Thursday, November 17, 2022

How to dress with style

Perfect little cocktail dress with iServalan

guys I'm totally and utterly obsessed with this dress now I'm a size 12 and the dress is a 14 but it still looks really good on me and you know what these are gorgeous little um shoulders with that tiny lip it only takes a tiny little bit of uh a puff there can you see and it just structures the shoulders so it's not um can you see that it just gives it enough structure so as you don't look slouchy um but what I also really liked about it was this contrasting um satin trim silk satin which means it just hangs beautifully so you can get away with actually being quite risque because it comes down to slight just slightly above my knee but because it's not it's not you know um fitted or anything like that so it looks um Chic rather than sexy but you can wear whatever you want on your you know your pantyhose and your heels absolute Genius of a dress um gorgeous chiffon sleeves which um if you've got tattoos this will show them off or if you don't like your arms it will just cover the that it's like puckering that we get when we get a bit older it's absolutely spot on perfect loving this detail just gorgeous now I'm I'm not flat chested but it didn't make me look hugely uh you know top heavy or anything like that so that was really good also um the side look that's look at that can you see it just if you've got a little bit of a tummy this dress is perfect for you because it's it can hide some sins and I guess if you were pregnant or so it would work well for that for a maternity the the tailing now it's by Monsoon which is a fantastic High Street brand here in the United Kingdom I'm not sure if you get that where you are but I I'm so impressed and you know what I would keep it and I still may but it's up for sale at the moment so isn't she fabulous Darlings

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