Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion Chapter 19 The Waterway

The waterway is overrun with pirates and contraband

Renyke realizes that he may have lost complete access to his internal GPS and other useful tools in his POS.

'Can we get any signal here for information? How do people get around and communicate? I didn't see you with a personal device.' Renyke asks Flex frowning.

'Well see, this is the wild west my friend,' Flex answers, 'we don't have too much need for that stuff because that is how they catch you see.'

'Who catches you?' asks Renyke.

'Enemies of course. We have a motto in the zones, 'they who watch are boss.' You gotta be invisible Renyke. They're watching you right now on that POS you know. They know exactly who you are and what you are up to.'

'Some of it isn't working. I am not able to access the satnavs and other information.'

Renyke is concerned. He doesn't know if a droid can survive without satellite access. Now he is not linked to a domain, he is not even sure if he will function correctly.

Maybeline jumps off Renyke's shoulder and stands on her hind legs twitching her whiskers towards the small boat, She sniffs the air looking left and right, then runs to the water's edge.

It is daylight and Renyke feels uneasy without a guide. Flex is human and Renyke knows that humans take dangerous illogical risks based on emotions that make no sense. He follows regardless and they gently set the boat out into the waterway.

The current takes them right with a breeze and Flex takes the sail.

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