Wednesday, November 2, 2022

iServalan Imaging Project, the Male takeover of machine learning, AI prayers and the God Pod

 The eight-week art trial is coming to an end thankfully.

The general rule of thumb so far is that AI has been taken over by men whose input has led to a process of creating a bias towards young white women often with a pornographic element, the male gaze is alive and well in AI.

AI art is generic and thus recognizable and devoid of interest.

As I use a learning machine based on Google tagging and the art and words current users are employing, the machine seems to be eating itself, not unlike mainstream TV which often regurgitates its own output.

I am thoroughly bored with what my AI does. The work is repetitive, culturally biased, and without passion or concept.

A lot of humans are now convinced they are artists and it has been very difficult to find truly creative individuals using AI. Of course, my AI has been private but my prompts will still be part of the machine’s learning curve. I have been part of its development, albeit a very small part.

It is also very expensive. This may mean at some point that the learning becomes class-biased.

I have netted around 2000 images and every one of them needs work from my human hand to make it speak and be visually inspiring. Clearly, I will not be publishing them all but I have enough to choose which ones to spend a week or so on and will publish to the virtual galleries here at Tale Teller Club. Expect one a week. I am gold leafing many of them, adding texture with oils and acrylic, as well as hand-signing them.

But iServalan is an artwork that lives and performs so now for the exciting part for me as a musician and performer.

I am creating my mask for the AI prayers which will be on TikTok as soon as the parts arrive. I also have a robot catsuit.
The purpose of iServalan as an artwork that fuses machine and human in order to explore ideas of self. Religion works well with AI because there is so much internet material. The prayers will be AI-generated and will be a mirror on society as the machine sees itself. There will also be a God Pod which will feature the audio recordings from the 360 videos. At this current time, I expect the prayers to go the same way as the art, male-dominated and uninteresting, so I will write my own employing the feminine ideals of the rise of the Goddess, should that occur.

I am now very keen to feminise technology as an art endeavor. If AI is so dependent on the past, words, templates, recorded written histories etc, it would undoubtedly be male-centric. White men won wars, enslaved peoples and wrote histories.

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