Wednesday, November 2, 2022

iServalan, creating an online presence and avoiding the social media entrapment

 I have decided to take a rest from social media for at least a week, possibly a month, and maybe even forever.

I also decided not to watch the news.
I think all this work with AI has really put me off the internet and machine learning but more to the point…..I want to get all the piano a and cello scales done by Christmas and it simply isn’t working with the distractions online.

It is very odd how we all fall into this pattern of data farming, all of us do it, even hardened antisocial people on the spectrum.
I feel so sorry for the new generations because internet addiction is worse than the vices of the past.

I will be doing lots of art too and photograph. But here’s another thing, because the internet only exposes a narrow range of imagery, female semi nude mostly, an artist can easily find oneself creating a specifically narrow range to try to get some attention in the void. We are all consumers online, not creatives, and it takes time out to feel that.

I am not of a mind to be drawn in and be part of the machine by machine rules.

I am revolting.

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