting really just too much I was feeling oppressed and this is the thing it's it's about our perceptions of ourselves it's not about the actuality of everyone sees us differently don't they but it's about how we feel and you know I was just feeling really low but I was also very in there because every time I put the TV on the news and I'd have it on in the background all day long and my mum does this as well and she's always feeling a bit low about things you know um drudgery drudgery the the the shortening path to death you know and it's because of the news I swear it's because of the media they're getting clicks by telling us our horrible things not good things we don't want to know who's who's doing really well we don't want to know well I mean I hate all those award ceremonies actually they depress me as much as anything else but because I've never had an award obviously but anyway this um you know this constant reminder that people are dying we've got a terrible problem here with immigrants in the United Kingdom um because we've got half of Albania who's who's here um and they're saying I mean it's very difficult for the government because they're the albanians are look I've lived in cities and if you want to score something it's an Albanian that you call so this comes from you know um experiment personal experience I ran a club so I know but the problem is people are uh from Albania are coming and saying um that they're from war-torn countries so we've got thousands and thousands and thousands of people so our prime minister uh sorry um remember what her job is Secretary of State maybe must be um anyway she she used the word Invasion and now the whole country's gone ballistic because she implied that we had an evasion Invasion around our Waters like like the Germans in the day but of course we get on with everyone now but we get on with um you know hopefully with with the whole world but the thing is people are using our Open Door system and of course this is where you know Donald Trump and his wall building and things like that you know people like Donald Trump capitalize on on the feeling the Zeitgeist the you know what people are afraid of and we've got a terrible homeless problem here so it's all this anyway look I'm depressing you of course I am I and I didn't mean to but this is the thing you watch the news and all you hear about is you know what's bad what the Terrible Things Not they don't nobody wants to click on the good stuff so I deleted all of my social media but do you know what I did this morning I found myself over my coffee and yogurt I was looking at my feed and my sort of Google feed at news bulletins and I thought God even I'm I'm obsessed I'm addicted to what's going on in the world um so I've I've thought no do you know what I'm going to go and do my podcast instead but anyway I deleted I found a company that delete all your tweets so I had to delete about um 3500. um on on a couple of different accounts and I I just felt oh darling I completely cleansed by it completely and utterly cleansed I was and um a long way to continue but the other thing that's really amazing yesterday I I got so much done and I'm really you know I'm like an army of One going through my piano video um the 360 thing I'm doing this they're all free they're 360 videos for all the scales so by Christmas I want to have done all my piano scales um or you know in terms of when I say done you actually for the rest of your life you have to practice your piano scales I'm afraid if you want to be you know a decent pianist or decent anything you've got you know I have to do my cello as well so and you have to do them just 15 minutes a day you know just go through everyone and it's done I mean what I've started doing is when the kettle's on I do a quick scare I think right or do I need to work on D Minor let's do that do you see and then by the time the kettle's boiled I've I've already done a couple of minutes so um actually it's a bit of a tip I don't bother Kettle anymore because um it's quicker to do in the microwave just a tip there for your coffee much because I'm really so depressed about this oil and pet and uh gas thing you know that it's rocketed in price and you know I'm loath to put the heating on so I'm sort of walking around in thick wintry socks stop the arthritis Darlings and um you know not looking my best I won't lie to keep warm you know one one you just have to do it you just have to keep warm there's no fashion for the cat I'm not dressing up for my cat um anyway off social media except for Twitter because my website I just press share and it goes straight onto Twitter I don't have to engage I don't have to actually go on Twitter I don't have to look at Twitter um and everyone's talking about Elon Musk aren't they now because he's he's just bought it and and today on the news feed and I didn't click on it honestly but I said eight celebrities who might leave Twitter and I thought is that news might I mean I might die tomorrow it's not news is it I might finally win the award I think I so justly deserve that's not news is it do you see what I mean that and that's like that might leave plus I don't give a toss about celebrities do you I I have no interest in what celebrities are up to I did read I did read some Madonna gossip there the other day because I'm nearly the age of Madonna and she's had a bit of augmentation and I've had a bit of augmentation not quite as much um so you know so it's kind of I can identify a bit but all these other people I mean I don't know that I don't know who they are most of them I'd have no idea about the Kardashians I know there's a group of them and they're all sisters and mothers and fathers turned into mothers and but that's about it I don't know who's who and who does what and I know they put their photo through a lot of filters so I also attempted to close down my Instagram but it was really difficult do you know what Facebook make it almost impossible to close down your accounts you can't find the the information anywhere and then when you come off Facebook which I did I've I've you have to supposedly you have to have um a personal account so you can have all your business pages so I withdrew my personal account but my business pages are still there but I can't access them but they're still there so when you put in Toyota Club you still come up with Facebook I mean that's horrendous isn't it so I'm probably gonna have to go in at some point and delete all the pages as well because I don't want Facebook coming up first I want my website to come up first do you see anyway I'm talking I'm talking shop Danny's aren't I you don't want to know about shop do you so full steam ahead now on um full bloom which is full bloom is my adult channel on my website and I really like full bloom because full bloom means adults but not salacious do you see so the sort of thing you need to be mature to engage with it understand it but it's not demeaning or salacious or unnecessary and I think it will keep the the kids out you know either even the ones who the low-hanging fruit as I call them who are dragging their testicles behind them you know those ones I don't want those on my site so I'm really going to focus on full bloom over the coming weeks and I've got some great um I I would call it autistic erotica yes artistic erotica so I've got some great artistic erotica on its way and I'll do um I think also uh some erotica stories and poetry on this show um because there's no there is nowhere for us there's nowhere there's no place because we're not allowed on um you know normal what am I talking about family friendly sites you know so it's sort of after the Watershed but actually Darlings that very tame you know a bit of stocking maximum nothing you know nothing um

low class so there we go that's my news for today I'm really going to up the standard of the website and I'm going to call it full bloom and we'll have our own sort of podcasts and things as well but more to the point if you've got a story that you've written because everybody's got an erotic story in them Darlings and if you've got an erotic story in you I want you to read it to me and send me the recording and I will put it on this show how's that and Dolly you can do it in a fake name if it's too risque if it's a bit Jackie Collins but you can't face the public um and you don't want to be burned at the stake or drowned for being you know to um sensual then you use a fake name Darlings use a fake name and get your mate to read it just ask a friend say lure them in Darlings lure them in and say would you would you just read a story for me it'll take 10 minutes and they'll say oh yes I'd love to do this I've got a really good reading voice and then they read it and then they come across them Saucy bit so they're going to stop by there but once they're in they're in Darlings that's what I find it's very hard to leave okay Darlings I'm off and I'm filled filled with the joys of no social media absolutely filled with it and I will be back soon music day to day lots and lots of music so come back soon and listen to me

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