Thursday, November 24, 2022

Music Therapy, Self Hypnosis Recordings by the Tale Teller Club

 hello everybody Welcome to a little update actually about my rifle recordings series now there are music therapy series and what I've done is I've used the algorithmic piano recordings that were used for the rife machines and the theory behind Rife therapy is that our body responds to sound vibrations and can heal itself through these vibrations and that each ailment or condition and there are hundreds of them have a certain vibration that affects that ailment or illness or condition so I've used the rife recordings because they you know sound is all about vibrations it's just what it is isn't it but what I've done I've done and I've gone a little bit beyond their piano recordings and they're created with an algorithm an AI but I'm also creating the a cello part or a bass part it just depends but something that creates a drone in that exact same vibration so you'll be able to hear a sort of drone you may not be able to hear it but you I can feel them in my sternum that's how powerful these drones are and I've used rain water so that they're called the rain series I've already done one for collagen Improvement and I've done one for creativity to encourage creativity I'm going to do another one tonight but I can't tell you what it is I've done an Alzheimer's one but I haven't decided yet which I'm Keen to do but I will let you know tomorrow which one I've done but I'll upload it tonight I think um and what basically what I do is I I take the piano the initial piano recording from the rife series which are in the public domain of course I would never take anything that wasn't in the public domain and then I put that through my own AI and my own software and I do things with it and then I I work out with the vibration that's used because they're each Rife in the information for all the life recordings is there and it tells you how many kilohertz are required and I create then the Drone and then I add my water and the water is what a waterfall or rainfall whichever sometimes I use both and they're really really good for getting off to sleep with just absolutely spot on they're um from 30 minutes to an hour long and what you can do is you can go on your phone onto YouTube and I'm going to um create a special playlist for them and you can put it on Loop and you can just sit there and you can you know put your headphones in we've got little ones and pop those in and and they'll get you off to sleep and hopefully in the morning your collagen would have improved or um you know whatever other ailment but if you've got an ailment drop me a line at um over on my blog Town Center club and I was oh I think you may be able to comment actually on on the shows I'm not sure I'm sure you could find me somewhere um I've just uh sort of closed down all my nasty social media things that were confusing me I'm trying to do this Facebook thing and it just confused me and I thought well you know the best thing to do is just close it all down and I don't I don't even have to think about it um I'm a podcaster you know I've been podcasting for a very long time and that's what I'm good at and that's what I'm going to stick to and a musician of course um so that's it that's just news of music therapy um please just let me know if if it works and how you feel about things I of course I'm going to be listening to the collagen development because I'm obsessed with my lack of collagen and I bought collagen supplements the other day great expense and they made me very very ill it was a powder and I couldn't digest it at all I was very ill so um be warned Perhaps Perhaps music is the answer um a bit safer than digest trying to digest things that are made of animal bones and eggshells um so there we go and um I hope if you've got an ailment that I can help you somewhere to improve your overall health and happiness

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