Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Immersion Chapter 4 The Female Guide

The Female Guide in Strata 2 Can She Be Trusted?

Renyke Kicks the robot dog and it goes flying, high up in the air. It falls to the ground with a metallic crash.

There is a general momentary hush as everyone realises Renyke must be a droid.
Maybeline climbs inside his leather coat to keep out of any ensuring danger.

Then everything carries on but people get out of his way.

The Robot dog gets up, shakes and follows at Renyke's feet, no longer barking and remaining at heel.

The dodgy bloke is also following at Renyke's side, half running to keep up.

'My name is Flex. You need anything, man, I got your back....for sure, for sure, I can do all sorts. I got connects innit. I know these streets. I'm a

good worker. Good mugger, Got drugs, allsorts, Survived innit.'

Renyke walks on ignoring him.
A child beggar approaches.

'Hey Mr. Nice Man, spare some bits for a hungry blind child?"

Renyke looks down and sees a large black hollow where the boy's eye once was. His face is scarred from deep-cut wounds.

'Give the boy something,' Renyke scowls at Flex.

Flex protests.

'Now,' demands Renyke.

Flex gives the boy a bitpiece and says 'Now fuck off yer lil shit,' threatening to hit him.

The street is lined with ramshackle stalls and shops, busy and crowded.

People are dressed in flamboyant garments and Renyke wonders where the cloth is from.

A woman approaches. She is dressed in

bright colourful clothes with huge feathers and sequins.

Renyke engages the POS focusing on the cloth.
...Pertriline: fabric made from plastic. Non-biodegradble. Colourfast. Banned in 2050. Problematic landfill solutions....

'Hey Mr. You need something. You want some pweety clothes? I swap the coat for a niiiiice jacket I got me just yesterday.

Renyke shakes his head.

'You want some tits n ass Man you look hungry in yo skinny moves.'

Renyke continues walking.

'A bank maybe, or a charge point?'

Renyke stops. 'There's a bank?'

'Of course,' said the woman, 'what you take us for, wild ignorant animals?' She laughs hysterically at her own joke, and Renyke smiles.

'Yes, I need a bank,' said Renyke.

'Come with me,' says the woman.

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