Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion Chapter 21 Sleep

The Land is Polluted After the Russia China Wars

Flex and Renyke secure the boat in a secluded area, should they need to find it again.

'Better safe than sorry Renyke, in case we encounter any freaks,'

Renyke tries to access the POS but there is not even a flicker of activity.

The rain is hard and there is an ominous sense of doom in this place.

'We Should rest a while maybe sleep, get some strength up. This last bit needs strong wits and gilly feet.' says Flex, pointing towards a cave.

Renyke yawns to release a wave of exhaustion in front of the fire.

'You need to rest my friend', insists Flex.

In the midcast projects there was no such thing as sleep. Occasionally owners would turn their droids off to conserve energy or for privacy reasons but usually home connected droids would be available and on alert at all hours.

'I don't understand why I would be tired, it makes no sense,' says Renyke, looking concerned but barely able to keep his eyes open.

'Stress not, my friend, you are safe here,' says Flex folding a jumper and making a pillow for him.

Renyke rubs his eyes and feels something on his face. His skin is falling off and tiny flecks of shiny detritus fill the air around him in a glittering aura.

'Brother got him a halo,' laughs Flex as the light from the cave opening refracts through tiny particles of silver.

Then Renyke falls asleep and for the first time since his manufacture, dreams.

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