Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion Chapter 22 Dreams and Changes

Flex mops Renyke's brow for the final time, staring hopefully into his friend's face.

Maybeline is sniffing and nibbling Renyke's nose and he sneezes and sits up, startled.

At last, the three-day fever is over.

'Ah, thank Goddess you made it. For a moment there I thought you were off to the metamorph,' said Flex, looking relieved.

'What happened, was it real?' Asks Renyke, shaking the silvery powder from his clothes.

'You were dreaming brother, had a fever, delirium, saying all sorts of weird stuff,' answers Flex.

'But it was so real....I was swimming with Shabra, and there were others....women and children, fairies, witches, mermaids, and so much singing.....' Renyke trails off.

'Chance'd be a fine thing,' said Flex, 'just dreams my friend, just dreams.'

Renyke stands and looks down at his clothes.

'Ew, what is that smell?' he asks.

'Ha ha ha ha .....that is your dirty sweat man! Let's find some water and clean up.'

'We can go through the caves to the fjord. It's not far, I was there whilst you dreamed of beautiful women, hahaha! I was busy collecting water so you wouldn't die. Can't have you dying, not after all we been through brother.' Flex smacks Renyke's back.

'Arrgh! What was that?' Screams Renyke.

"What d'ya mean man, just a bump Brother.' exclaimed Flex.

'Do it again?' demands Renyke.

'Do what again, what d'ya mean.....?' Flex is shaking his head, convinced Renyke has lost it, finally.

'Hit me. Hit me hard, demands Renyke moving closer, Do it I tell you.....Do it again.'

Flex, getting increasingly agitated, wacks his friend hard on the shoulder so he is thrust forward.

'Aaargghh....again, again.......' demands Renyke.

'Fuxywot' Flex is shaking his head.

'One more, just one.....please,' begs Renyke.

Flex sighs, 'OK, mudafink, last time.'

Flex gives the final thwack some extra rage and Renyke almost falls over.

Then Renyke begins to laugh and to laugh again. A deep-bellied laugh from deep within.

'Ha ha ha ha ha,'

Flex joins in the hilarity and it continues. 'Ha ha ha ha.'

Then Flex asks, 'Why are we laughing?'

'I can feel, I can feel you touch me. I felt it, like never before.'

Ah, tut,' Flex shows an all-knowing nod. 'That's cos you're a human now Renyke.

Aint no droid left my friend.'

to be continued......

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