Thursday, November 24, 2022

Coping with IBS the curse of modern living

 hey guys welcome to Royal Clarence I am three coffees in feeling a bit better actually but not 100 perfect now when you get an IBS attack it doesn't start it starts very suddenly or it can do but it doesn't stop suddenly you have to sort of repair because you've built up this huge sensitivity and your guts are going crazy and nothing you can do absolutely nothing I've tried all my life because I've been it's been a major problem for me and I've tried everything to get rid of the pain quickly and there is nothing a drink a you know something that will help you relax like a glass of wine is pretty good but it just masks it for you know uh 12 hours or so so I'm still in the throes really of a very bad bout of it caused by the cauliflower so cauliflower is the devil incarnate and will be avoided now for the rest of my life um however the coffee's helping and the Vodka last night did help a little and it it got me off to sleep and I had a reasonable night and the best we can hope for I think at you know our advancing age in the final quarter is a good night's sleep we're desperate aren't we desperate for it anyway I've been making some art I've made I've designed some new single covers for the band Telltale club and I really like them and I really like this idea of linking my art to my music it makes my artwork feel so much less random I think the the I was contemplating connecting with the universe today connect I do this a lot how as an artist who's bid on the Spectrum you know how do you make sure that you somehow you're somehow integrating with the world and I like words I'm a Wordsmith and I obviously my poetry is what my song's all about and it's about communicating and just sort of getting people to listen to you that's how I feel about my art and with so much art now being done by AI it's it's even harder to connect and find an audience and um explain to the people that may like your work this is this is where I'm coming from this is what I do this is how you know I explain to you what what I mean I mean that that's really what all my work's been about since since I was very very young because I'm so misunderstood you see do we all think we're misunderstood I don't know perhaps it's just part of the human condition anyway I like words so I've put I'm putting words on my artworks um for the you know that relate to the music that I'm writing and I'm really enjoying that I find it has a sort of graphic solution I grew up and was trained in an era where the graphic designer the graphic artist was very important in art we you know you were trained with lecture set I don't know if any of you remember lecture set it was a system of sort of transfers and you had to if you did writing on an artwork because before computers and you had to get the letter set these transfers and you have you had to apply them letter by letter onto the surface of your artwork I mean unbelievably long-winded that's what we did and I like this uh this process is actually very therapeutic of course the letters were always going wrong because they'd if you accidentally creased them because they were on a sort of cellophane uh some sort of plastic sheeting and you'd put them upside down so you'd have to do them depending sometimes you had to do them backwards and all sorts of things and you put them upside down and then you'd rub with a pencil or a buffer on the top side then you'd peel the plastic off I mean that's how graphic posters were designed it's amazing isn't it to think that that we had to go through this very laborious process anyway I come from that sort of history and I like words and paint and I like visuals and music and for me as a sort of multi a multimedia autism it sounds so wanky doesn't it but I am I what I work in several different mediums um and genres you know so linking everything with this with these words about Telltale Club is I'm finding this very satisfying this morning so I've put them on Redbubble but Redbubble constantly say write me a letter and say we have to check this out because they don't want they don't realize that I am teller Club um I don't know why because my red bubbles called tail Telegraph but they have to because people are collecting royalties on my behalf so I'm signed up for the PRS um thing in the UK so I'm doing that so they're collecting royalties for for my music and also of course tune core collecting royalties for my music and the title isn't as important as the sound so it you know they have to do all these checks because the internet's going nuts with like who is this person trying to copy Telltale Club anyway I really like the ones I put up today really really like them of course I like all my work you have to as an artist I think I mean it's imperative and even the bad stuff I wouldn't constitute as bad per se it's just as the standard goes for my um my Excellence my inner Excellence sort of litmus paper some are not as satisfying as others but they're perhaps poignant in other ways and I prop them up so I was quite pleased this morning to have done that but I'm having a bit of a day off I'm going to go and nurse my poor tummy and um you know find find something that can perhaps get me through the rest of the week because this IBS isn't going to suddenly stop um it's going to you know niggle it's going to be niggly so it usually affects me for for three or four days sometimes as long as a week so I just have to do lots of tummy rubbing and what have you now getting back to which what this podcast was supposed to be about of course I always get sidetracked getting back to not spending any money I spent about a hundred pounds on really when you look at your bank account you think I didn't need that I didn't need that and I'm supposed to be doing this thing well I've done very well because most months I spend a couple of thousand so I think I've done very well only spending a hundred but the things that I bought apart from the gold leaf everything else has been a waste so I'm looking at the bank statement today and I'm thinking right I have to get back to this idea of not spending anything so I'm going to be really really strict I'm not going to buy anything to resell either in the eBay shop um and I'm only going to produce my record covers I'm not going to produce any sort of artwork that requires paint or anything like that mind you I've got loads so I'm going to try even harder I'm not going to consider this month as a failure because I didn't buy anything I think the the idea is that I you know I get I improve and I stop being addicted to shopping so that's what I'm that that's the Endeavor Darlings that is the Endeavor so we've got Christmas coming up so I'm you know making things with what I have around and I I've got quite a lot around um I've got a lovely Art Studio filled with with all sorts of really nice things um so that that's the update I haven't been brilliant but I've been way better and you know I've resisted putting the heating on much much more than I did last year where I just had the heating on all the time can you believe that last year I had the heating on 24 7. I mean it's not firing up 24 7. you know it does its thing three three or four times a day but such a waste and I've really really clamped down on that so and the best way for me to do that is just turn it off because it just tried to come on because I've got the French doors open I like to get that fresh air in the morning darling um so news today is I'm resting I'm a failed shopaholic but I'm back in rehab okay I'm back in rehab Darlings and go and have a look at Redbubble for the the new artwork I put up today because I really like it if you like that sort of thing and I they're quite cheap red bubbles so they produce things quite cheaply which I think is fabulous cool and fabulous um so there we go I'll chat to you a bit later on the music show is um probably going to involve I'm looking for some open throat singing stuff for you and I do I remember that from yesterday so if I find something later on today on Google I'll um I'll download it and then I'll share it with you because I think it's really interesting actually really really interesting so of Hua bonsoir back later

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