Thursday, November 3, 2022

Immersion 26 Under the Influences

'You are human now,' said Flex, 'you are perfectly entitled to make a *fooksymess of everything.'
Seemingly already intoxicated, Flex began a series of disastrous summersaults and cartwheels, crashing into things and laughing hysterically.

Renyke takes the pill and swallows it under the watchful eye of the self-satisfied Freak.
The last thing he would remember for the rest of his life was Empress Sheila entering the room.

There were other things, not quite real enough to mark as memories, but cerebral influences in time and space, changes, warping fluid feelings, fleeting, gone the second there was a connection.

Renyke felt sure that people danced upon his very body: that he was presented as a gift to insatiable appetites in delicious forms.

There were pleasures of the flesh that Renyke had never experienced before and his new sex organ took on a life of its own under neon lights and music from alien instruments and choirs. His member was a fine specimen, that he was aware of, and the Freaks had flocked to pleasure themselves upon it.

Renyke knew well enough about human sex and animal urges. He had been privy to the private and personal lives of his employers at the Midcast house. But he had always misunderstood the power of sexuality and physical pleasures of the human form, both giving and taking, until this night in the tunnels.

Song for Freaks

Saw you on the track
With weight on your back
You're a freak
and I think
that I love you

We've got time ahead
You're inside my head
You're a freak
and I think
that I love you

I see in your moves
When you're in the room
You're a freak
and I think
that I love you

Gliding butterflies' breeze
I'm begging you, please
You're a freak
and I think
that I love you

Don't care what they say
You're my 'this is the day'
You're a freak
and I think
that I love you

Got something to share
but going nowhere
Come share my dreams,
I'm more than I seem
Let's do it for love
just me and you
I'm a freak too

I don't care what they say
You're my 'do it today'
You're a freak and I think I love you

©2022 Tale Teller Club Sarnia de la Maré FRSA


The new day was marked by Maybeline running around squeaking and jumping on Renyke's face.
She seems agitated.

Flex and Renyke stir.

'Was that all real?' Renyke asks Flex.
'Ah, don't ask me, my friend, I only remember singing,' answered Flex.

Renyke engages the POS

Well, thank you for remembering to engage me finally Renyke. I hope that your evening went well.

'Am I OK?'

The POS takes some time to examine Renyke,

You are in good health but your water content is a little low, 75%. And you are low on sleep. There appear to be some areas of chaffing, but nothing to worry about, I have initiated fast cell regrowth.

Do you know what happened?

You danced extensively and overate. It appears that you have impregnated many of the tribespeople. My investigations would suggest that you were used as a donor bank for sperm to add more DNA to the gene pool here.

'What?' shouts Renyke.
'What?' asks Flex.

'It seems I was used as some kind of donor......'

'Oh that,' answers Flex. 'Well, you seemed fine about it.'

We need to get out of here now, exclaimed Renyke, unsure of what he was feeling but concerned about being kidnapped by the Freaks.

Maybeline too seemed to be fretting.

Suddenly the chamber door opens and Empress Sheila enters.

A wave of trepidation engulfs Renyke and he tenses up.

'You are afraid?' asks the Empress.

'We need to get to Redact, now, soon.' replies Renyke.

Flex is gathering their things and Maybeline is at the ready.

'Indeed, your time is done.' The Empress bows. 'Please, allow Nigel to guide you to the end of the tunnels. They lead directly to the perimeter of Redact. There are guards protecting the fences but they are expecting you.'

to be continued
© 2022 Tale Teller Club/Immersion

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