Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion 28 Failure and New Beginnings

Renyke decided to take the straight road not paying heed to his gut instincts.

He failed in his goal to reach Redact.

An emergency meeting was held at Redact HQ and it was decided that the experiment was seriously flawed. This fusion of android and man was not ready and would have to be destroyed.

But after some deliberation, Renyke was given a reprieve. The experiment was to continue.

One day in May
The sadness came 
I couldn’t take the pain
The sea was cold 
I felt so old 
As faith had left, again 
The heaviness of water Sat upon my bones 
As I sank into the darkness and said goodbye to home 
Breathe! breathe! 
they cried as the reaper drew my soul 
And all around the creatures watched 
as my thickening blood ran cold 
Was death the end I wondered? 
As I touched the ocean floor 
I saw a life before me 
and I knew I wanted more 
So breathe I did, 
again, again and the salty sea filled fast 
My body fought for the air I knew 
and I was sure to breathe my last 
Angels of hell and water babes 
inhabited the blue 
Come they said let’s take a ride, 
for we have chosen you 
And so it passed, 
my body changed 
I am a warrior of the deep 
Filled with hope and glory, 
my best new life to keep 
We lead the babes to mothers 
thrown from the ships of slaves 
Who seek their babies in the weeds 
Whose tears become the waves 
The suicides and fated 
Who’s lives were taken fast 
The bairns who cry for longing 
We give their hopes a chance 
To seek a peace more certain 
Than that they lost on land 
Where God and kin forsake them 
Where no one holds their hands 

© 2022 Sarnia de la Mare

Renyke was aware of the cold water around him as he felt an ever-increasing weight around his body. There were muffled bassy sounds, drums, shouting, music and voices.

His head hurt like never before. Air, I need air, he thought.

Octomen were one of the strange underwater dwellers that meet Renyke as he takes his first water breath

Someone was yelling. Was it Flex? Shabra? Friend or foe, he could not tell?

'Breathe! Breathe....just breathe, you will be fine.....' A stranger shouted.

Renyke knew that this breath would be the end. The end of beautiful, Shabra, who he longed for, and the end of Flex who had shown him how to live. Was he dying? Was this the death that humans feared? He had been alive for the blink of an eye. An irrelevance in a cosmos of never-ending chaos.

And then there was a deafening chanting and more drumming, or maybe it was his heart. Did he even have a heart? He could remember snippets of the past but the past was leaving him. Like a shrinking movie screen, everything he once thought he knew was getting smaller and smaller, and then it was gone.

Renyke took a breath at last. His lungs filled with the salty ocean water.

Then he opened his eyes.

He was breathing but there was no time to question the science. Crowds of strange sea creatures were staring at him. Looming figures made of weird animal-humans had their eyes fixed on him.

Who were the sea creatures, friends or foe? Renyke couldn't tell

Renyke jumped to his feet. Bubbles of air freed themselves from his body. Movements were slow, gliding, buttery.

The strange water creatures were transfixed by his every move.

Renyke moved his hand to greet them and they all flew back in fright.

Renyke instinctively checks the POS

They appear to be Underwater sea creatures, They are unarmed. Initial analysis suggests that they are very old and that they are a mix of materials, vegetable, minerals and biological parts. I am not able to analyze them further unless you touch them.

How am I breathing?

It appears that your lungs have recently developed the ability to extract oxygen from the water. You are amphibious but should avoid breathing water too near the surface. My initial stats show that is highly polluted with poisonous matter from human activity.

How did I get here.....?

My history data has been wiped. I appear to be reset to factory settings, as it were. There are a few links and data that I am not able to decipher at this time. They are locked and I cannot configure them.

Slave women from the ships of imperialists were often thrown overboard if they were pregnant. The spirits of the women were in a place between life and death where they searched for their children deep along the ocean bed.

Two bikers move towards Renyke. One beckons him to ride pillion.

to be continued..........

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