Thursday, November 24, 2022

Crafting and gold leaf, budgeting for Christmas

 hello musicians and listeners and anyone else who happens to have ambled past the penthouse today at least virtually virtually um I got quite low today and do you know what it is is because I can't spend any money and it's a very real condition retail therapy it obviously it's completely and utterly you know Third World um and actually quite disgusting but there is something about not being able to spend any money that actually has made me really really low today I I got you know obviously I'm a musician so I get paid for things and everything I got paid for had to you know be had to go out on sort of credit cards and what have you because I bought my electric cello and I bought a Designer Rug and I'm still paying the price for such extravagances and I so I can't I although it's it's been a month now where I haven't bought anything I mean I've bought a few little tiny things at the Chad shop but I have I really haven't spent much money and now this month is going to be even worse and I just think oh there's you know there's nothing to look forward to so I'm going to try where try some some other things today just you know how can I get the same pleasure that I get from buying the clothes you know the beautiful things for my home because you know when you have a house like this it needs upgrading all the time it needs to be fashion conscious it needs to be Instagram ready it needs to be um you know cleaned and spruced very regularly every room needs sprucing I mean the music room floor I have to paint three times a year because it's white and I have to touch up the white you know I don't do the whole thing but I have to touch up the white areas and it's a pain in the neck frankly but it's expensive and I think this is the problem when you live frugally and you have you know there aren't you say you've just got a a bed set say you've got a bed set and your you know you've got a bed and a wardrobe and you're quite happy with that you don't have this same urgency that I seem to have which looks at something and says I don't like that light switch anymore I'm going to go and buy some gold ones do you see funny enough I'm just watching a program where there's a lady gold leafing and you know I Gold Leaf now I make lots and lots of beautiful Gold Leaf art um and it's not cheap either and as soon as you start doing large expanses you know that the price rockets at the moment I've just done these tiny little babies and they look like charms they're absolutely gorgeous and I my mum's going to get me a drill and everything jewelry drill and stuff for Christmas and because I love doing tiny things because they're cheap because they they don't take up any storage but I've got this beautiful wooden cross that I want to Gold Leaf and it's you know it's going to cost actually quite a bit to do because I'm going to get probably get through about four packets of gold leaf and it's 24 karat gold so do you see that it's um it's quite saddening that I can't even really buy my craft stuff actually my mum always says to me never underestimate the cost of crafts and never underestimate the amount of money that crafts people will spend on Craft equipment and it's so true if you look on eBay at all the things that you need you know you sort of need really um of quality because the thing is if if you buy off eBay under the you know things under a tenor really you know like drills and a clamp I need a clamp um all these things you can bet your bottom dollar they're not high grade and for example I bought um screwdrivers a set of screwdrivers there are about 30 screwdrivers super super and they all unscrewed once and then the the threads just go on the on the tips I don't know they're not threads other bits you know what I mean because the metal was so soft so incredibly soft um so actually what I'd advise there is when you if you go to a junk shop or a charity shop not really a child shop you want something a bit more raw than that like um somewhere that sells sort of outdoor stuff and tools I'd I'd buy up all the old tools because they're much better quality they're really fabulous actually if possible don't buy from China that's my recommend because I mean everything's made in China I realize but don't buy the cheap stuff that you see on eBay or wish or Amazon it was all made in China and if it's cheap it's cheap for a reason but the other thing that they do is because I've been buying expensive things now my the targeting is for really expensive things so you know on my Facebook and Google and everywhere I just get really expensive um advertisements you know for for sort of high-end stuff and of course that's just making me even more depressed so I've had a real like bear today I just thought I I can't bear this not having any money and perhaps I ought to just go and buy something but I'm not going to what I'm going to do instead is the light's shining now in a nice advantageous spot so I'm going to pop a few things up on eBay these are my designer clothes that I no longer wear Posh porn I believe they call it and I'm going to pop all that up today you know maybe four or five items and anything that I generate from that I'm going to allow myself to spend it immediately because you know that that sort of sense of working towards something and having a girl is really really nice I think um so yes there we go that's that's the state of the nation the state of um my finances but I'll get back on top of it you know by the end of next month but it still means four weeks really um and then as as I've promised the world and the you know God if there is such a thing um that I won't be lavish and wasteful um I do feel that I I need to rein it in a bit I mean I know I do it's it's shocking really but on a cheerier note I've got a Christmas track for you so I've just uh sent this off to the Publishers it'll be released probably tomorrow on YouTube I hope and then in a few days on um iTunes and what have you my last song God Only Knows uh hasn't hasn't gone live yet on YouTube so I've had to remove it from uh YouTube because the royalties aren't being collected for me so you have to be really wise to all this stuff you know um but there we go let's let's play it it's a Christmas song and it's really lovely and I guess when I was watching it the video that I that I made you know you watched it at the end and uh it's so lavish isn't it Christmas time it's an incredibly lavish time for it's an overly indulgent time where we're completely utterly duped into spending more than we can afford I think that's probably what's depressing me more that I'd love to you know I'd love to buy my daughters some lovely jewelry I'd like to buy mum something beautiful and you know making presents that have that same effect as you know I gave my daughter a diamond ring for her birthday and the look on her face you know it was just so such a pleasure for me and she was quite overwhelmed and you want that you want you want you know you want to wallow in that sort of brownie mum points and then the grandkids you know um so I'm finding it quite tough I shouldn't have um obviously you know I should have been planning Christmas ahead I think so what I'm going to do today is I'm going to put my things on eBay and then I'm going to try and I'll pop some pictures up of the babies they're on my blog actually um if you go there I'll put some pictures up in a minute of the gold leaf babies that I've done and what I'm doing I'm making I don't know if you've heard of them they're called Ethiopian worry dolls and they're these tiny little dolls in in a little blanket and you whisper to them yours your worries and your anxieties and then you um wrap them up and you put them under your pillow and they're said to take away your worries well I'm making the gold babies and they're going to make they're going to have little blankets and they've cost me very very little to make so I think that's what I need to do isn't it really let's try and find some stuff that we can do for Christmas that that's really affordable now I'll tell you what else I got yesterday in a charity shop it was it's a frame it's a mirror frame it's about eight or nine inches Square by Laura Ashley and I paid four pounds 50 for it and I didn't realize it was Laura Ashley but I needed a frame for my daughter for her Christmas present and then my brother said oh it's Laura Ashley because he he's got better glasses than I and um I'm really pleased with that it still cost me 450 but the art that I'm putting in obviously just cost my time time is money we know that but as a crafter you know what else am I going to do sitting here night after night you know I don't I'm I'm a single woman with a cat there are three hours in the evenings so that's what I should be doing so and um oh I watched actually a program yesterday uh a mini series that had been on Amazon Prime and now it's on our free channel here and um it's called the English and it's a sort of contemporary Western I say contemporary it's period drama it's set in the past but it's contemporary stylistically and it's beautifully short really beautifully shot so I binge watched it yesterday um and I couldn't take my eyes off it so I didn't actually get any any crafting done but I was you know healing from my IBS and what have you so I watched this six episodes I think they're about 45 minutes each they're a bit bit less than an hour I watched all six last evening and it was a total pleasure Absolute Total pleasure I mean just really captivating and it was the characterization it was the actors who who captivated me their faces but also the The Moody shots lovely Moody shots and the way that it was constructed I really really enjoyed that um so I'm going to recommend that actually the English felt really good um so yes anyway back to how are we going to get through the next um six weeks or so is it what what is the date in 1st of November so uh no 23rd of November so oh it's it's like four weeks so it's only about four weeks Darlings until Christmas so I'll try and come up with something each day that we can make for free or cheap cheap okay so um obviously the thing today my recommended day is Art and you can recycle things you can paint on cardboard and you can paint on um you know packets that you've got for the shopping just cut the exterior and turn it round and then paint and here's a tip actually if you because it can be quite gray and dark if you just undercoat with any White household wall paint um that that means that your color that you're going that you put on top of it whatever that may be will be really intense and and nice and bright okay so I've actually given you a couple of tips today haven't I um how cool is that so let's let's not get depressed let's it'll be as good for me as it will be for you guys because actually just sitting here telling you about things that we can do on the cheap is make is cheering me up already it's made me feel much better about you know the next month of being really really poor in this terrible Global downturn and guess what apparently Britain we've got the worst we've got the worst economic um slowdown and it's going to take us the longest to get out and I I can't understand why why why do we have a worse um you know plan then then anywhere else in Europe that's and America what happened what did we do wrong guys so perhaps you could tell me pop over to my blog and uh and let me know drop me a message or something so there we go Romeo's eating in the background and uh that's very irritating isn't it so here is crisp is called Christmas it's by Taylor club and it features Vapor Punk who was one of the teachers one of the um when I when I was doing the kids shows um so it was very kid-friendly this I'll pop it on Tick Tock soon I think if if I can so I hope you enjoy it







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