Sunday, September 25, 2022

Let’s Go Swimming by Servalan Tale Teller Club Lyrics from Book of Immersion

Let’s go swimming 

Where the ocean never ends

Where the lost and lonely people

Caught up with their friends

Where water babies go

The seas to ever roam

In search of mother’s love

Thrown in from up above 

Let’s go swimming 

Where no one ever grows

Where time stands still

 For those who chose 

To walk the sandy beds

With the bubbles of the dead

To guide them without dread

Let’s go swimming 

Under the seven seas

Naked in our dreams

Where warrior women freed

Search for babes in weeds

Let’s go swimming 

With angels on their wings

Whose death songs sing

In echos from the shells

With lovers saved from Hell

Let’s go swimming 

And stop this endless time

Capture love sublime

To save it from tide

2022 Servalan 

Drowning Man

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