Thursday, November 3, 2022

Podcast with iServalan, Wix website review and other news

 hello Darlings welcome to Royal Clarence Marina now what have I got to tell you quite a lot actually I've had a bit of um an Awakening a bigger than a Renaissance of course I'm I consider myself a Renaissance woman but I've actually been locked in I see to so many old habits habits that I've built up over the years as a younger person and when we get to a certain age do you know what they change these they need to change these habits that we were so fervent um and zealous about when we were younger really do change and it takes a while I think about a decade to sort of come round to the realization that you can't be the same as you were 10 years ago you can try but it won't make you happy so I had this sort of Awakening yesterday and and how it all started I'd read an article about Facebook and the failures of Facebook and how you know they're sort of going down the pan but more to the point I read an article the same article about really what these companies are these big tech tech companies they're just they're farming data so really you you become a farm animal I were in this massive drowning Pond of information and you're actually a consumer not a Creator and this concerned me greatly because I don't want to consume I have no interest in consuming um you know wild crazy stupid Tick Tock videos or wild crazy stupid Facebook or let's use Instagrams better example you know these photographs just constant photographs and sure it really struck me I think when I I went on my tick tock which I'm going to take everything off by the way but I went on my tick tock and they what dick drop does is it throws up a video and that's how everybody gets noticed because you sort of you're watching it without asking to watch it and because I I do keep fit videos I was just confronted with this young girl who is opening her legs and the camera was right there in between her legs um and she was sort of waving a leg around now look I do I've been producing some rather tongue-in-cheek videos with my cleavage because I'm trying to up my YouTube hits and but I was watching this and I thought oh that I'm I'm probably really attracting the wrong crowd to my creative endeavors so so first of all there was that that what what the internet does and what these tech companies do is they shove this stuff in your face so people are losing choice and actually as a musician I desperately want engagement and choice to be part of the the thing that I do you know I'm a writer Creator an artist and I don't want to be thrown in anybody's face um and also I I want to have control over what I create and where it goes so all of these things they started really confusing me I got really really agitated by it all so I thought you know what I'm going to have to come off of social media because I'm not interested I'm not remotely interested and yet I spend so much time on there because I'm trying to create and Market my own material and I thought no I need to the other reason that this all came to four was because I'd I've been locked into this bloody um artificial intelligence thing making art for two two months and I'm drained by it it's boring it's completely and utterly uninteresting you you're sitting there and actually just in another type of social media with other people who are using the robot the AI to create art and it's called Discord I mean look it's great if you want you know if you want to make friends and stuff like that and you want to be pretend at being an artist it's fantastic really but it's not my bag it's not what I'm doing at all so you know for me the point of the art was actually about how the um how the artificial intelligence interprets uh becomes a mirror on society that's what all that was about um but I think after two months I'm just so bloody sick of the internet and Google and platforms and social media and having to get my boobs out to get a bit of attention or my face I mean this is the thing when when you put up a picture of artwork or having said that's actually my artwork which I'm going to tell you about in a minute did get a few more views but when you the the internet loves female faces it's it's obsessed with faces women's faces and their body parts so when you put a picture of yourself up you get more likes more hits and so I found over the last couple of months I was putting more and more photographs of myself up and of course I'm very proud of the way I look but it's a distraction it's a distraction from my work and from what I do and this is why I love the 360 videos because you can't see my face you can just see my hands my hands are my um you know they're my tools the tools of my trade the piano and the challenge and making the art and I thought rather than falling into it rather than falling into their trap of trying to make me a maker consumer do you see so on the one hand they're sort of giving you loads of hits but on the other hand they're saying well you can only produce this because otherwise we're not going to show your stuff do you see um and also that you know they're telling everybody that they can be a star they can sell more products they can get more likes they can get more hits you know it's a lie Darlings it's you know they're just telling you that because if they've got two billion people on their platform all desperate to get noticed in this huge Chasm this black Dark Void um of of non-entity of nothingness of endless trial and disappointment and endless captivation they Captivate you you're you are it's a drug and I'm just glad I was brought up in the 70s and I I found alcohol and drugs much more much more interesting and a much better addiction then don't get me wrong I was never in rehab luckily but then the internet because I would feel really strongly that young people today are all addicts of the internet and it's horrific and it's not going to make them happy and it's going to ruin their lives and you'll never get that time back again all the time that you're spending scrolling or you know watching pathetic videos that do of you know women's bits or whatever it is you'll you'll never get that time back again ever do you see and if they touch it up in you know I mean I've spent probably 10 years of my life if they touch it all up I don't know if it's quite that long back you know 24 hours a day sort of things they backed up and I never get that decade back ever because it's wasted do you see internet time is wasted so I did some art some sort of folk art I got so tired of this AI I thought I'm going to try and do some image to image because you can put in your artwork and see what the the um the the automatic you know the learning robot mix of it so I started doing this this kind of folk art outside about really really nice crucifixes and gold a gold plate 24 Karat and just really lovely really pretty really small so therapeutic to do Darlings you know just sit put a movie on um not subtitles because you've got to keep looking down but put a movie on and you know be really creative with raw materials textured I use recycled fabrics and materials textured found objects you know um that you can can you hear me I'm sort of rubbing my hands together it's so so much more beautiful than this you know tapping on a on a on a computer or scrolling and using your thumbs so much nicer you know feel the paper feel I use feathers a lot um I use um bit oh you know old bits of jewelry and then and then of course the gold is it's so gentle and um so almost gossamer you know and you you're using air you and you find that you're you're actually being quite Elemental you know you're finding elements and using them um metals and wood and all of this thing and it feels bloody marvelous absolutely bloody marvelous so I I was doing all these and then I thought well I'll pop those up on my on the eBay shop you know the 60 Summers eBay shop and I just I I thought do you know what I'm I'm getting such pleasure from this such amazing pleasure and my piano lessons I love teaching piano I love doing the 360 videos I think they're fantastic and the point is I'm doing a little thing a sort of mini project where I'm doing all the scales that I can up till Christmas um I'm videoing them so we'll be you know learning together anybody who wants to do that and it's all free and it's it's wholesome I like wholesome things I've done some crazy unwholesome things in my life and I'm glad they're over you know I'm glad I did them but I'm glad they're over and now I can do some beautiful pleasurable things in in these sort of years where I can I don't I don't need to make money for my kids I don't need to pay school fees anymore I don't need to do any of these things anymore I can just take pleasure take total pleasure in the things that I love doing so writing I really like writing and all of this time on the internet stops me writing stops me writing the novel now I'm writing a book called immersion so I'm having to move it because I'm closing down my website and because it's a Wix website and it I'll tell you what Wix is rubbish for um gaining ground I don't know why they get it so wrong but you know it's very difficult to get followers to get people to visit it's some whatever it is to do with their the way they set up their platform it doesn't work and in fact at one stage I was only getting robots and um and Indian clients who were just there to get the free the free stuff so nobody looked at the art or the rest of the website and that was really disappointing and in fact very few people from from the the UK that and that's kind of weird you know I'm I'm from the UK what's what's going on with this site look I have got nothing against an international audience really I haven't but I'd like them to be coming because they're interested in storytelling and art because the art of course is a it's a story that I tell through through making these you know these things that you can touch and look at so I want to get back to the book but what I'm doing is I'm closing down the website and I've opened a Blog which is free and this this is the other thing I think you know people like free stuff don't they I mean they love it of course they do but if you're paying for something you you have this sort of subconscious thing that's telling you we've got to keep at it every day every day every day and you know in the great scheme of the internet and the way the internet's going and the amount of people that the increasing numbers of people who use the internet um their the ability now for big companies to charge money otherwise you're you know you're farting in a thunderstorm Darlings as the saying goes here you know you you're not you're shouting in the void with with what you're trying to do but because you're paying for something you feel you have to keep going and you'll be lucky to break even absolutely you know really lucky to break even and you know I'm finding that the website is very expensive the shop was very expensive all of these things I can do it for free on a Blog do you see so that's what I've done so I've got a free blog and it links to the eBay if you so choose used to go and look at some art but you don't have to but I really want to get the book done so what I'm going to do I've got quite a few episodes so I uh I think there's about 20 chapters so I have to move them all from my Wix site this is another thing I can't just move them I have to copy everything and paste it and redo it and that was starting to bother me after a certain amount of episodes you think oh God how am I going to move those you know so I wouldn't go with a wick site if you're doing a lot of material that um you know you're going to want after the fact I mean writing a Blog is one thing but writing a book and then not being able to access your book unless you're subscribing to them do you see so you sort of end up paying I don't know it was about 30 40 pound a month or something just so that I could access my own book so there's a real negative thing about about Wix which is worth noting actually so I'm going to move immersion to the new blog which is Telltale Club not very complicated at all so um and it's all free and you can just go in and you'll be able to say immersion chapter one or whatever but the big news for um audiobook people is that I'm going to finally have enough time to record it so I'll be recording each chapter and that'll be available as an audio book and I think that's really exciting I think that is um finally you know going to achieve what I want which is for people to engage with with the project and my words and my literature um and you know I want to take a backseat I I like making words I like making art and I like making music but I personally this embodiment of me is what I was saying earlier about how you you don't I don't care what you know who who thinks I'm hot I don't care if Google can't see my face you know I don't care about these things anymore I really don't I'm quite happy to be just viewed from my work that's where I'm trying to go um so yes I had this sort of epiphany and uh decided that I'm gonna you know um suspend all my social media except for Twitter I'm going to keep Twitter because Twitter you literally can just press uh share and they will share your links and it's one of the few that will at least share your links so I'll keep Twitter for a bit and see how that goes but all of my photographs are going to come off so I'm going to spend a couple of hours now I'm deleting images of myself and all the keep fit stuff because I can't be bothered with it I actually do not want I'm a very very fit individual I did ballet and I do um you know I do weights but I I don't want to do it with anyone else I don't want to share it with anyone else and I'm you know I'm just sick of the whole thing what is that feeling oh really Overexposed physically um I want to be beautiful in my in you know for my friends and my family and at home and for my cat you know I'm not interested in being beautiful or a commodity or a um you know a product for for the for Google why why would I want to do that um I mean you know originally the idea was I'm 60 and over and I could promote 60 and over products and I think I I had a bit of an Awakening the other day because I've been approached by several marketing companies with products and I just thought I don't want to I don't want to Champion these products you know they're just sales you know what they call it puff it is just digging up a gimmick I don't want to be part of that I really don't um so yes I'm very excited because now um it's all about audio books the wonderful world of music classical and jazz will be doing I've already done today's 360 videos we're looking at we're starting on the scale so we've done a bit of a C minor and we've done C major so we'll go on to the rest of C Minor melodic and then I do C minor harmonic and to what I'll just try and do is I'll do three or four later on tonight as well um and they're so quick to do because the thing with YouTube on 360 videos you can only upload one and a half minutes it's 99 oh I've just uploaded one actually just oh yeah it's 90 seconds isn't it 1 1 30. so you have to do them you have to do these small videos but then you know people can't they don't have the concentration anymore you know young people that's why tick tock's so successful because you know everything's in a Flash absolute Flash and and they can compute what's going on in within seconds but I do it myself I was doing it myself I found you know scrolling scrolling and I'm not I'm not taking anything in and then if I love um cat videos and baby videos and you know I'm a grandma and I suppose I just find those things amusing and cute but if in the first sort of five seconds if it's not cute enough I'll scroll on I haven't even given it five seconds you know we make these judgments now and the reason we do that guys the reason we do that is because there is so much crap online that we have to it's not because we're stupid or because we're um lazy it's because we have to decide very quickly what is rubbish and what is good do you see so you know I'm not blaming anyone for just liking short stuff but how would you how were you really learn in such a short space of time so this was quite fascinating to me so these videos that I do for the piano and cello are I have to remember you know when I press record I have to sort of get straight in so there's limited waffle um but of course I'm really good at waffling so I do get a bit in there um okay so there we go those are my um my plans for the future I'm completely doing away with social media I'm not interacting I'm sharing links on my Twitter but I'm not interacting and you know I won't answer you I'm not going to answer anybody or or I've I've taken the apps off of my phone that's the way to do it if you find you're spending far too long on your social media accounts take the apps off you can just download them later again you know if you change your mind but you know if you're sorting up for an exam or something or you want to um you know increase your study time or whatever you you need to stop notifications and turn everything off and it's so I've done it today and I just feel like something has been lifted born again you see I'm born again without social media and I bloody love it so there we go I'm gonna start waffling and I'm gonna go and um get rid of photographs of myself off the internet thank you so much for listening to this podcast and if you've got a business that you want to promote don't ask me because I'm not doing that sort of thing anymore

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