Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion Chapter 23 The Tunnels

Flex and Renyke follow Nigel. Mabeline is scurrying around checking the new smells at ground level.

The tunnels are a mix of old transport networks and dig-outs. They are complex and it would be impossible to understand their direction if Renyke did not have his onboard compass. He checks the OS for an update on their whereabouts.

My information is being scrambled but I am able to decipher that Redact is very close, as the crow flies. At upper ground level, there appears to be an impenetrable forcefield creating a perimeter. approximately 4 miles due east. My stats currently have a 25% chance of being incorrect.

Flex checked his compass from inside his coat but it too seemed unreliable.

'Did you know about the tunnels?' Asks Flex.
'Well, yes, everyone knows they are here. But we know they are occupied with tribes. Generally speaking, it is best to wait for an invitation.'

There is noise ahead. Music and revelry.

Nigel leads them into an opening, a cavern highly decorated with colorful fabrics made from old clothes. There is bunting made from old sneakers fashioned into bunches and stars, painted with bright pigments.

There is a pentagram made from coloured stones on the floor in the centre of the cavern.

Portraits of strange deformed characters are painted in murals all around the walls.

'Ah, says Flex.' I see your portrait, Nigel. It is a great likeness.'

Nigel nods a bow.

'I will take you to a room so you can prepare,' says Nigel.

'Prepare for what?' Asks Flex.

Maybeline is agitated and suddenly jumps onto Renykes shoulder.

'Why, the party of course,' explains Nigel, leaving the room.

The room is a man-made chamber with ornate carvings in mud and stone.

Flex checks the OS. What power are they using here?

There appear to be three large generators and hundreds of solar-sensitive platforms above ground.

There is a lot of technologically advanced paraphernalia in the room.
Laundry facilities, food dispensers, entertainment stations with headphones, and VR headsets that are similar to those in the Midcasts.

Maybeline still seems agitated.

to be continued......

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