Monday, November 28, 2022

Dance 🕺 Pop Music for She Jays and living with a cat 🐈 who hates me

 hey guys welcome to Royal Clarence Marina now a couple of things today I want to talk about the met the most wonderful thing just occurred I was because of the very high gas prices because our government in Britain is so useless and they spent Millions giving Millions to their cronies during covid I always knew and suspected that covid really in this country was just an excuse for the rich to get richer because the government was giving them millions and millions and millions of pounds for equipment that didn't materialize for con people were getting handouts for contracts there's so much money in this stuff you know and um I knew that from the onset because I'm a wise old lady but anyway because of the rising gas prices that were you know challenged with at the moment in this country I've been having half baths and so in other words I used to have them right up to my neck I mean not standing up Darlings obviously sort of lying down up you know so it covered the bubbage the boubage would Bob and you know Bob around the bath like boys not those boys see boys and um that's how I liked it but since the rocketing gas prices I've been having a half filled baths and today I don't know why but I suddenly turned I thought I know how to give my front a soak because the half bath doesn't cover the boobs or the neck it's it just about covers the Nethers so I thought I'm going to roll over and I rolled over so I was face down in the bath or body down rather and took me back to being a

50 50 or 55 years because that's something we did when we would chip hello Romeo's joined us of course I'm not sure if I'm getting on with Romeo at the moment he I'm trying to cut tugs out of his underbelly and he's being very crotchety about it and he actually scratched me yesterday and I just thought do you know what I think we don't like each other I actually believe that um I don't think we communicate well uh he he tolerates me and I tolerate him but I'm very much looking forward to when I can get a Chihuahua teacup Chihuahua but obviously I've got to wait till Romeo passes and I'd never you know want to hurry that along would I no of course I wouldn't anyway we tolerate each other and I've had male cats before who've dominated me and I haven't been too content um but this is the this is the problem if you get a pet and you don't really like them you love them you still love them and you I love it when I come home and he's there looking at the door with his you know with his paw pointing at his watch saying where the F have you been I love that but I don't love it when he scratches me anyway I'm digressing of course the rollover in the bath made it took me back to a a childhood experience that was very very pleasurable it was absolutely wonderful doing that in the bath when I was little so that's my recommend for today I think you should try it if you have a bath roll over it's really good fun really exciting and it makes you feel very young and childish um anyway what else well I'm doing this sort of tuna day Christmas and I was thinking about how difficult it is I mean I've written my next song but it takes me about two or three days to do a pop song not to write the lyric that takes about an hour but to write the music and you know that takes that takes a lot of effort actually because although you know there of course there are there's a formula to writing a pop song and the formula is usually a chorus repeated two or three times which is very memorable some other catch phrases which are very memorable very easy to learn lines now I'm pretty sure I don't have those I haven't written a pop song yet I keep failing but this is why the lines I write are far too complicated that's Romeo in the background eating because I'm talking um he just seems to I wake him up when I'm speaking and he thinks I'm talking to him so he gets up and then he goes and eats and his food rattles any minute now he'll go and just do his other volusions so anyway um the the pop song idea I'd love to write 30 pop songs between now and Christmas but I I can't see that that's going to happen because they have to be not only does the formula mean you know the actually I did find out that most pop songs don't change key I thought they did so I've been trying to push in a key change all this time um so that's one less thing to worry about but they do need to be creative also because people like they want to memorize the words they want to hear something catchy but they want to be able to learn the lyrics really easily do you see so I thought right okay I'm gonna have to do something else or not something else as such but I'm going to do dance tracks okay and I'm going to make them about 10 minutes long because a dance track with just a few lyrics like one or two sentences is going to be much much easier for me to do in a day so that's what I'm that's my plan so a sort of she Jay Advent calendar I thought that was quite cool do you like that CJ um there's probably somebody else called CJ but I'll I'll go and have a look and I I'm gonna bang them out the thing with dance music is it's a trance is 140 BPM dance music is 120 to 140. and the reason that they use that is because DJs are uncomplicated people and they need to be able to fuse two different um songs easily and they can only do that bless their cotton picking little socks they can only do that if there isn't a change in tempo so where a genuine musician who is you're classically trained like myself would quite enjoy a Tempo change and find it a challenge but we do it um the DJs are alas we need to give them what they what they need and what they find simple so in a way um it's pop dance so I'm going to do pop dance rather than pop songs so think sort of Cafe Del Mar um you know that that sort of um it slightly 80s synth pop I because I love that you know I can't escape what I love so I'm quite looking forward to that anyway I'm not going to start until I get back tonight provided I don't have too much wine of course so it's wine day which is one of my favorite days so I always meet mum and we go to the club and have some wine and talk she likes to talk about the past so we do a lot of that and perhaps say hello to a few people and that's it for today and I hope you enjoyed this chat I feel like I've neglected loads and loads of stuff I wanted to tell you but um I don't really have anything else to say so join me later on when I update well this podcast probably with some storytelling because I found some really cool stories to share so I won't be speaking but I'll be sharing some stories later on so that's nice isn't it I like to um up the stories for the weekend for you guys and I know everybody loves the Love Story series so be doing those and I'm doing Middle March on my other podcast as well actually My Love Stories podcast so and that's really very very very very lovely very famous and very touching so um join me for that too so have a great day guys and um born weekend

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